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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: abner84625


FIVE STAR LIVING ENTERPRISE: FIVE STAR LIVING ENTERPRISE START FORWARD : In your home-based business, you MUST have a desire to become successful. The fact still remains that those who become successful are those who understand the following concept. There was a great master coach of archery. The big day comes for the competitive match, and the master has entered two of his most promising students , both young men. Right before the match is scheduled to begin, the great coach walks up and puts his hand on the back of the first contender and says, “Son, when you look out at the target, what do you see?” The young man says, “Coach, I see the target, the mountains behind it, the tall grasses blowing in the gentle wind, the birds soaring above and I am ready to shoot.” The Coach says, “Oh, but you are not going to shoot, you are not focused.” He then walked over to the second young man, put his hand on his shoulder and asked the contender, “When you look out at the target, what do you see?” The young man said, “Coach, I see only the target!” The Coach replied, “Son, you will win the match today!” FORWARD Page > (Skip forward) (Page a) Step >> < Back Index FORWARD (Cont): In the Team Freedom system , FOCUS is everything! It is understood we all live very busy lives with parenting, housekeeping, full-time jobs, part-time jobs, exercising, shopping, personal growth and development and more . Don’t lose sight of your target, your GOAL ! If you forget your dream, that is when you get discouraged and quit, putting your business on the back burner, blaming the business. The spiral begins downward until you’re exhausted and can’t come near your once exciting GOALS for a better and brighter future! You enjoy victory when you are like the second young man and have determined to make your dreams come true . What’s the difference? Clearly and simply, the second young man has learned to FOCUS on hitting the target. FOCUS is a little word, but it will make a gigantic difference in your home-based business . You must plan on life getting in the way, because it will. You can plan for the struggles by FOCUSING on what you really want to achieve. FORWARD ( Cont ) (Skip forward) (Page b) Page > Step >> < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Another important concept is revealed in this motivating story: - One day a business woman looked out of her first story office and saw a cocoon hanging out in a tree , thrashing about. As she watched it, she began to focus on it and the struggle it was having. She began focusing on the butterfly, not wanting to miss its flight from the cocoon. The next morning she found herself eager to get to her office, hoping to watch the metamorphosis . All throughout that day she watched the creature in the cocoon struggle and by the end of the day she couldn’t stand to watch any more. She took a tiny straight pin, walked outside and poked a tiny hole in the bottom of the cocoon. Almost immediately, the most gorgeous butterfly came out of the cocoon and tried to fly. But it dropped to the ground. It was unable to fly, to soar and to live. You see, it did not complete the struggle -the struggle that forces fluid into its wings giving it the ability to fly.” FORWARD ( Cont ) (Skip forward) (Page c) Page > Step >> < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation:  Sometimes you WILL be tempted to do the work for your Team Members and cause them to miss out on an important part of their growth. We all have to struggle as part of our process in our own personal growth and development . But for those who are focused on goals and have clarity about that focus , wild horses couldn’t stop you from succeeding. Focus on what you DO want . Focus on following the instructions of the Team Freedom System and teach your team to do the same. If your desire is to build a fabulous future for yourself and those you love, focus on helping others to achieve their goals and yours will become a reality. FORWARD ( Cont ) (Skip forward) (Page d) Page > Step >> < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: The Team Freedom System is about EMPOWERMENT and EDUCATION . Reach out to your team using the concept of discipleship . Simply share this incredible and most awesome business opportunity with just a few others and teach them to do the same. The result of this activity will create success for those you help, as well as for you. Go for greatness . Stand for integrity. Focus on what you really want . You can achieve your dream. Focus now and stay focused within yourself and within your team. Best of success, health, wealth and happiness!  Ed Reynolds; Five Star Living Enterprise FORWARD ( Cont ) (Page e) Page > Step >> < Back Index Step-By-Step Instructions:  This is your road map to a new life. To make this a successful journey, it will simply require that you remain focused on completing each step in the order specified. There is no need to directly sell any products or even this opportunity, but that does not mean that your success will be handed to you on a silver platter. Financial freedom through the Team Freedom System is available only if you have the desire to follow the instructions and teach your 4 business partners to do the same. Your arrival at this point indicates that you are serious about making a change. Before you can begin using this map to success, however, you must first understand these basic rules that will make the journey less confusing. Step-By-Step Instructions  INTRODUCTION (Skip Introduction) (Page f) Page > Step >> < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Rule # 1. The suppliers used in the Team Freedom System are all stand-alone Network Marketing companies. Because of this, they each have their own marketing strategy. However, if it is your desire to become financially free in the quickest possible time, then do not become distracted or bogged down with the promotion expectation of these suppliers. You need to concentrate your efforts on the Step-by-Step Instructions . Focus only on the marketing strategy of the Team Freedom System that are explained in these instructions. INTRODUCTION (CONT) Step-By-Step Instructions (Skip Introduction) Rule # 2 . It is of utmost importance to the integrity of everyone involved that you understand and comply with the concept that involvement in the Team Freedom System is by REQUEST. This means that at no time should anyone use high pressure sales techniques or attempt to manipulate someone to get them to become a business partner . There is no need to launch a massive advertisement campaign or purchase mailing lists of any kind. The power that drives this program is that of relationships. Concentrate your efforts on helping your personally selected business partners . (Page g) Page > Step >> < Back Index Step-By-Step Instructions: Rule # 3 . Establishing and maintaining the residual income generated by the Team Freedom System , depends entirely on your commitment to continue the minimum order or subscription requirements established by several of the suppliers on the Auto Ship or auto payment program as explained in the Step-by-Step Instructions . The failure to follow through with this rule would have a direct impact on the commission income you receive. It is important to understand however, the cost