Steps to make reservations for an Unaccompanied Minor with American Ai

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Information about Steps to make reservations for an Unaccompanied Minor with American Ai

Published on June 15, 2019

Author: americanairlinesrese


slide 1: Steps to make reservations for an Unaccompanied Minor with American Airlines American Airlines Official Site has a special assistance facility for all the Unaccompanied minors travelling through their flight. If you are a beginner and are planning to send your minor to some place alone you don’t have to worry about the safety with American Airlines. The Unaccompanied minor program covers all the essential assistance that your minor may need so that he/she can successfully reach the destination. In this guide you shall get all the essential information related to the reservations for an Unaccompanied Minor with American Airlines. Fill out the Unaccompanied Minor Form If your kid is travelling alone then you should need to make his/her reservation for an unaccompanied minor. American Airlines Flights allow Unaccompanied Minor travel parents to do some paper work before sending their child to aircraft. Guardians have to fill up an indemnity form along with the age proof and other mandatory details of the minor. You need to pick up the security pass from ticket counter of the airport and the concerned person of a guardian will accompany you to the gate. You will need to give the information about the person who is meeting on the arrival place. Guidelines and Age Restrictions for Children slide 2: Unaccompanied Minor reservation request is not applicable for the infants. The children who are less than five are not eligible for the Unaccompanied Minor. The children less than five considered as an infant and needs a guarding to fly with them. The kids come in age 5-7 age bar can only travel direct or nonstop flights. But kinds who come in an age like 8-14 years can not only travel direct or nonstop but any connecting flight with the guardian provided by the American airlines. There is no need Unaccompanied Minor services for the kids who fall under 15-17 years. But they can still use this service if they are travelling alone. Fare Related To Unaccompanied Minors You need to pay 150 with all taxes to get the American Airlines unaccompanied minor service. The unaccompanied minors under 15 years are not allowed to use the ground transportation alone. If a kid is travelling with their sibling in a same flight American Airlines Reservations will not charged 150 for the same services. You just need to pay once to get the services. There is also a facility of Overnight connecting flights however we recommend not choose connecting flights for them.

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