State-Of-The-Art Electro Plating and Metal Finishing

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Information about State-Of-The-Art Electro Plating and Metal Finishing
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Published on March 15, 2014

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ECO Finishing has a streamlined electroplating process that complies with all EPA regulations regarding safety and waste treatment.

Introduction toIntroduction to PlatingPlating && Metal FinishingMetal Finishing Presented by:Presented by: ECO FINISHINGECO FINISHING COMPANYCOMPANY 5100 Industrial Blvd5100 Industrial Blvd Fridley, MN 55421Fridley, MN 55421

OutlineOutline::  ECO’s BackgroundECO’s Background  Reasons for platingReasons for plating  Different types of platingDifferent types of plating  Plating variablesPlating variables  Plating problemsPlating problems

ECO Plating HistoryECO Plating History  Opened for business in 1994Opened for business in 1994  Finishes offeredFinishes offered  CustomersCustomers

ECO Plating TodayECO Plating Today  60,000 sq. foot production facility60,000 sq. foot production facility  Certified LaboratoryCertified Laboratory  Salt spray booth & Atomic absorption machineSalt spray booth & Atomic absorption machine  SpectrophotometerSpectrophotometer  Inspection AreaInspection Area  X-ray florescenceX-ray florescence  MicroscopeMicroscope

Sectors ofSectors of ManufacturingManufacturing  CommercialCommercial  TelecommunicationsTelecommunications  MedicalMedical  AutomotiveAutomotive  AerospaceAerospace  Government / MilitaryGovernment / Military

Reasons for PlatingReasons for Plating  CorrosionCorrosion protectionprotection  AppearanceAppearance  LubricityLubricity  ConductivityConductivity  SolderabilitySolderability  PrimerPrimer  Wear resistanceWear resistance  EngineeringEngineering

Plating EquipmentPlating Equipment  TankTank  Electrical SourceElectrical Source  ElectricalElectrical ConnectionsConnections  AnodesAnodes  Plating SolutionsPlating Solutions  FiltrationFiltration  VentilationVentilation  PlaterPlater  Heat SourceHeat Source

ElectroplatingElectroplating FinishesFinishes  ZincZinc  Zinc-alloyZinc-alloy  NickelNickel  Nickel-chromeNickel-chrome  CopperCopper

Electroplating ProcessElectroplating Process  Alkaline soak cleanAlkaline soak clean  ElectrocleanElectroclean  Acid activation (removes oxides & neutralizesAcid activation (removes oxides & neutralizes cleaners)cleaners)  PlatePlate  Post dipsPost dips  RinsingRinsing  DryDry

ElectrocleaningElectrocleaning  Cathodic CleaningCathodic Cleaning  Scrubbing ActionScrubbing Action  Hydrogen Gas EvolvedHydrogen Gas Evolved  Anodic CleaningAnodic Cleaning  Scrubbing ActionScrubbing Action  Oxygen Gas EvolvedOxygen Gas Evolved

Cleaning and RinsingCleaning and Rinsing  Cleaning –Cleaning –  #1 Key to insure quality#1 Key to insure quality plated partsplated parts  Double & Triple CleanDouble & Triple Clean  BlastingBlasting  Rinsing –Rinsing –  Removes chemicals leftRemoves chemicals left on surface of part fromon surface of part from the previous stepthe previous step  Prevents solution drag-inPrevents solution drag-in to next process stepto next process step  Good rinsing is essentialGood rinsing is essential for good plating !!!!!for good plating !!!!!

Hydrogen ReliefHydrogen Relief  Pre-bakingPre-baking  Post-bakingPost-baking  Based on hardness of material and platingBased on hardness of material and plating specificationspecification Occurs during acid activation and plate processOccurs during acid activation and plate process

Strike PlatingStrike Plating  Thin layer of plate under a final plate to improveThin layer of plate under a final plate to improve adhesionadhesion  Thickness usually less than 0.0001Thickness usually less than 0.0001  Plated in special bathPlated in special bath  Essential for adhesion in some circumstancesEssential for adhesion in some circumstances  Ex. Bright nickel on stainless steelEx. Bright nickel on stainless steel  Common strikeCommon strike  Copper, zincate, nickel-chloride, silverCopper, zincate, nickel-chloride, silver

AnodizingAnodizing  3 Types – Chromic I, Regular II, Hardcoat III3 Types – Chromic I, Regular II, Hardcoat III  ProcessProcess  Alkaline soak cleanAlkaline soak clean  EtchEtch  DesmutDesmut  AnodizeAnodize  DyeDye  SealSeal  RinsingRinsing  DryDry