of all products and services provided through the Team Freedom System will be covered by the commission profit from your growing organization. Step-By-Step Instructions   Are you ready? Let’s begin INTRODUCTION (CONT) (Page h) Page > Step >> < Back Index Step 1 Day 1: Welcome to the Team Freedom System . DO: We want to get started right away so take some time today to go through the Freedom Package . The “Welcome Associate” e-mail you received that brought you these Step-by-Step Instructions has a lot of other information in it to help you navigate through the Website and learn more about the team you are now a part of. Be sure to save the e-mail in a business section of your personal folder in your e-mail account. The main purpose of the introduction e-mail is to introduce you to your sponsor and let you know we are all here to help you become successful in the Team Freedom System. If you do not already have one, start setting up your office space with a desk, computer and phone if possible. This should be an area set apart from other activities in the home. Step 1 Day 1 (Page 1) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: NOTE: You will be directed on the Website to PDF copies of advertising ideas plus various other marketing tools and ideas as well. We will help you locate these items on the Website if you need it and if you wish to use it, you may also wish to print them out and file the hard copies in your new home office that you will be setting up. Are you ready to begin the journey to Financial Freedom? Yes > Continue (Page 2) < Back Index Step 1 Day 1 - Day 2 : DO: Give your business a name. NOTE: If you already have a business, you may wish to incorporate this into that business, continue through the Steps until you get to Day 2 - Day 5 . Your business name can be as simple as your name You can also come up with a “ Doing Business As ” name that makes a statement about you or what you would like to accomplish in your business . If you choose to not use your personal name as your business name, then a business license will be required by the state. Step 1 Day 1 - Day 2 Do you have a business name you wish to use? (Page 3) Yes > Continue < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Step 1 Day 1 - Day 3 DO: You will need to set up a Bank checking account. Open a regular checking account at a local branch near your home to support your business financial transactions . (Page 4) NOTE: If you already have an account that is not being used for anything else or one that could be dedicated to your business; use it. All the commissions you receive from the Team Freedom System will be sent electronically to, or be deposited by you, into this account. You will then use this account to pay for all purchases and subscriptions identified in these instructions. Next Page > < Back Index : As you would probably expect, you will also use this account to pay for other business related expenses down the road. There are some advantages to having a business checking account but in the beginning stages a regular checking account will suffice, you can always change it later. If, however, you choose to set up a business account at your bank you will be able to put a “Doing Business As” name on the account. (This would be for tax reporting and marketing). Since this process takes some time and a little extra money, setting up a business Bank account can wait until later. Use a regular checking account with your personal name until then. Do you have a checking account at a local bank? (Page 5) Yes > Continue < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Step 1 Day 2 - Day 3 (Page 6) DO: If you chose to use a “Doing Business As” name, you will need a business license from your state to register that name. In most cases, applying for a business license can be handled on line. If you need help, go to where you will be able to get the form you need to apply for your business license for the state you live in. You will also be able to get the information you need for obtaining a business license from your state’s Dept. of licenses . If you are outside the United States, you may or may not need such a license and will need to investigate this in your location. NOTE: If you do not need a business license, you may skip this Part Yes >>> Skip Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Have you applied for a business license using the business name you selected ? (Page 7) There is typically a fee associated with the new business license but if you already have a business licensee from another business, it is possible to incorporate this business with any other business. It is also possible to reactivate a business that you may have had in the past. Yes > Continue < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Step 1 Day 2 - Day 4 DO: You are going to need an office if you do not already have one. Set up your office to run your business. Read through the complete investigation process on the Website (if you have not already done so) so you will fully understand the information that is available already and to help answer questions you may encounter. (Page 8) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: NOTE: This office is a space in your home that is set aside for managing you business transactions. Typically it would be the area around where your computer and phone are but it must be dedicated to business use. (The kitchen counter does not qualify) (Page 9) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: You will need a computer with internet access and an e-mail account (This could be at the local library if necessary, to start with ) Keep track of any and all expenses attributed to setting up your office, plus any expenses incurred or money spent on anything in relation to your new business. Keep accurate records with date, time and place, plus a brief description of what took place. Be sure to include names if other people were involved. (A good day planner or a Blackberry are great tools .) Is your office, including a computer with e-mail set up OR in work ? (Page 10) Yes > Continue < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Step 1 Day 2 - Day 5 DO: Download a copy of the Members List form from the Members Page; “System Tools Download” and begin the process of selecting the people in your life that you would like to provide with the information about your business; http:// NOTE : Complete this list as soon as possible (48 – 96 hours) to allow you to organize your thoughts and promotion strategy. Is Your Member’s form, downloaded and ready to start working on ? (Page 11) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 1 Day 3 - Day 5: Step 1 Day 3 - Day 5 DO: Complete your office set up, it is time to launch your business. DO: Prepare to build your team. NOTE: Relationship marketing is exactly what it implies. When a relationship exists between two people there are two powerful forces at work. Trust = reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence. A purpose that only seeks the best for a person. (Page 12) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: The important thing to remember is that with relationship marketing it is not about numbers, it is about quality. (Unlike traditional MLM) You want your 4 people to be people that you care about and that you want to help to be successful. You want people that will trust you not to deceive them or