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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: AgenceTesla



SXSW is one of the biggest web technologies festival in the world, taking place in Austin, Texas, every March

The Accelerator at SXSW is the official competition of the festival, with more than 500 startups applying, and about 50 having a chance to attend the finals in 6 categories this year: Enterprise and Big data, Entertainment and Content, Innovative World, Health Technologies, Social Technologies and Wearables.

This review is part of Innovation is Everywhere, a project which explores startups in the world. The project is lead by Agence Tesla and supported by the Web School Factory and the Innovation Factory, a campus-cluster in Paris, France

Startups @ SXSW 2014 Review of the finalists of the Accelerator Showcase by Agence Tesla, Bluenod, Web School Factory et Innovation Factory

Every year, more than 500 startups apply for a place in the finals of SXSW, one of the biggest tech festivals in the world Twitter (2007) and Foursquare (2010) have been past winners, and overall, finalists have raised about $600m SXSW 2014 takes place in Austin, from March 7th to 16th The finals of the Accelerator takes place on the 8th and 9th There are 48 finalists in 6 categories

Enterprise & Big Data Review of startups @ SXSW 2014

Enterprise & Big Data AddSearch, an on-site search engine AddSearch is an on-site search engine, that you can also use from any mobile device

Enterprise & Big Data Addy, a URL for each location and venue Addy transforms a location in a unique URL, that you can share anywhere, for an event on Whatsapp, a delivery address for your business, and more

Enterprise & Big Data Databox, the mobile dashboard for businesses Databox is a mobile dashboard for businesses to aggregate any kind of data they want: Analytics, business data, customer insights or any other source relevant to them

Enterprise & Big Data Shelfbox : when consumers demand promotions Shelfbox turns round the typical promotion by putting into the hands of consumers, via a dedicated box in shops, the power to demand a promotion

Enterprise & Big Data Trustev: better identification for lesser fraud Trustev offers to improve identity authentification for e-commerce websites, to decrease fraud and increase sales

Enterprise & Big Data Evosure makes underwriters go digital Evosure has undewriters of the insurance industry go digital. So far, in the US, 200 000 underwriters deal most of their $280bn revenues on paper.

Enterprise & Big Data Fieldwire connects construction and collaborative platform FieldWire help the construction industry to manage projects, dispatch tasks and track data on each worker

Enterprise & Big Data Map-D, faster and better data-visualisations Map-D enhances data-visualisations for any type of data-sets, social media flows of tweets to open-data sets from a city

Entertainment & Content Review of startups @ SXSW 2014

Entertainment & Technologies Artiphone, half-instrument, half-interface, all customisable Artiphon is an amazing new music instrument, fully customisable, which will help you to learn faster and better, and play with friends.

Entertainment & Technologies Eyeris reads people’s emotion when watching ads Eyeris Technologies detects through a webcam the emotions of the user when he/she sees an advertising. A long-time pet theme for marketers and, to be true, a very boring one.

Entertainment & Technologies Fliptu optimizes the fan/star relationship Fliptu aggregates the content of your favorite star and will distribute goodies whenever you share his/her news

Entertainment & Technologies MentorMob for crowdsourced tutorials MentorMob crowdsources tutorials in the Lifestyle categories, with an ambition, « access to all the world’s knowledge », just like Google or Wikipedia.

Entertainment & Technologies NamoMedia for easy in-stream ads NamoMedia is a great app which transforms the content of your website into in-stream ads, on Facebook and Twitter. Forget the banner creation and crappy placement on mobile games.

Entertainment & Technologies PlayCanvas, a cloud-hosted 3D Games dev platform PlayCanvas is a cloud-hosted 3D game development platform where devs can also interact and share files or tips

Entertainment & Technologies SonarDesign, to embed your creations easily SonarDesign help creatives to share and embed their creations easily on any device, and to monetize it

Entertainment & Technologies Waygo, the Chinese-English translation app Waygo, already a winner of Echelon in 2013, is an amazing app translating through the lense of the camera menus of Chinese restaurants.

Health Technologies Review of startups @ SXSW 2014

Health Technologies ActiveProtective prevents your falls ActiveProtective helps toddlers and the elderly to less suffer from falls with sensors combined to small cushion, like airbags, and you can wear them or position them in your house.

Health Technologies AdhereTech, the smart pill box AdhereTech is a smart pill box. It will remind you to follow your prescription with light signals, SMS, and e-mail notifications.

Health Technologies Kinsa, a connected thermometer Kinsa wants to map in real-time the health of large population. The thermometer will upload on a map all data taken, and it costs only $20

Health Technologies Pixie Scientific, the smart diapers Pixie Scientific designed these smart diapers to follow track of your toddler’s health thanks sensors to detect, on the skin, a series of potential symptoms.

Health Technologies Plantiga, the smart shoe Plantiga, is a smart shoe which collects a lot of data on your motion, and also on your global balance. The dedicated app helps you to correct what can be.

