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Published on January 9, 2009

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Slide 1: Growing the Business, the Value Proposition of Project Managers Exceeding Sponsor Expectations Identifying the bottlenecks Reducing the project delivery interval Becoming the service provider of choice Achieving higher customer satisfaction Helping Others Grow Steven C. Rollins, PMP, Chief Project Strategist Slide 2: Steve Rollins Chief Project Strategist for the ALLPMO Network – PMO Consulting Services company supporting PMOs globally through the 17 PMO web sites of the ALLPMO Network offering: PMO Blueprinting PMO/PM Assessment EPM Tool Assessment and Selection Corporate Governance Implementation and Support Sarbanes – Oxley Compliance through the PMO (Project Fraud Management Control) See WWW.PMOUSA.COM – More than 1,000 PMOs now registered. Co-Author of the best selling “Advanced Project Portfolio Management and the PMO: Multiplying ROI at Warp Speed”. Presentation Goals : Presentation Goals To present a different approach to improving your job value as a Project Manager or Team Member. Add to your understanding of how to grow your job value. Learn new support mechanisms that will help you acquire and grow your value and the value of your employer. What Is The Value Of Project Management? : What Is The Value Of Project Management? For the Organization - To deliver projects efficiently and effectively that meet or exceed business sponsor expectations regarding delivery time, total cost of ownership and quality. For the Project Manager - To meet or exceed the expectations for project delivery, cost of sponsor ownership and quality in everything you do. For the Team Member - To provide personal support and skill set expertise to helping project work complete successfully. Are you a Project Manager? : Are you a Project Manager? Do you manage a checkbook? Are you a parent? Kids are similar to projects? Their moods are! Do you manage people? What is your worth today? Is Your Job Safe As A Project Manager Or Team Member? : Is Your Job Safe As A Project Manager Or Team Member? According to Standish Group, a leading metrics consulting firm, a large number of projects fail every year – the economic waste is vast. Do you know your personal job value proposition?What are you worth to the business? : Do you know your personal job value proposition?What are you worth to the business? What Is Your Value Today? : What Is Your Value Today? Take a moment and calculate your value as you see it today. List the components that comprise your value. Place a dollar number on it that represents worth to your employer. What is your “Real Value”? : What is your “Real Value”? How do you define your value today? What are the components of your value now? Do you feel alone? What are you doing about this? Does your employer understand your value – as you see it? Have You…. : Have You…. Worked with a Team Member peer that has no apparent value? Was this an opportunity or threat for you? Worked for a Boss that had no apparent value ? What did you do to help them add value to the business? Had Team Members working for you that had no apparent value? Did you help them become more valued? The “Project Management Value” Challenge : The “Project Management Value” Challenge What would you do as a Project Manager, if Senior Management came to your department and questioned the value of your department to the Organization? Your department was instructed to deliver “3” times the department expense budget for the next twelve months in documented $$$ value or your jobs would be eliminated. How would you react? True Story : True Story 40 person project management department for a large telecom. Annual department expenses were $7M – Must find $21M. 12 months to save our jobs. Attitude change about work expectations. Constant search for project delivery acceleration opportunities and/or project delivery delays. Found $22M in first 30days, changes implemented into production in the first month. Returned more than $75M in hard dollars within 12 months. Cost of change to Enterprise and Organization = $0. Measure of Value for the PM Dept. = >$54M for the year. How Was This Accomplished? : How Was This Accomplished? Established a Department Level PMO to collect progress information on every key project initiative Examined our department assets such as contracts we managed for ways to improve vendor value to the business Changed our attitudes about our daily work Practiced “Critical Path” Scheduling along with regular Project Team Status Meetings to raise visibility and cross-collaboration Project Teams helped each other to deliver when they could How do you define your value? : How do you define your value? Service – How do others see you? Relationships – Are people naturally attracted to you because of your professional abilities? Money – Does money come your way easily? Attitude – Happy at work? Process – Efficient? Skills – Solid in abilities? If any of these elements are important to you, then how do you gain further improvement? Where Do You Find Help? : Where Do You Find Help? As you approach delivery deadlines in your work life, where can you seek help when you need it now? Tips for the Team Member To Grow Their Value! : Tips for the Team Member To Grow Their Value! Deliver your project work early with high quality Project Status Meetings – Be on time, Be ready! Open Access to Project Schedule – Know who, what is next! Become aware of “Project Critical Path” all the time Find ways to save time on your work and the work of others Know the order and status of the top 10 projects in your business unit and in the business and how they relate to you Do your job first, second and third! Know the order of the objectives of the business Know which Executives own each of the business objectives Tips for the Project Manager To Grow Team Value : Tips for the Project Manager To Grow Team Value Project Status Meetings – Use peer work status reviews to flush out opportunities, threats, bottlenecks to work task delivery in a non-threatening manner. Open up access to the project schedule for your team and others to have visibility to help the team accelerate and/or avoid delivery threat. Find ways to save work time as time is usually saving money. Saving time on delivery work is money in the “Bank of Value” – for you and those working with you. Tips for the Project Manager to Grow Team Value(continued) : Tips for the Project Manager to Grow Team Value(continued) Create a learning environment within your team that fosters self-motivation to solve the project puzzle. People are more productive when they are self-motivated. Create an information network through the PMO to learn about other events in other projects that may lead to opportunities or threats to your project before they become public knowledge. Create the Champion Role Model – Everyone wants their work output to be acceptable. Set the stake in the ground for what is best or acceptable for others to see. This will define “Goodness”. Align the project team expectations with the business first, second and third! Keep asking “How can I (we) be better?”