leave them without support . (Page 13) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: The Team Freedom System Website will be the primary tool that you will use to promote and build your business. - In the forms section of the Freedom Package , you have access to all of the tools, forms and applications you will need for your business. Have you finished setting up your office? (Page 14) Yes > Continue < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Have you filled out the downloaded Potential Members List , with names and contact information ? NOTES: The purpose of this exercise is to help identify who you know and who knows you from a number of different categories. You are looking for the 4 best prospects so after you have the list filled out you want to go back and prioritize the list in the order of those that are the closest to you . Be sure to include contact information. - Family: (Spouse, Spouse’s Family, Grandparents, Parents, Siblings, Children, Grandchildren, Uncle, Aunt, Cousins, Nephew & Niece - Friend/Neighbor - Work/School - Church/Organization - Other Step 1 Day 5 - Day 7 (Page 15) Yes > Continue < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Step 1 Day 5 - Day 8 DO: Once you have organized your initial target market , you need to develop your plan to promote your business. In these next few parts we will do just that. NOTE: Determining who to approach with a business opportunity is probably not as daunting of a task as actually approaching them, but if we address the event systematically and in tiny steps it becomes much more manageable. (Page 16) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Because you will not be selling products directly, the only other way to generate a residual income is to develop an organization of product buyers. That is why the 4 people in your organization’s first level must be people that you have a relationship with. They must be well known to you or have a high level of trust in you. Be likeminded and have a deep passion to build a business. Be someone you would be able and willing to work with. (Page 17) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: A business card sample is included as a part of your packet and is attached to the “Welcome Associate” letter. If you have a program on your computer that will design and print business cards, you may use this idea to make your own. If you do not have this capability or you would rather purchase your business cards , use the attachment to create some ideas on how to design them and send to the printing company Have you created and printed or ordered your business cards ? (Page 17) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 1 Day 5 - Day 9: DO: Schedule a sit down game plan strategy meeting with your Up-line in your first 10 days to get ideas and support as you prepare to approach your prospects. They should be contacting and scheduling this with you as well. NOTE: If a question comes up that your sponsor does not know, they will take it up the line. If they do not have the answer, they will go to their upper level until the question is answered. Another source for the answer to your questions is Frequently Asked Questions . . If your question does not appear in the Frequently Asked Questions page, you may e-mail your question to Step 1 Day 5 - Day 9 Have you had your game plan session with your sponsor and are you ready? (Page 18) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 1 Day 6 - Day 9 : NOTE: Well, we are here, the most difficult part of the program. Just how difficult you find it will depend on how you evaluate my next recommendation. There is no greater fear than the fear of rejection. This is why most people cannot handle sales. Because of the fact that there will be no commissions paid by the suppliers unless their products are purchased, it becomes necessary to think outside the box and realize that what you are looking for are product buyers. Step 1 Day 6 - Day 9 (Page 19) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Because of the products offered through the Team Freedom system , you will realize that everybody is already a buyer of your products and since that is all we need; we can afford to be a bit selective. The products you are offering are the most recession proof products in the world. You can be certain most of them are used by the people you have placed on your list and if they are not using them, it is because they cannot afford them at this time. Your first priority will be those on your list that you know to be people that desire or need extra income and you are close enough to them that they would be willing to invest $50.00 and some of their time to support you in your effort to help them be financially free . (Page 20) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: In order to find these people we will conduct, what you might call, a search and rescue event. You know people that are in need of financial assistance or even rescue? You now have something you can offer to them that will truly fix that problem. You can never force someone to accept help so there is no reason to ever apply pressure or push yourself or the program on anyone. If, however, a person accepts your offer based on their own decision, it becomes a win-win situation. Are you ready to learn how to share this opportunity with others ? (Page 21) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 1 Day 6 - Day 10 : NOTE: As you prepare yourself for this stage of your business, consider for a moment, how you would feel if your relative, friend or coworker you saw almost every day, came across a method to end their financial woes for good and chose not to let you even look at it? This program is so powerful that to not share it with everyone you care about would almost be a crime. If someone looks at the program and determines that it is not for them, that is their decision. Don’t make it for them. Step 1 Day 6 - Day 10 (Page 22) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: DO: let’s get down to the business of building your business. Practice the face-to-face dialog on the next page, for getting your family member or friend to take a serious look at your business: Over a cup of coffee or while you are in the course of normal conversation with your prospect, when the subject comes up that they need more money , are struggling to make ends meet , are looking for a second job , are concerned about their retirement , kids education or some other financial need , are losing their job or just simply want to do something different with their life. Hand them your card and say , (Page 23) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Dialog: “ ___(Name)____, I have something that I need you to take a look at. I need your help. I have started a business and I am looking for people, that I care about, that would be open to making some incredible money working part time. This Website is an introduction to a totally different concept in running a home-based business. Personally, I can not think of anyone I would rather share this with than you because I know you would do the same for me. There is nothing to loose with this because it costs nothing to check it out. I need just 4 people that want to make a serious difference in their financial future BUT only you can decide if you are one of them. I will not be bugging you so just take a look and see what you