State of Privacy in the EU and SEE by Mr. Bogdan Manolea, APTI.Ro/EDRI

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Information about State of Privacy in the EU and SEE by Mr. Bogdan Manolea, APTI.Ro/EDRI

Published on December 10, 2007

Author: Metamorphosis



Presentation by Mr. Bogdan Manolea, APTI.Ro/EDRI at the third International Conference e-Society.Mk: State of Privacy in the EU and SEE, November 29, 2007, Skopje Macedonia less

State of privacy in the EU and SEE Skopje, 29 November 2007 Bogdan Manolea

About EDRI • European Digital Rights Initiative - EDRI • Defend civil rights in the information society • 28 privacy and civil rights organizations have EDRI membership • Free newsletter on digital civil rights in Europe – Subscribe at

What is privacy ? • quot;…the claim of individuals, groups, or institutions to determine for themselves when, how, and to what extent information about them is communicated to others.quot; Alan Westin - Privacy and Freedom

International • 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights • Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) released in 1981 - Guidelines Governing the Protection of Privacy & Transborder Data Flows of Personal Data

European level • European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights & Fundamental Freedoms • European Union - Data Protection Directive – 1995 • EU Telecom privacy directive (1997, replaced in 2002)

European institutions • European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) • Article 29 Data Protection Working Party • European Data Protection Supervisor – independent supervisory authority devoted to protecting personal data and privacy and promoting good practice in the EU institutions and bodies

National level • Constitution + Constitutional Court Decisions • National laws on personal data protection • National Authorities on personal data protection • Privacy NGOs

SE Europe & privacy • Do we really understand the concept ? • Are the laws enough in protecting privacy ? • Implementing data protection principles – Support from the government in establishing a truly independent authority – Understanding its role – more than another public register

Privacy-related cases • Data retention directive • Swift case • Online police searches • Google-Doubleclick deal • DNA databases • Prum Treaty • Visa Information System • Passenger Name Records (PNR)

National cases (BBA) • Education Evidence bill – Austria • Personalized rail tickets – Germany • Illegal system of intercepting phone calls – Italy • 50 video-surveillance cameras in a locality with 9000 inhabitants - France • Losing personal data of 25 million citizens – UK

What can you do ? • Be active • BBA Awards 2007 Netherlands – YOU - Due to indifference - quot;I have nothing to hidequot; - and lack of interest in what happens to their personal data, citizens share responsibility for the disappearance of privacy in The Netherlands. • Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) • RFID Debate • Data retention challenges

Thank you ! Bogdan Manolea

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