Health Technologies SensibleBaby to remote-control your baby Sensible Baby helps parents track remotely their toddler’s health. A small widget will be able to track the temperature of the room, the motion of the baby, and also its position (on the back, on the belly…)

Health Technologies ThriveOn, a smarphone coach ThriveOn, helps us to follow the HBI program, which has been designed to be a sort of personal coach on wellness, with insights ranging from nutrition to psychology

Health Technologies YingoYango improves patient/hospital relationship Yingo Yango, connects patients and their hospital or caring institution to follow up on prescriptions and treatments. The objective is to lower readmissions, a costly phenomenon for both patients and the healthcare insurance system

Innovative World Technologies Review of startups @ SXSW 2014

Innovative World Technologies CubeSensors for a better environment control CubeSensors are amazing cubes you can put wherever you want at the office or home. They will record indicators on humidity, temperature and air composition so that you can keep a healthy environment.

Innovative World Technologies InsideMaps virtualizes your space to choose better furniture InsideMaps helps you choose furniture by mapping out your office or home and then placing any type of new goods in a virtual space to check if it fits or look well

Innovative World Technologies Monsieur improves your cocktail skills Monsieur bartenders to improve and share their cocktail skills

Innovative World Technologies OP3NVoice, the voice API OP3Nvoice is an API to connect any developper or project holder to audio sources

Innovative World Technologies Plum controls remotely your lights Plum helps us to control remotely our lights (home or office). They look like Nest in a way, and have raised more than $300k on Kickstarter

Innovative World Technologies Synbiota, a Github for DNA Synbiota is an open-source sharing platform and library for professionals or hackers in the DNA and biosynthetics industry

Innovative World Technologies EyeTribe, eye-controlled interfaces The Eye Tribe helps user control interfaces through the motion of the eyes, so that you can relax your hands (and have a headache?)

Innovative World Technologies Viddyad, easy corporate videos for SMEs Viddyad helps SMEs and business owners to create corporate videos on a budget and with almost no skills.

Social Technologies Review of startups @ SXSW 2014

Social Technologies Ansa, a Snapchat-like chat Ansa is a Snapchat-like app which keeps conversations private and destructible. Where it’s puzzling is that you can actually « recall » a destroyed conversation

Social Technologies Connect puts our contacts on a map Connect puts on the map the list of our contacts, from LinkedIn to Find my Friends on iOs. Hard to see the value except the fact *they* will get your contacts information

Social Technologies Felt, the postcard designed on an iPad, sent IRL Felt will make your iPad picture a postcard, with the possibility to write event a hand message on it.

Social Technologies MobiSocial, a WhatsApp where we keep our data MobiSocial is another of these social networks promising users they will keep their own data. Hard to see how they could get traction after

Social Technologies PPLConnect, put your smartphone anywhere PPLConnect will make your smartphone (and its apps and call function) work from any device: tablets and desktop PCs

Social Technologies Samba, reactive video messaging mixes video messages with a « reactive » feature which, still undevelopped, is hard to understand

Social Technologies Surfly, easy screen-sharing with a unique URL Surfly improves screen-sharing with a simple system of URLS, meaning you don’t need anymore a Skype Premium account to share a website and explain it. Useful for webinars and to show your grandma how to publish on Facebook

Social Technologies Terranova, find what/who you like Terranova wants to be your Personal Assistant to help you find things, meet people, like if you needed an app for that actually.

Wearable Technologies Review of startups @ SXSW 2014

Wearable Technologies Nymi, heart rate as a password Nymi is a wearable device which knows your heart rate and use it to authentify sessions, login online and even open your car

Wearable Technologies Fashion Lab to scan fashion on the go Fashion Discovery Labs allows anyone with Google Glasses to scan a person, and know where his/her garments come from

Wearable Technologies JonLou, when Italian design meet MIT Jon Lou is a commong brand associating an Italian designer and a team from the MIT. No visual yet of the connected fashion they are designing.

Wearable Technologies Kiwi, the IFTTT for real life Kiwi Wearable Technologies is an IFTTT for real life. When you wake up, it launches the coffee machine. When you get out of the fitness room, it records your data on any app you like. Superb device and set of triggers.

Wearable Technologies The Nex Band, a smart and customisable wristband The Nex Band is a smart wristband you can actually customize. The different « pearls » can each fulfill one function, such as notify when you receive a Facebook message, or when a friend challenges you in a game, or when you are near a geofencing area.

Wearable Technologies P. Von Dongen invents solar clothing Pauline van Dongen is a designer mixing solar panel technology with clothing. The result is completely absurd.

Wearable Technologies People+, to know all about your contacts People+ is a smart contact app which will enrich any of them with data from their social media or profile pages, so that you know more of them than a mere contact number

Wearable Technologies Skully, the smart helmet for motorcycles Skully Helmets launches a helmet with intelligent features, a backward facing camera and location/navigation data.

Thanks! This review is part of Innovation is Everywhere, Powered by Agence Tesla, Bluenod, Web School Factory and Innovation Factory

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