. Where Do You Find Outside Help To Grow Your Value? : Where Do You Find Outside Help To Grow Your Value? Use the “Program/Project Management Center of Excellence (PMO)” to collect new information and/or to raise your awareness for opportunities and threats to your Project… Project Delivery Mentors Methodologists Project Portfolio Management Resource Portfolio Management Best Practices Metrics PMI Local Chapter How Many of You have access to a PMO in your Business?How many of you have utilized the PMO to help you? Help the Business? : How Many of You have access to a PMO in your Business?How many of you have utilized the PMO to help you? Help the Business? “Project Management Office” : “Project Management Office” Center of Competency for Project Management excellence. Primarily focuses on supporting project delivery efforts everywhere with effective portfolio management of delivery projects, resources involved and assets impacted. Manages “best practice” knowledge for project management components with focus on delivery knowledge. First to learn of delivery opportunities and threats from project status reporting as it affects the overall organization project portfolio. The “Best Friend” of a Project Manager or Team Member. Why does a Project Manager Care? Continuous Loop of Direction, Validation and Adjustments : Continuous Loop of Direction, Validation and Adjustments Enterprise Strategy Business Unit Delivery Strategy PMO Direction Feedback Feedback Project Status Reports, Time Sheets, Project Schedules Governance Review Board Governance Review Board QA/QC Program/ Project Managers Feedback Prioritization Quality Assurance Value Proposition of the Project Management Office : Value Proposition of the Project Management Office Portfolio Management Support Information Repository – Ensure Data Integrity Project Rescues Project Mentoring Project Prioritization Management Resource Management/Portability Operations Planning and Forecasting e-Commerce Project Information Management Value Proposition of the Project Management Office(continued) : Value Proposition of the Project Management Office(continued) Project Management Processes & Methodology Training in Program/Project Management Project Accounting and Financial Analysis Project Document Library/Knowledge Management PMI/PMP or Company specific PM Certification Project Assessments Project Management Community best friend! Change Management PMO - Bringing Value To You! : PMO - Bringing Value To You! PMOs have the ability to: Raise visibility to delivery opportunities and threats Provide examples of best practices in project delivery work Help you find resources in time of need Help you apply project management techniques Help you deal with difficult people Help you identify alternative solutions to project problems Provide you with training Find best internal/external suppliers for your work Save you Time! Help you be successful! What PMOs Are Seeking : What PMOs Are Seeking Today, PMOs are being recognized as a critical component to transforming the organization. PMOs are identifying opportunities and threats to tactical business plans – this is change management. Businesses everywhere are now asking PMOs to achieve results from change management. PMOs need you to help make this happen. Project Managers working together with the PMO in “Growing the Business” : Project Managers working together with the PMO in “Growing the Business” PMO working together with the Project Managers in “Growing the Business” Where do you add value? How do you define your value - Now? : How do you define your value - Now? What are doing today that you did not realize has value for you and your employer? What is this worth in delivery, dollars, relationships? Compare your notes on your new value and compare your thoughts to what you had earlier considered your value to be. If your job value cannot be improved from your perception in your mind – what does that mean? Should you be looking for a new job? How about a new career? Should you begin the search for continuous improvement – for you? Next Steps : Next Steps You CAN adapt this “way of life” now at no cost to you! Begin reacting to each person as if they are one of your most important customers. Help others understand this concept. Keep at it! Keep searching for value. Getting there is a journey with many turns and with some roads going nowhere. If you never try, you will never know! Conclusions : Conclusions Take-Away’s: Seek out your PMO at work tomorrow and find out what they can do for you. Consider what you have been leaving on the table in personal job value. Can you improve? Can the PMO help you? Do your project teams practice project status reporting, critical path scheduling, status meetings? Do your projects track the cost of work? Do you know and understand what the top 10 project initiatives are in forced rank order within your business? Do you know and understand what the fiscal year corporate objectives are and where your project relates? Final Thoughts : Final Thoughts The road to personal project management job enrichment and value is through the PMO at work. Do you know your personal job value proposition? If not, then what value are you? Your Boss is asking this same question every day! Personal value improvement requires a strong commitment on your part. Its never too late to begin! Slide 32: Steve Rollins Steven C. Rollins, PMP Chief Project Strategist ALLPMO Network Inc Email: Steve@PMOUSA.Com Office: 816-347-9976 Thank You!

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