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Published on March 22, 2009

Author: FelipeMebarak


Slide 2: Whether you are a pro-athlete or a casual fitness enthusiast, this important performance breakthrough will transform your fitness experience! Slide 3: How StemSPORTTM WorksActivity and exercise naturally damage the muscle fibers (cells). Recent scientific developments have revealed that stem cells released from the bone marrow are at the core of the body’s renewal process, traveling throughout the body to support organs and tissues in need. Having more stem cells in the bloodstream allows you to repair, rebuild, and recover faster* – so you can return to activity and athletic participation more fully and more quickly.StemSPORT™ consists of StemEnhance®, a patented botanical extract clinically shown to increase the number of circulating stem cells by an average of 25%; and StemFLO®, a powerful triple-action circulatory enhancer that also functions as an antioxidant and helps detoxify the body.* Nutritional Benefits• Repair of muscle tissue*• Increased energy levels*• Heightened mental clarity*• Over-all feeling of well-being* Slide 4: StemSPORT is the concept of using StemEnhance and StemFLO for the Active Body. From a person just starting to be active all the way to the elite athlete, StemSPORT (StemEnhance + StemFLO) work together to play a role in assisting in reducing recovery time and in the natural renewal process. Slide 5: How do I use the products for StemSPORT?As usual, one takes StemEnhance and StemFLO daily for over-all renewal. Additionally, when one exercises, trains, and competes, there are key times to take the products to enhance recovery and renewal. Pre-Exercise/Competition:3 StemFLO Post-Exercise/Competition (with in the first 30 minutes after exercise):3 StemFLO 3 StemEnhance Refer people to the StemSPORT Usage information available on   Do I still take the products as I usually take them, if I am taking them the way StemSPORT recommends?Yes, you still take both StemEnhance and StemFLO for daily renewal. The difference with the StemSPORT concept is the usage of the product before and after exercise to assist in reducing recovery time. See the StemSPORT Usage document on Slide 6: Why is reducing recovery time important? Assist in reducing:- stiffness - soreness - swelling Assist in the muscle cell repair. More quickly may feel:- better- more energetic- positive- motivated to continue activity/exercise/training   When will I feel it?After any activity, recovery time is a natural process in the body. The more strenuous an activity is the more recovery time needed to renew the tissue. People feel the after-math of stressful activity. For most of us, we feel some stiffness, soreness, perhaps a bit of swelling. When people start using the products the StemSPORT way, they are reporting feeling less of these effects as well as feeling more energetic, more positive, and more ready to get out there and be active! Slide 7: How do I get the StemSPORT brochures?Available to order, Item Code 5033. Sold in packs of 20.   I have a specific StemSPORT question, how do I get it answered?Write to   How do I begin to share StemSPORT with others?There are a number of StemSPORT business building articles available in the StemSPORT area of your Back Office. Frequently check both your Back Office and for additions. Are the products OK for elite athletes, those subject to anti-doping testing, to take? The STEMTech Health Sciences, Inc product ingredient list is found on the product labels. After review of the WADA (World Anti-Doping Association) banned substance list, to the best of our knowledge the STEMTech products do not contain ingredients that are on the banned list. We encourage all athletes subject to anti-doping testing to become fully informed of all products that they consume as well as thoroughly know and understand their organization’s banned substance regulations. Slide 8: Cels : +57 (314) 5714328 – (301) 2802324 Carrera 21 # 23-88 / Sincelejo, Colombia.

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