Startup SaaS Marketing With Conversion In Mind

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Information about Startup SaaS Marketing With Conversion In Mind

Published on June 8, 2016

Author: VX4G


1. Backlinkfy #Digital #Marketing #Assistant for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Businesses providing tools and resources. 27 mins ago H ow To Prom ote Your Startup Instantly Finding the right places to build inbound links or direct traffic to your startup can be tedious. So backlinkfy embarked on researching and identifying venues where startup can gain early adopters and targeted traffic to their website. First I test the list to see how effective, The success rate was daring — 70% of my submissions got accepted. After this trial, I know a lot more companies can benefit from this strategy. Now more than 100+ startups have been able to get their SaaS listed on more than 200 directories depending on their niche and targeted market. Don’t spend time on directories that will only build a buzz, get listed on SaaS directories and benefit from people who are already looking for your software tool. SaaS directories also has a long term value as to optimizing your search engine position. With this tested strategy, backlinkfy is able to organized a list of SaaS directories and media sites that will list your software and drive the right traffic. Startup Marketing Saas Marketing SaaS Small Business Marketing Homepage Sign in / Sign up converted by

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