think”. If you see what I have seen, just let me know. Are you ready to share this opportunity with others ? (Page 24) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 1 Day 7 - Day 15: DO: Begin the process of sharing the information you now have about the Team Freedom S ystem with the people on your list . Do not stop sharing this opportunity until you have at least four people that have filled out the Application, purchased the Freedom Package and are ready to get started. NOTE: If you get more than you need from your initial outreach, use the others to assist your 4 Jr. Partners in filling their first level. Below are listed some other ways that you will be able to use to find some of your business partners if needed. Only use what you are comfortable with and do not feel you are limited to just these ideas. The important thing to remember is that your business partners must be able to duplicate what you do , which means never promote in ways that others would not be able to do. This applies particularly when it comes to spending extra money. Step 1 Day 7 - Day 15 (Page 25) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Use the face-to-face dialogue for those on your list that you particularly want to be in your organization. Remember, there should be NO pressure applied in your information sharing . Just like you would share with a friend about a good movie you saw. Simply ask them to look at it, give them your business card and ask if they are willing to help you build your business. The rest is up to them. You may also send the (Take-one) Flyer by mail or E-mail the introduction (from the Website in the Freedom Package ) to the people on your list that you are not able to meet face-to-face. Personalize each letter you send so that your family member or friends will not feel like a statistic. Form letters do not work here. DO NOT SPAM !!! (Page 26) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: If you need the extra boost, you can post the (Take-one) Flyer (from the Website in the Freedom Package ) in an authorized public location. This action may bring in business partners that are not that close to you or may even be total strangers but by working closely with them, you will quickly change that relationship. It is important to remember that it will be your responsibility to work with your 4 business partners whether they are your personal recruits or they were provided to you by your up-line. Always train them well to follow the Step-by-Step Instructions; this should be your primary focus. Have you started the process of sharing your business opportunity to the people on your list ? (Page 27) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 1 Day 9 - Day 15: NOTE: Five Star Living Enterprise will be working hard to provide applicant’s names from people that have requested more information about the Team Freedom System through the Website, without having a sponsor. This placement process will be offered automatically from the company, filling level by level, targeting the Associate level. If you or someone in your organization is having difficulty getting their four , you will have the opportunity to provide a name and e-mail address of the Associate needing help to Five Star Living Enterprise . The form needed to request this assistance is located on the forms Website at . Title: (PPS) Team Freedom Partner Placement System . Step 1 Day 9 - Day 15 (Page 28) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Have you used all possible ideas you need for sharing your business opportunity to the people on your list ? If a person qualifies for assistance and is approved, a new applicant’s information (from people that wish to sing up without having a sponsor) will be sent to those Associates needing help, for them to follow-up with. Additional Jr. Partners will be given to Associates only. No referrals will be given to Team Leaders or above. No more than three Jr. Partners will be given to any one Associate. If you need to: Look for other free advertising opportunities . Free mailing lists of business seekers. Existing organizations of MLM businesses you are in. (Page 29) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 1 Day 10 - Day 15: DO: Continue distributing the Introduction material to the people in each of your five lists on the Team Freedom System Business Partner Name Log . (Found on the Freedom Package forms Website ) Try to keep track of the method they received the introduction information and monitor their progress , as you know it. NOTE: To those that you e-mailed the information to, wait no more than four days and send them a follow-up note with the question; Have you had an opportunity to consider the information I told you about? Step 1 Day 10 - Day 15 (Page 30) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: You are looking for people that are looking for a business opportunity and are close enough to you to be willing to help you. If they have no motivation to research the information you gave them, or are not willing to put forth the effort to investigate the potential of the program then the fact is, they are not the type of people you are looking for . Always leave the door open for contacts you have made but have declined the opportunity to reconsider the possibility of joining your team. Very important; NEVER pressures, coerces, or intimidate your prospects . (Page 31) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Have you talked to everyone on your list and used the follow-up question for your e-mail contacts ? Remain helpful but wait for your Business Partner to respond to your invitation and come to you with the desire to become one of your Jr. Partners . If the decision to join your team does not come from them , you do not want them. (Page 32) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 1 Day 10 - Day 16: DO: Stay focused at this point because you will no doubt be disappointed and maybe even surprised by the response you receive from those you tell about this business. NOTE: Because we are using relationship marketing there is going to be the situation where even your closest family or friend will feel that they are helping you by not only not getting involved but will be discouraging you in this business, believing it is a waste of your time. This can even be your spouse or your parents. Do not push the issue or argue with them Remain on task and keep talking to others If the answer is NO, move on. When you get your first yes, it will be well worth the effort. Step 1 Day 10 - Day 16 (Page 33) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: DO : Have your new team member fill out the on-line application and submit the payment to receive access to their Freedom Package. NOTE: Getting your first Jr. Partner is a tremendous mile stone and marks the beginning of a very exciting future. To acknowledge this event, FSLE will send a promotion certificate for the level of Associate. This level is huge because it is at this level you will be eligible for the PPS . You will also receive a commission check from FSLE of $10.00. DO: Deposit this money into your new bank account and hold on to it until you receive the remaining commission when your next three Jr. Partners sign up. Do you have your first Jr. Partner Application submitted? (Page 34) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 1 Day 10 - Day 17: DO: Continue the process of searching for your next Jr. Partner until you have three more people that have completed the investigation, see the opportunity and have filled out the Application to the Team Freedom System. NOTE: When you are successful in getting these new Applications completed and sent to Five Star Living Enterprise with their purchase amount of $50.00 each; you will be promoted from Associate to the position of Sponsor . Step 1 Day 10 - Day 17 Have you received your promotion to Associate and your commission check of $10.00 from Five Star Living Enterprise (Page 35) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 1 Day 15 - Day 18: NOTE: When the last of the three Jr. Partner Applications are completed and submitted, you will receive, along with your promotion to Sponsor, an additional commission of $90.00 from Five Star Living Enterprise .   