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Published on March 2, 2014

Author: Miss_McKay



Educational seminar - staying legal online

Copyright and the Internet Staying legal online.

Plan ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ Downloading and sharing movies Memes and pictures Music Other key points Activity

Movies ∗ Downloading movies from the internet for free is generally illegal, as we all know ∗ Royalties are not being paid ∗ These movies belong to the copyright owner, who deserves the money they are entitled to ∗ Smaller, independent studios sometimes struggle as people illegally download their movies ∗ Sharing downloaded movies between friends is also illegal ∗ This can include whether the friend purchased them legally or downloaded them illegally

Memes and pictures ∗ Memes are illegal in Australia ∗ Why do you think this might be? ∗ Altering or changing pictures can also be illegal ∗ When you share an image that is copyrighted, you can be liable

Music ∗ Listening to music via streaming sites or radio is generally okay ∗ Artists and studios have negotiated agreements with these services for the playing of their music ∗ Remember though, with sites like, the user uploading the content may not have permission to use the music ∗ Downloading music is illegal ∗ This includes sharing music from your friend’s hard drive

Other key facts ∗ Possession of copyright content without a licence can result in significant fines and even jail ∗ Works in the public domain may be subject to other kinds of copyright ∗ EG a piece of music may not be copyrighted, but the recording of a performance may be ∗ Breaching copyright can include format-shifting (changing the format from say, digital to DVD) ∗ When uploading content to websites, make sure you are aware of how it affects you as a user ∗ Read the terms and conditions ∗ Find out if they can use your content without your permission

Activity ∗ Get into a group of 3 or 4 ∗ Miss McKay will give you a piece of paper with a scenario on it ∗ You need to determine whether that person’s use of the material is legal, illegal, or in a grey area

Discussion ∗ Do you think the current rules are fair? ∗ Why/why not? ∗ Australians typically pirate more movies and TV shows than any other country ∗ Are you able to find some reasons? ∗ Do you think these are justified? ∗ What do you think should be done to make pirating movies and TV shows less desirable?

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