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Published on April 4, 2014

Author: ArdaDoantemur



You had this great idea for an amazing app, you can picture it, you know it is useful, and you can imagine that many people would like it, too.
So how can you create your application?

 MobileApplications Arda Doğantemur

Who am I? Arda Doğantemur Education Graduated : Computer Engineering Master : MBA (2013-) Course : iOS development via Xcode Job Mobile Application Developer (4 years experience)

Index Stats about Smartphones Steps of app design Imagination Production Revenue modals

Smartphones Smartphones are the biggest personal tech devices, better than computers or regular phones. There are 4 billion active smartphones in the WORLD and its increasing.

Addictive “At one time, I hated the iPhone – but that was only before I used one for the first time.” - Chris Pirillo “It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” - Steve Jobs Avarage smartphone user checks their phone 110 times a day! (Every 10 min.)


Total Apps Avaliable iOS 900,000 Android 800.000 Blackberry 120.000 Windows 100.000

Steps of app design Get a Feel for the Market Align Your Ideas with Successful Apps Design Your App's Experience Register as a Developer Find Prospective Programmers Sign NDA, Share Your Idea, Hire Your Programmer Start Coding Test Your App Post Your App to the Market Market Your App

Steps of app design Imagination Production Income

Imagination Get a Feel for the Market Align Your Ideas with Successful Apps


Imagination - New techniques • Augmented Reality • Speech recognition • OCR

Imagination - New techniques

Steps of app design Imagination Production Income

Production Game Mechanics UX

UX User friendly User experience Design isn’t just about how something looks and feels but how its works. GREAT mobile design is invisible and doesn’t get in the users way.




UX “If you improve a peace of software enough times you eventually ruin it.” - David PUGOE & TED TALKS Q: Why the applications evolving? A: Because software companies make 35 percent revenue from software upgrade

UX This is the part that you suppose to write All tools and wizards that users mostly don’t want








UX Easy Hard

Game Mechanics • What is game mechanics ? • Why we need them ?

Game Mechanics Achievements Appointments Behavioral Momentum Blissful Productivity Bonuses Cascading Information Theory Combos

Game Mechanics Community Collaboration Countdown Discovery Epic Meaning Free Lunch Infinite Gameplay Loss Aversion

Game Mechanics Lottery Ownership Points Progression Quests Reward Schedules Virality

Game Mechanics

Steps of app design Imagination Production Income

Income Advertisement In-app Purchase Free Sponsorship Paid

Advertisement Flappy bird. • Developed in 1 DAY! • Income: $ 50.000 a day.

In-App Purchase Candy Crush • In the list of Top 10 Grossing Apps for more than 6 months.

Free Sponsorship Instagram • Facebook bought the company For 1 Billion $

Paid Whatsapp • One of the most well-known Instant Message(IM) app

Conclusion Imagination Production Income

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