Step 1 Day 15 - Day 18 Do you have all four members that have filled out the appropriate Application and have submitted their $50.00 purchase for the Freedom Packet ? (Page 36) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 1 Day 17 - Day 19: DO: Schedule a time to speak with each of them and go over the game plan just as it was done with you or as it is shown in these instructions. NOTE: Put your team at ease and encourage them to follow the Step-By-Step Instructions . WARNING: It is very important that you do not give access to the Step-By-Step Instructions to anyone. This tool was prepared by Five Star Living Enterprise and is for the specific purpose of directing you through the Team Freedom System . Please do not copy or reproduce this document in any manner. Because this document is on-line, there is no need to print it, change it or share it with someone outside of the program. The Step-By-Step Instructions are a necessary tool for working the Team Freedom System but apart from that they have no value . Step 1 Day 17 - Day 19 Have you gone over the game plan with your team ? (Page 37) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 1 Day 20 - Day 30: DO: When you receive the commission for $90.00 , from FSLE transfer it to your bank account as you did with the $10.00 commission before . NOTE: As a Sponsor your only goal should be to assist your 4 Jr. Partners in becoming first Associates and then Sponsors as soon as possible. Step 1 Day 20 - Day 30 Have you received your promotion to Sponsor along with your commission for $90.00 from Five Star Living Enterprise (Page 38) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 2 Day 22 - 32: NOTE: Once y our 4 Jr. Partners have received access to the Freedom Package from FSLE and start the process of building their business, they will need your help. Remember they are looking to you for guidance and support. If you need help, use your up-line to give you the assistance in building your team. You can not be successful unless your team becomes successful. At this point you should have $ 100.00 in your new Bank account Step 2 Day 22 - 32 (Page 39) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Have you purchased the Debt Elimination Course using the commission from Step 1 DO: Your first order of business is to purchase the Debt Elimination Course from Debt Freedom Strategies for $100.00 using the funds in you bank account. From your computer, go to . Order your course using your Team Freedom System ID number. Once your course is purchased, you will receive your ID number from Debt Freedom Strategies to access the course. Follow the instructions from the Website to download the course plus take a look at some of the many other benefits available to you. (Page 40) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 2 Day 25 - 35: DO: Begin working the Debt Elimination Course by following the instruction in the course. To download the Debt Elimination Course , you must use the registration ID you were given when you purchased the course. NOTE: This very powerful debt elimination system that is taught in this course has the power to wipe out all your debt, including your mortgage, in 7 to 10 years with no additional income above what you are making right now . As you add additional funds generated from the Team Freedom System , this course becomes a supercharged debt buster. DO : Download the workbook as instructed from the Website. Complete this course as soon as possible but do not back off on supporting your team to get each of them to the level of Sponsor. Step 2 Day 25 - 35 (Page 40) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation:  NOTE: If you have any problems accessing the Debt Elimination Course or any of the features; e-mail FSLE with your situation and you will be contacted right away to resolve your issue. The information and training in this course is so important and so valuable, you do not want to waste any time in getting this program implemented in your financial life. An additional benefit for completing this course as soon as possible is so you can experience the power of the training and the knowledge that is shared in the course. With this knowledge will come the excitement that will help you find the ability to talk to others about how the difference this business is having in your financial situation. Have you started the Debt Elimination Course as instructed ? (Page 41) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 2 Day 29 - 35: NOTE: Before you get too far into the process of dealing with all the other suppliers involved in the Team Freedom System, We want to re-emphasize how important it is that you understand and remember these very important points . This business that you have started is unlike anything you have ever done before. None of the companies involved in this program have ever seen anything like it before either. Each purchase of products and services is from a stand-alone Network Marketing company. Each program has its own product, compensation plan and concept of marketing . Step 2 Day 29 - 35 (Page 42) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Do you understand the importance of focusing on and following the Step-by-Step Instructions to utilize only the marketing strategy of this Program ? What the Team Freedom System does that is so revolutionary , is take the products and compensation plans offered by each company and replace the marketing strategy with one that will provide the opportunity for everyone to be successful. Do not get caught up in the advertising and marketing strategies of the supplier companies. (If you have questions, please discuss it with your sponsor or e-mail .) (Page 43) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 2 Day 30 - 35: DO: Provide all the necessary support to your team to help them get their team built as fast as possible. NOTE: When your 1st Associates becomes a Sponsor of their organization, by signing up all 4 of their Jr. Partners and purchases the Debt Elimination Course in Step 2: You will be promoted to Team Leader . Step 2 Day 30 - 35 (Page 44) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: DO: Continue to assist your remaining Associates by encouraging them to follow these instructions. Be prepared to answer any questions they may have. Assist any of your other Associates in signing up for the PPS as needed. NOTE: Once you have helped your remaining Associates to become Sponsors, you will be promoted to Supervisor. Have you received your promotion to Team Leader as a result of getting