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Published on March 6, 2013

Author: netzkobold



I prepared this deck summarizing some basic startup marketing & PR tips for a 25-minute session with some early stage startups at Upwest Labs. My comments are not included so please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or feedback.

Startup MarketingMarketing & PR tips for early stage Internet startupsBy Frederik HermannAt Upwest Labs - May 28th, 2013

FocusPhoto credit: James Walsh / jcbwalsh @ Flickr

Set your goalsWith limited resources you need to focus your efforts on a fewmain goals, include realistic numbers you can achieve

Your marketing & PRshould now work towardsachieving these goalsIf the efforts are not contributing towards achieving the goals, don’t do it

Start with the homeworkPhoto credit: rokley @ Flickr

One-linerElevator PitchProblemSolutionBig IdeaVisionProductDescriptionPositioningWhy*MissionThis will help you tell your story

- Identity, branding, positioning ✓- Build virality into product ✓- Search engine optimization (SEO) ✓- Communications (PR, social media, events)- Email Marketing / Re-targeting- Partnerships + third-party validation/trust

How to get heard

1. Build relationships2. Provide larger story/context3. Provide comment4. Create your own content5. Be part of the community/conversation6. Maintain momentum

1. Building relationshipsWith journalists, bloggers, influencers, analysts...

1. Identify journalists, bloggers, influencersin media outlets that your potentialcustomers read/are exposed tovia search,,, etc2. Build your own list (a Google spreadsheet works fine)3. Start the conversation (IN ADVANCE)most journalists actually honor embargoes4. Maintain the relationship (be a great contact)

Always put yourself into theposition of the receiving endof your message.Know who you are talking to, introduce yourself,provide context, be polite, personalize your story“

2. What’s news?What do journalists/bloggers usually care about hearing

- Are you part of a trend?- Can you provide insight or comment ona larger industry story that you fit into?- Are you disrupting an industry?- Evolution of something big/important- Great success, traction, numbers

3. Provide commentThis falls into the category of “thought leadership” and being recognizedas somebody knowledgable and insightful in your industry

- Sign up on HARO and provide a commentto a story relevant to your industry- Write an interesting/helpful/insightfulguest post and reach out to media- Professionally comment on articles aboutyour industry on other blogs/media- Engage in conversations on social media

4. Create your own contentCommonly referred to as “content marketing”, can be very powerfulbut also requires significant resources to create great content

1. Create interesting content on your blogsome of it you can cross-post to Google+, LinkedIn, Quora,Medium, and share through your own social media channels2. Presentations (post them to Slideshare)3. Case studies4. Videos5. Whitepapers6. Infographics

5. Conversations

Maintain professional presencesand be part of the conversation:- Through your blog, Twitter, Facebook,Google+, LinkedIn, Quora, etc- Have a maintained profile on LinkedIn,AngelList, CrunchBase and later Wikipedia- Always professional, don’t diss yourcompetition, never get angry

6. MomentumPlan a series of talking points, feature launches, and initiatives a fewmonths in advance to keep the conversation going.

Make it easyto talk about you

- Good media kit page (different length descriptions, team...)- Have a good one-pager (example Have a more detailed presentation (on Slideshare)- Have art assets to share (graphics, screenshots, photos)- Have a video to integrate- Share/follow links/buttons (eg.

Some other tips

- Optimize for organic search (SEO)- Have a decent mobile experience- Test email marketing (Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot, ...)- Test online advertising (Facebook, Twitter, AdWords, ...)- Startup/networking events & conferences- Thought leadership, speaking engagements

Investor pitch

MarketLandscapeTractionValidationBusinessModelTeam FutureInvestmentUsageDetails at

Swipp captures, aggregates, and reportsreal time sentiment data via consumerand commercial

Questions? Connect.Frederik Inc.2513 Charleston Rd, # 102Mountain View, CA

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