Startupweekend Amman Women Edition @ZAINJO Ramialkarmi Sep 2014

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Information about Startupweekend Amman Women Edition @ZAINJO Ramialkarmi Sep 2014

Published on September 11, 2014

Author: alkarmi



Lean Startup Weekend 101 by Rami AlKarmi is the keynote speech for Amman Startup Weekend Women Edition

Sep 2014 #SWAmman Lean Startup Weekend Rami Al-Karmi! @ 101


3 Feel Free to reach@ ouat l karmi Mentor & LP Founding Partner Advisor Entrepreneurship & Investment View slide

GEMINI Inside 4 View slide

Entrepreneur ?

Business Model Innova@on



Secrets of successful startups

27 Business Schools teach OUTDATED Startup tools

➡ > 95% of startups fail ➡ VCs fund 1% of submiEed biz plans 28 “Valley of Death” Research Grants Development Grants (eg SBIR) Friends, Family, & Founders ($5-$50k) Angel Investors ($50-$500k) Funding Early Stage Venture Capital ($500k-$2M+) Venture Capital ($2M-$50M) Private Equity, Project Financing ($2M-$50M) IPO, Merger, or Acquisition ($2M-$50M) Idea Basic Research Stage of Venture Development Applied Research Proof of Concept Target Market Business Plan Engineering Prototypes Supplier Contracts Product Introduction Revenue Growth Production Prototypes Distribution Contracts Working Prototypes Founding Team Net Cash Flow

I have some

U’re Product IS NOT A Product

U’re Product is ?

Business Model

Remove the fluff


GET Out of the building !

54 Hours ! HOW long is your Runway ?


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