your first Sponsor ? (Page 45) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 2 Day 35 – Day 50 : NOTE: Once all four of your Associates have been promoted to Sponsor, and purchased the Debt Elimination Course , you will receive a commission for those purchases. The amount you receive when all four have purchased the Debt Elimination Course will be $125.00 You will also receive a bonus from FSLE of $50.00 Insure that both of these commissions are placed in your business bank account. Step 2 Day 35 – Day 50 (Page 46) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Have you received at least $150.00 commission from, Five Star Living Enterprise and deposited it into your Bank ? Remember, as you are helping you 4 business partners , help their 4 business partners , the idea of helping, means teaching them to follow these Step-by-Step Instructions. DO: Help them to do the same thing for their team. (Page 47) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 2 Day 45 – Day 60 : DO: When your deposits from Step 2 have exceeded $150.00 , it is time to move into Step 3. NOTE: If the commissions and bonuses you need to advance are not received when you need them, it may be because not everyone in your team is keeping pace or following the Step-by-Step Instruction. Make sure you are doing your part to support your team because your success is only possible as they become successful. If necessary, to move forward, you will have a decision to make Step 2 Day 45 – Day 60 (Page 48) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Your choice is to wait for your team to get up to speed and use the commissions as they come in or proceed to the next level with additional funds from your personal account to avoid the possibility of holding back your Business Partners that have met their requirements and are ready to move up. Remain in close contact with your 4 business partners and work with all of them to reach their goal and this will not even be an issue. If you do decide to use additional personal funds to continue, once the lagging business partners catch up, you will be back in the black and on your way to Financial Freedom. Do the deposits in your bank account meet or exceed the $150.00 needed for the next level ? (Page 49) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 3 Day 50 – Day 60: Step 3 Day 50 – Day 60 NOTE: With $149.00 from your account you will now become a representative of Liberty Shield Inc. This program provides legal service for families and small business and is on the leading edge for this kind of service. In addition to the sign-up fee there is a monthly retainer fee of about $35.00. You will never need to worry about legal matters for your family or business again. Have contracts reviewed , letters written, phone consultation and legal representation on a number of issues . You also will receive a will and much, much more. (Page 50) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: (If you do not have the User ID or agent number from your sponsor yet, you will need to contact them to obtain it so that you may proceed.) Do you have your Sponsor ID to submit the start-up and subscription fee to Liberty Shield Inc.? (Page 51) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 3 Day 55 – Day 62 : DO: Go to your sponsor’s Website for Liberty Shield Inc. at http:// , and fill in the required information Finish the forms and submit your payment. You will be assigned a replicating Website and ID number Enter this information in your Account Log downloaded from your Freedom Package. Step 3 Day 55 – Day 62 (Page 52) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Have you completed the on-line set up for Liberty Shield and submitted the start-up fee to become a representative using your sponsor’s User ID ? NOTE: Record any User names, passwords or security questions that you set up. (It is highly recommended that you use the same User ID names, passwords or security questions for all of your accounts to save confusion latter). You are now a representative of Liberty Shield Inc . DO: Remember to provide your user ID or agent number to your 4 business bartners (Page 53) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 3 Day 60 – Day 65: NOTE: How the Legal Services Works . Once enrolled, you are issued a membership number and provided with a member toll-free Customer Service number. When you call with a legal matter, you will be referred to a Plan Attorney based on the following criteria: area of law, language spoken and location. You will have access to a network of over 20,000 attorneys who have contracted to provide you with FREE and Discounted legal services. The membership covers you as the primary member, your spouse, and your unmarried dependent children under the age of 18, residing in your home. Unmarried college students are covered up to the age of 23. You may use as many plan attorneys, practicing any area of law, anywhere in the country as often as you like. Step 3 Day 60 – Day 65 (Page 54) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Have you recorded your account information and shared your user ID with your team ? Once in contact with your providing attorney, you can utilize the following FREE & Discounted services: • Unlimited Phone Consultation • Do It Yourself Document Preparation • Library of Over 5000 Legal Forms • 30 Minute Office or Phone Mediation • Consultations with Local Attorneys • Free Simple Wills • Member Only Resources Web Site • Extra 25% Discount • Pre-Existing Matters.  (Page 55) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 3 Day 66 – Day 86 : NOTE: You are now a representative for Liberty Shield Inc. and your organization is beginning to grow on it’s own. DO: Continue to work with your 4 business partners and train them to do what you have done and follow the Step-by-Step Instructions . NOTE: Your commissions will now be coming from three sources as your team moves into Step 3. The commission you receive from Step 2 will be $200.00 and will end at this level. The commission from Step 3 will be over $200. If your team is on schedule, you will have accumulated at least $400.00 . The total income from Step 2 and Step 3 will provide the funds to become a representative for the next company found in Step 4. Step 3 Day 66 – Day 86 (Page 56) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Have you deposited all your commissions into your bank account, as instructed? DO: Deposit your commissions in your bank account and prepare to get a glimpse of true financial freedom. (Page 57) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 4 Day 76 – Day 90 : 5LINX is the supplier in Step 4. 5LINX is the Flagship Company and making it possible for you become a part of this company is the main reason for the Team Freedom System . 5LINX is a stat-of-the-art telecommunication and entertainment company that provides products and services everyone already uses or have dreamed about using. The 5LINX commission structure blows any other business like this out of the water.   