Properties of anodizeProperties of anodize  HardnessHardness  Type II = 32-38Type II = 32-38  Type III = 65-68Type III = 65-68  Abrasion ResistanceAbrasion Resistance  Corrosion resistanceCorrosion resistance oxide filmoxide film  336 hours of salt spray336 hours of salt spray protectionprotection

Electroless / ImmersionElectroless / Immersion PlatingPlating  Finishes – nickel, copper, goldFinishes – nickel, copper, gold  Electroless (autocatalytic reaction) – coating isElectroless (autocatalytic reaction) – coating is applied w/out electricityapplied w/out electricity  Will plate over its own substateWill plate over its own substate  Relatively high build-upRelatively high build-up  Immersion – (chemical displacement) – substateImmersion – (chemical displacement) – substate agent acts likes a reducing agentagent acts likes a reducing agent  Plates through a displacement processPlates through a displacement process

Electroless ProcessElectroless Process  StepsSteps  Alkaline soak cleanAlkaline soak clean  EtchEtch  DesmutDesmut  ZincateZincate  Strip zincateStrip zincate  Re-zincateRe-zincate  PlatePlate  RinseRinse  AdvantagesAdvantages  Plates uniformlyPlates uniformly  Corrosion ProtectionCorrosion Protection  Provides protection on allProvides protection on all surfacessurfaces

Other finishesOther finishes  Black oxideBlack oxide  Zinc PhosphateZinc Phosphate  ManganeseManganese PhosphatePhosphate  ChromateChromate conversionconversion  PassivationPassivation

Barrel / Bulk PlatingBarrel / Bulk Plating  Electroplating processElectroplating process  AdvantagesAdvantages  Quicker process timesQuicker process times  Cost effectiveCost effective  DisadvantagesDisadvantages  Limited part sizeLimited part size and structureand structure

Metal PreparationMetal Preparation  MaskingMasking  Plugging, painting, laser etching, spot facePlugging, painting, laser etching, spot face  Reasons for maskingReasons for masking  ToleranceTolerance  ConductivityConductivity  Straight-line / TimesaveStraight-line / Timesave  PolishPolish

Ex. Laser EtchEx. Laser Etch  BeforeBefore  AfterAfter

Plating Variables and IssuesPlating Variables and Issues  Part VariablesPart Variables  Plating VariablesPlating Variables  ThicknessThickness  AdhesionAdhesion  AppearanceAppearance

Plating VariablesPlating Variables  AmperageAmperage  VoltageVoltage  Solution constituentsSolution constituents  TemperatureTemperature  TimeTime  ImpuritiesImpurities  RinsingRinsing  AgitationAgitation

Part variabilityPart variability  Surface conditionSurface condition  ConfigurationConfiguration  Alloy compositionAlloy composition  Position in tank (racking)Position in tank (racking)

Plating Build-upPlating Build-up

Blind HolesBlind Holes



Convex / ConcaveConvex / Concave


Thickness ProblemsThickness Problems  Too much platingToo much plating  Too little platingToo little plating  Too much on a portion of the part andToo much on a portion of the part and too little elsewhere on the parttoo little elsewhere on the part

Solutions to Thickness IssuesSolutions to Thickness Issues  AnodesAnodes  Electroless platingElectroless plating  Different racking positionDifferent racking position  RobbersRobbers

Thickness MeasurementsThickness Measurements  MagneticMagnetic  Eddy Current – anodizeEddy Current – anodize  MicrometerMicrometer  Beta BackscatterBeta Backscatter  X-RayX-Ray  Cross SectionCross Section

ExampleExample nn

Adhesion ProblemsAdhesion Problems  Inadequate Cleaning / SurfaceInadequate Cleaning / Surface PreparationPreparation  Plating Current Density Too HighPlating Current Density Too High  Bath ContaminationBath Contamination  Omission of Strike BathOmission of Strike Bath

Adhesion TestsAdhesion Tests  Tape TestTape Test  Scribe TestScribe Test  Bend TestBend Test  Bake TestBake Test  Pull TestPull Test

Appearance ProblemsAppearance Problems  RoughnessRoughness  StainingStaining  DullnessDullness  PittingPitting  BurningBurning  Bare areas /Bare areas / VoidsVoids  CorrosionCorrosion  ResidueResidue  DiscolorationDiscoloration

Introduction toIntroduction to PlatingPlating && Metal FinishingMetal Finishing Presented by:Presented by: ECO FINISHINGECO FINISHING COMPANYCOMPANY 5100 Industrial Blvd5100 Industrial Blvd Fridley, MN 55421Fridley, MN 55421

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