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Published on July 16, 2019

Author: markjukar012


slide 1: Step by step instructions to Differentiate Your Agencys Brand: 5 Ways to Stand Out When’s the last time you heard someone ask “Do you know of any great massage therapists who can also cut my hair” Or “I just wish my physician could fill this cavity after we’re done with my yearly physical” Ive seen errors about whether ​ ​agencies ​should take their strength and keep running with just that or extend their contributions for future development. Try not to get it curved offering a full-promoting stack is unquestionably the course your organization ought to take so as to remain steadfast against the other advertising offices that are out there. Download our free guide to growing your agency. So the question is: What compels a client to choose your agency over another What differentiates your agency from others in your market Identifying your unique factors -- that you currently own/have or that you want to build up -- allows you to build a distinct brand: The positioning image and personality of your brand can’t be confused with another market competitor. Therefore the brand can become recognizable. Defining Your Differentiating Factors Tim Williams the founder of Ignition Consulting Group suggests asking four questions to help you determine your positioning strategy: slide 2: What do we do What services or channels do we know best Who do we do it for What consumer groups do we understand How do we do it How do our values and beliefs change the way we work Why do we do it What is our shared purpose In addition defining your positioning provides you with a starting point for creating a list of prospect qualifying questions and defining your ideal client profile so you can attract and go after only the most profitable and satisfying client relationships. And you can use this to create a more cohesive brand story for marketing your agencys brand and generating new business leads. This paired with the growing trend of marketers assigning out more project-based work signals an opportunity for agencies to gain more interesting work with more high-level brands if they can determine a focus and make an ongoing effort to market this expertise. Agencies must identify their strengths and focus on what they do best to stand out. Here are a few different ways your firm can differentiate itself in the market: 5 Ways to Differentiate Your Agency 1 Focus on an industry. For many agencies marketing their expertise to a specific industry is the most logical step. Clients want to work with agencies that understand the unique challenges in their industry -- and with category expertise agencies can get to work faster as they don’t have to start from scratch with each new account. For example Slack and Company has been specializing in B2B marketing and advertising work for 25 years and is regularly recognized for its work in the category. ThomasNet RPM focuses on the industrial marketing industry which has led the agency to grow from one account in 2013 to more than 60 clients in 2015. Many of its employees including its vice president of digital media come from engineering backgrounds ensuring that the agency and its clients speak the same language and understand the unique challenges of the industry. Another example is 10Up which designs and develops Wordpress sites specifically for publishers. 2 Be the best at a service or capability. Honing your skills in a specific service or capability is another way to become a best-in-class agency. Typically agencies start by specializing in one or a few core services and become bloated in their offerings after years of clients asking the agency to provide a specific capability and the agency’s fear of denying that they "dont offer that." slide 3: You need to consider what your team can execute on fairly flawlessly and what services you are just OK at. You won’t get referrals and repeat business with somewhat subpar work. Consider the growth of a firm such as VaynerMedia which specializes in social media and has a following due to the expertise and following of its founder Gary Vaynerchuk. The agency saw a 57 growth to 22.5 million in net revenue in 2014 and the firm has recently launched a sister agency that focuses on micro-content creation for Vine Instagram and SnapChat. There’s also A2G which has seen success with this approach. It focuses on influencer-produced user-generated content campaigns from brands leading the small shop less than 20 FTEs to work with brands such as Gap Samsung and Vera Bradley. 3 Staff your agency in a different way. Your agency’s processes and approaches to creating work can be just as distinct as the work you create. This could be how you staff your agency or provide access to talent: Laundry Service a social media agency developed a platform and recruited more than 1000 social influencers who are ready to partner with brands on campaigns. And OKeefe Reinhard Paul has adopted a “Hollywood” model building relationships with more than 100 highly skilled creatives from all different backgrounds while employing no more than 30 people to manage relationships with clients such as Taco Bell and Big Lots. 4 Approach client problems with a unique point of view. Your agency’s view on how marketing is changing and how agencies can solve problems can be distinctive when every other firm is relying on the same solutions to the same problems. Case in point: Sylvain Labs focuses on innovation and brand opportunities and believes that “timing is more important than ingenuity.” Its approach attracts brands that are concerned with being first to market. 5 Make a statement with pricing. Pricing can be a differentiating factor for some clients who want more transparency in the pricing process or who only want to pay for results AKA performance-based pricing. How you tie your work to monetary incentives is just another way to make a statement about what your agency values.

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