Step 4 Day 76 – Day 90 Has your bank account exceeded an amount of $400.00 ? (Page 58) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 4 Day 87 – Day 95 : NOTE: The following instructions will describe how to proceed with the sign-up process for 5LINX, how to use it to secure your financial success and the success of the rest of you team. DO: Using the funds from you bank account you will enter your sponsor’s 5LINX Website. From the main page > click on “Make $” In the middle of the new page > click on “5LINX Application” Upper left, Large button > click on “Independent Marketing Representative (IMR) Scroll to the bottom > click radial button “Yes” for energy certificate. At the bottom of the page > click “Continue” Fill out personal information, Input the User Name for your account and Website Step 4 Day 87 – Day 95 (Page 59) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Have you completed your sign up for 5LINX and submitted your payment to become an IMR ? Confirm the information is accurate > click “Continue” Enter payment information using your business bank account. > click on “Continue” Confirm the information is accurate > click on “Continue” You will receive an e-mail with your Website URL and link. You will also receive instructions to your Back Office Website. Log in to your Back Office and click on Website. Follow the instruction to customize your Website and insure it has your personal contact information showing. You are now a 5LINX representative.   (Page 60) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 4 Day 90 – Day 100: NOTE: Next you will order enough of the products and services from 5LINX to reach the needed 20 customer points to qualify for the Fast Start Bonus. You have already ordered the Platinum Services for $49.95 per mo. This gives you your two Websites, training and organization tracking tools. Platinum services gives your 3 customer points The Energy certificate you signed up for is worth 1 point You now have 4 CP. Step 4 Day 90 – Day 100 (Page 61) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Have you purchased the suggested Global Linx products and services to reach 13 customer points ? DO: To order your products and services to get the remaining 16 points, you will go to your own business Website for 5LINX , click on products and order the following Global Links products . GlobaLinx products give you 2 points each. DTA box for digital home phone with VoIP Down Loadable App for hand held device with internet access. Video Phone, unlimited world wide calling. Business Elite Services, including Merchant Services Smart Phone (Turn your computer into a Video Phone) = 1 point   (Page 62) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 4 Day 95 – Day 110: NOTE: Your income by this point from your growing team will be around $500 so it will benefit you to order the services from your business even if you already have the service elsewhere. If you are still under contract, decide which is less money, keep the service but don’t use it or cancel the service and pay the fee . DO: Order these products within your first 30 days in 5LINX. Two Cell Phones with Verizon, T-Mobil or Nextel (2) = 1 point per phone High Speed Internet with any authorized carrier in your area = 1 point. Satellite Television with Direct TV or Dish Network = 1 point Digital Home Security, 24/7 monitoring, Wireless, = 1 point Individual Identity Theft Protection, = 1 point per member Sign up to attend the National Convention = 1 point Step 4 Day 95 – Day 110 (Page 63) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Have you purchased the suggested products and services through your 5LINX Website to reach your 20 customer points ? Total customer points > 13 + 7 = 20 Total monthly purchase = approximately $325.00 One time additional purchase = $ 350.00; Vantage Tablet ($ 250.00); National Convention ($100.00) NOTE: Once you have reached your 20 customer points, you will focus on getting at least 2 of your Business Partners signed up and qualified (4 CP) in 5LINX in their first 30 days to get your bonus. (Page 64) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 4 Day 95 – Day 115: NOTE: You now have the customer points you need to qualify for the new rep, Fast Start Bonus. The second qualification is to get 2 of you 4 business partners to this level and signed up as a 5 Linx representative. DO: Work closely with your business partners to get them to this level within your 30 day window. Step 4 Day 95 – Day 115 (Page 65) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Have you signed up at least two of your business partners as 5 Linx representatives that have qualified as IMRs? NOTE: At least 2 of your 4 business partners will need to be a quantified IMR by your 30 th day after signing up as a 5 Linx representative. This means they need to sign up as an IMR and have a minimum of 4 customer points. DO: If you need assistance in getting to this point, contact you up-line for suggestions and support. (Page 66) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 4 Day 100 – Day 120: NOTE: Now that you have reached Step 4, remember these important things: Your residual income and ultimate success depends on your staying with the products and services provided by the Team Freedom System . The money to pay for these products and services will come from the money you are making in the program . Because everyone you speak with will probably not be interested in pursuing the Team Freedom System business, that does not mean they would not be interested in just using some of the fine products and services available through your new company. Adding customers to your business will increase both your commissions as well as the opportunity for promotions within many of the companies used in the program. Step 4 Day 100 – Day 120 (Page 67) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Do you understand the value and importance of continuing with the product purchases and monthly fees to be able to maintain the income flow and grow your business ? NOTE: When your commissions from you growing organization exceed $200.00 in your bank account, it is time to make the purchases of Step 5. (Page 68) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 4 Day 130 – Day 150: NOTE: It will take approximately 30 days to receive your Fast Start Bonus from 5 Linx because each representative has 15 days in which to cancel their involvement with the company or any service they have ordered. Since everyone is in the same situation concerning this commission delay, there should not be a problem of advancing to the next level when the amount needed for Step 5 becomes available. NOTE: When your commissions from you growing organization exceed $200.00 in your bank account, it is time to make the purchase of Step 5 . Step 4 Day 130 – Day 150 Do you have at least $200.00 in your account? (Page 69) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 5 Day 135 – Day 160 : NOTE: This last step involves two more companies that you will become a representative of but the second one is optional and will come later. B efore we continue, we need to revisit the purpose and the reason why you started this business in the first place . Your success is automatic if you insure that your team is successful. You will have the opportunity to help others beyond what you even thought was possible as you complete this step . Step 5 Day 135 – Day 160 (Page 70) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Do you have your debt elimination plan complete and at least $200.00 in your back account ? DO: Before you do that however, you need to reaffirm your need to get completely out of debt. With the extra money you will begin to receive as your organization grows, direct it toward your debt elimination