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Information about STEM Programs To Advance Education

Published on February 1, 2009

Author: gregcrouch


Science and Math in Education A Perspective and Cause for Action Example Programs (STEM) National Instruments Confidential

Where are the Tech Professionals of 2020? – In 3rd Grade – 9 year olds!

Leveraging Technology in Education Gen Xers Boomers Millennials Time

Tech Savvy Generation 5 Years Old > 22 Years Old 8 Years Old 12 Years Old 18 Years Old

Decline in Engineering Education • 50% decline in student interest • 14% decline in degrees awarded to US students Source: National Science Board: Science and Engineering Indicators

The Big State of Texas . . . • 4.4 million Students in Public Education • 1700 High Schools – 1.2 million Students, 215,000 Graduates Out of every 100 9th grade students (15 years old) – 11 with graduate with a degree in 3 to 6 years LESS THAN 2 WITH ENGINEERING/SCIENCE DEGREE!

What Makes Engineers/Scientists Tick? 78% Wanted to invent, build or design things 77% 80% 71% Wanted to solve real world problems 72% 71% 36% For the prestige/job/salary opportunities 32% 41% 30% A family member is an engineer 28% 32% 19% To have a positive influence on the environment 16% 22% Boys- “let’s make some noise” are engineers 14% Friends 12% 15% Gilrs- “how is whattheam doing were available For I scholarships that 7% 6% 8% relevant too…” 11% Other 11% 10% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Students (n=403) Engineers (n=426) Total (n=827) –IEEE Profession Image Study

From Play to Real-World Applications Sanarus Medical RoMeLa DARwIn Nexans Spider

What are we to do? How can we make Engineers and Scientist like sports heroes?

How many pro athletes live in the U.S.?

12,700 $72,920 U.S. Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics Number of Pro Athletes in the U.S. Average pay of Pro Athletes in the U.S.

How much money do Engineers make? 1,512,000 $82,090 U.S. Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics The number of engineers The average pay of electrical engineers

Robotics vs Mechatronics • Robotics- application area and discipline • Mechatronics- multi-disciplinary approach to solve engineering problems, like Robotics

STEM in Education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) • Integrate theory with hands-on examples • Project-based learning • Foster creativity…design, design, design

Critical Elements of STEM Programs • Economically Viable • A Vision and Plan for National Adoption • Comprehensive Curriculum • Major Public and Private Support • Integrated with Commercial Technology • Capable of Changing our Culture

Example US STEM Programs • LEGO Education – • The Infinity Project – • Project Lead The Way – • Vernier Sensors – • FIRST – • T-STEM Initiative –

Using Toys to Teach • 1997 – Joint development with LEGO, NI and Tufts • 2008 – >500,000 students world-wide

Learning the Engineering Process Design and Build Create a Program on Look for ways to the Computer make better Download and Run

Lego Local Outreach Program Austin, Texas 12 School Districts >60 Schools > 7,000 Students >250 Trained Educators Trained Educators & NI Mentors K-12 Students RoboLab Mentor Hours 6000 18000 16000 5000 14000 Program Replication 4000 12000 10000 3000 8000 2000 6000 4000 1000 2000 0 0 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

• 100,000+ Students in 44+ countries • 50,000+ volunteers with today’s Engineers as Mentors on teams FIRST Robotics Competition Learn (High-School Ages) - Mechatronics FIRST Technical Challenge (High-School Ages) - Gracious Professionalism FIRST LEGO League (Ages 9-14 years old) Junior FIRST LEGO League (Ages 6-9 years old) –K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Grade Level

Make Engineering and Science Fun! Progressive Software Programming Paradigm- meet the needs of students of all ages and abilities. Tools with Strong Industry Usage – students learn skills they can use in college and careers.

Types of Robotic Applications Mil/Aero Research 06-7 NSF Robotic Funding Autonomous $97,154,989 Supervisory Tele-operated Agriculture/ Personal/ Industrial Service/Home 7.2M* 1.8M* *estimated in service robots 2010

Emergence of Parallel Technologies and the Commercial Impact upon Robotics Robotics Application Network Data User Control Collection Interface Comm. THREAD Operating System CPU Core CPU Core CPU Core CPU Core

What to tell Corporate Management Our future depends upon making Science and Engineering more fun! 1. Invest in leveraged programs that scale 2. Invest in technology programs and its curriculum 3. Work with Colleges and Universities that work with K - 12 4. Don’t just show up for your school’s Engineer’s Day 5. Ask your CEO to frequently contact state government about STEM programs Do we have another option?

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