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Published on February 4, 2008

Author: Bianca


How to Successfully Exhibit Offshore:  How to Successfully Exhibit Offshore TSEA Webcast by Stephanie S. Selesnick, CEM International Trade Information, Inc. Speaker Introduction:  Speaker Introduction Qualifications/Background: 2nd generation in the tradeshow business Member of IAEM, SISO Organized shows in US, Canada, Mexico, Latin America Work with exhibitors/shows globally in multiple industries Successfully Exhibiting Offshore:  Successfully Exhibiting Offshore Session will cover: Differences in exhibiting outside the US or Canada Identify basic cultural differences Selecting a freight forwarder Going International The Basics:  Going International The Basics US Shows Pipe and drape Unions Material Handling General Contractor A booth Square Feet Fahrenheit Rest of the World Hard wall/shell scheme No union No material handling No GC A stand Meters Celsius Country Categories:  Country Categories Developed Countries: high standard of living derived through an industrialized, diversified economy. This usually coincides with countries that have a high gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. Examples of developed countries include the USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand Developing Countries: low standard of living, undeveloped industrial base, primarily agrarian in trade, high fertility rates, not many international trade shows Examples of developing countries: most of Africa, Haiti, Nicaragua Emerging Market Countries - in the transitional phase between developing and developed countries. Examples of emerging markets include China, India, Brazil, Malaysia, countries in Eastern Europe, and small parts of Africa, like Zimbabwe and South Africa. Developed Countries Oceania, Canada, Europe :  Developed Countries Oceania, Canada, Europe Large professional tradeshow facilities many are owned by the cities they are located in Some are in excess of 2 million sq. feet, held on 2 to 3 year cycles Longtime established (centuries) Longer move in/move out Professional I&D companies Different electrical currency Emerging Markets: Brazil, China, India, Mexico:  Emerging Markets: Brazil, China, India, Mexico Mixture of large and small venues Many venues are privately owned and not supported with tax dollars More expensive More bureaucracy On site ordering is not usually available Lots of entrepreneurs Basic Cultural Tips :  Basic Cultural Tips Business Cards Bilingual suggested Use “+1” before your US area code Always put USA or United States on your card How do you present your card to others? Two handed in Asia, never place another’s card in your back pocket or write on it! Language Learn how to say the basics i.e.: please, thank you, nice to meet you, check please Basic Cultural Tips :  Basic Cultural Tips Buy and read a cultural etiquette book on the region/country you are traveling to Read it BEFORE you get on the plane to go to show site How formal is the country you are going to? Kisses vs. Hugs vs. Shaking Hands vs. Bowing The Dutch kiss 3 times on the cheek, 2 x in most of Europe Abrasos (hugs) in Mexico between men Be careful on handshake pressure, especially with Asians Basic Cultural Tips:  Basic Cultural Tips Gift Giving Does not have to be expensive, but does have to be well thought out (gifts from your home city? candy?) Food/Drink: What are the customs where you are going? Different types of foods, parts of the animals (other bits) than in the USA, animals eaten Different meal hours Being invited to someone’s home for dinner What to bring? Send ahead of time? What is appropriate to send? Tips for Exhibiting in China:  Tips for Exhibiting in China Hire an interpreter before, during and after the show Most visitors are local and do not speak English Make sure all visas, freight, carnets (for equipment) and forms in the exhibitor manual are completed EARLY. Double check the shipping dates on freight - Chinese customs takes longer than expected More tips for China:  More tips for China Make sure the show is run by a reputable show organizer Ask for statistics on previous shows Ask for sponsoring organizations/associations and contacts Some US companies/associations are now in China producing/co-producing shows Exhibiting in India:  Exhibiting in India Advance Planning What are you shipping? Ship early! Get your shots and visas as far in advance as possible Customs entry Will your freight require an Embassy Guarantee Bank Guarantee - plan on having a lot of money tied up for up to 6 months after the show closes Carnet Exhibiting in India:  Exhibiting in India Cell Phones Regardless of what your US-based phone company says, your phone will NOT work in India Arrange for a prepaid cell phone in advance Return Freight Arrange in advance It will take a long time to get it returned. Months. Exhibiting in India:  Exhibiting in India Pre-Event Marketing Make appointments with prospective customers Formally invite prospects to meet with you and visit your booth Written notes, emails and personal phone calls are required Formal business attire is expected Make the effort to eat & drink with clients Business is conducted “British style” Exhibiting in Europe:  Exhibiting in Europe Use an international bonded freight forwarder Use reputable contractor to assemble your booth Ask for references Make your hotel accommodations at the headquarter hotel Traffic, taxis, and security issues may come into play Business Etiquette Comparison:  Business Etiquette Comparison Business Etiquette Comparison:  Business Etiquette Comparison Business Etiquette Comparison:  Business Etiquette Comparison How to NOT BE an Ugly American:  How to NOT BE an Ugly American Avoid using slang Understand that football is soccer and that the World Cup is just that Use humor sparingly Translate your materials Use an “in country” translator Use Colombian Spanish for Latin America SMILE How to NOT BE an Ugly American:  How to NOT BE an Ugly American Be aware of cultural differences Don’t get drunk Safety issues, perception Everything cut into small enough pieces tastes like chicken Speak English slowly Some words are considered curse words even in English speaking countries! Choosing a Freight Forwarder:  Choosing a Freight Forwarder Probably the most important decision you can make after deciding to participate in a show More international negative exhibiting experiences have been caused by booth/product/brochures being stuck in customs during the show Make sure you use a reputable international freight forwarder/customs broker who specializes in tradeshows! How to Select a Freight Forwarder:  How to Select a Freight Forwarder Ask the following questions: Is this company the officially appointed freight forwarder of the show? Do they have offices in the USA and “in country”? Do they specialize in transporting tradeshow goods? How to Select a Freight Forwarder:  How to Select a Freight Forwarder 4. If you have never heard of the company, ask for references for US companies (preferably in your same industry) and call them! 5. What are the printed costs and do they match your estimate? Note: You are dealing with 2 federal governments, so there will be double sets of taxes and fees. Always get an estimate. Freight Forwarding:  Freight Forwarding Misc.: 1. Countries change laws often and sometimes without any apparent reason 2. Strikes Happen. So do natural disasters. 3. Paperwork is complicated and a hassle, but very important to do correctly 4. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A CELL PHONE NUMBER FOR A CONTACT PERSON WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH IN COUNTRY/ON SITE AND THAT IT WORKS! Successfully Exhibiting Offshore:  Successfully Exhibiting Offshore Can be incredibly exciting and rewarding if you plan ahead! Questions and Answers Stephanie S. Selesnick, CEM International Trade Information, Inc. Email: Tel: +1.818.591.2255

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