plan. Eliminate your debt by adding additional funds to the plan you created in the Debt Elimination Course you received in Step 2. Once you complete this step, eliminating all your debt, including your/a mortgage, should be your primary focus. (Page 71) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 5 Day 140 – Day 165: NOTE: The first supplier is a solid cutting-edge provider of natural health; food and house hold products, called Melecua . This is a 40+ year old company in the Network Marketing industry but because of the massive need for these products it is still a ground floor opportunity. Melecua Inc. is a solid debt free company that has sustained steady growth since its inception. Melecua markets an exclusive line of over twenty (20) very unique nutritional supplements through a network of over 56,000 independent distributors . DO: Use the following information to proceed with the sign-up process Step 5 Day 140 – Day 165 (Page 72) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Have you purchased and set up your Melecua account from your sponsors Website? Go to your sponsors Website for Melecua . Click on “Join Us” tab (Top-Center). Fill in required information, Click the “Submit” button. Continue to follow the instruction through the sign-up process. You may wish to research the products that are available before you make your decision but a suggested order would be as follows: The Investor Pack, for ($199.00) is the suggested start up order. (Page 73) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 5 Day 145 – Day 185: NOTE: By this point you will receive your Fast Start Bonus from 5Linx and you’ll receive additional commissions from Liberty Shield Inc., This is your business and you are under no obligation to continue until after you have received sufficient commissions to cover the cost of completing Step 5. Step 5 Day 145 – Day 185 (Page 74) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: If you wish to participate and you have at least $200.00 in your account you can finish the final purchase of Step 5 Stay in touch with your sponsor and communicate with your business partners on a regular basis. When you are ready to really make a difference in the World, consider the optional opportunity with the next offer. (Page 75) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 5 Day 150 – Day 190 : DO: If you choose not to participate in this program, feel free to pass on this page NOTE : The next product at this Step is optional but it is the best feel good product we could find. This company takes helping others to a whole new level and the way they have developed it to make it happen creates a win-win situation that is second to none. The company is called Feed The Need. (We look to the Bible to get the purpose of this program) Proverbs 19:17, He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and He will reward him for what he has done;(NIV) When you become a member of Feed The Need, your membership fee will be used to support and feed undernourished children around the world. This help is distributed by affiliates of Feed The Need to the children in the poorest countries and areas of the greatest need. In addition to the tax deductible contribution, there is a portion of the membership dues that are returned to the members in the form of commissions. As your organization grows and participate in this program, you will receive these on-going commissions.   Step 5 Day 150 – Day 190 (Page 76) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Have you completed the membership sign-up for Feed The Need? DO: To sign up for Feed The Need Go to your sponsors Website Fill out the membership application Submit your payment for the first contribution Confirm the information is correct. (Page 77) Yes > Continue < Back Index Step 5 Day 155 – Day 195 : Your organization is now growing even without your involvement but you still need to be a leader to you team and establish early on the value of following the Step-by-Step Instruction . It cannot be emphasized enough that the continued success of your business relies heavily on you willingness to continue to maintain the purchases and subscriptions in the Team Freedom System. Stay true to who you are and remember the valley from which you came. You have worked hard to get to this point and your life is going to change every day as you continue to use the income from your business to get completely out of debt and save for the future. Step 5 Day 155 – Day 195 (Page 78) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: You will soon have an opportunity to make a difference in your home, community, country and even the world. Five Star Living Enterprise has the desire to make a positive difference in the world as well and would welcome your participation and commitment to the efforts they will be introducing and promoting in the years to come. To be a part of this work, simple go to the FSLE Website at and register to be a part of their team. May God richly bless you and keep you as you seek to please Him in all your ways. (Page 79) Next Page > < Back Index CONGRATULATIONS!!! :  If you have followed the instructions in order and have reached this point then you have completed the Team Freedom System . From here you have several options. The most obvious would be to start planning your retirement . Once you have paid off all your debt and your monthly income continues to grow, you will be free to do what you want. At some point you may want to consider an optional program called TEAM FREEDOM FUTURE , offered by Five Star Living Enterprise . CONGRATULATIONS!!! (Page 80) Next Page > < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: This program offers some investment opportunities that are a bit different than the traditional investment plans , as well as other products and services that are unique and beneficial. For information on this program, speak with your sponsor or e-mail us at; and determine what your involvement might be. What you do with your money is your choice, but we would like to encourage you to use it to make this world a better place . The Bible says to remember the widows and orphans . There is no question that needy people are all around us. As you share with others, may you also find peace and joy in knowing you have made a difference. Thank you and God bless you. (Page 81) < Back Index PowerPoint Presentation: Index Page Forward Introduction Step 1 Day 1 Step 1 Day 1-Day 2 Step 1 Day 1-Day 3 Step 1 Day 2 -Day 3 Step 1 Day 2 –Day 4 Step 1 Day 2 – Day 5 Page Step 3 Day 60 –Day 65 Step 3 Day 66 –Day 86 Step 4 Day 76 –Day 90 Step 4 Day 87 –Day 95 Step 4 Day 90 –Day 100 Step 4 Day 95 –Day 110 Page Step 1 Day 9 –Day 15 Step 1 Day 10 –Day 15 Step 1 Day 10 –Day 16 Step 1 Day 10 –Day 17 Step 1 Day 15 –Day 18 Step 1 Day 17 –Day 19 Step 1 Day 20 –Day 30 Step 5 Day 155 –Day 195 Congratulations Step 1 Day 3 –Day 5 Step 1 Day 5 – Day 7 Step 1 Day 5 – Day 8 Step 1 Day 5 –Day 9 Step 1 Day 6 – Day 9 Step 1 Day 3 –Day 4 Step 1 Day 7 –Day 15 Step 4 Day 95 –Day 115 Step 4 Day 100 –Day 120 Step 4 Day 130 –Day 150 Step 5 Day 135 –Day 160 Step 5 Day 140 –Day 165 Step 5 Day 145 –Day 185 Step 5 Day 150 –Day 190 Step 2 Day 22 –Day 32 Step 2 Day 25 –Day 35 Step 2 Day 29 –Day 35 Step 2 Day 30 –Day 35 Step 2 Day 35 –Day 50 Step 2 Day 45 –Day 60 Step 3 Day 50 –Day 60 Step 3 Day 55 –Day 62

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