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Published on August 17, 2009

Author: nishitmehta



how to start a new brand. what are the materials used to start a new product

COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES “BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT” SUBMITTED TO PROF. MONA BHATIA BUSINESS PLAN (A PRODUCT) -76200742315SCHOOLMATE CORPORATION PRESENTS -768352432050ID CARD REEL (PULLEY). 2800350605790 Page no.Sr. no.INDEX:- THE VISION6 THE MISSION7 OBJECTIVES OF BUSINESS8 FINANCING STRATEGY9 MARKETING PLANS10 QUALITY ASSURANCE11 EXPANSION12 THE VISION:- We have a long-term plan to be in business for ourselves and to utilize the specialized business knowledge we will gain. The business relationships we have developed include wholesaler: LUCKY PLASTICS. The reasons that we feel our plans are realistic are: ID CARD REEL (PULLEY) IS STYLISH AND SOMETHING NEW FOR THE STUDENTS. There are special market conditions that are favorable to our getting started at this time it is:- ID PULLEY is something new in the market and rarely found… MISSION:- OUR MISSION IS TO SET NEW TREND AND STYLE TO WEAR IDENTIFICATION CARD…. & TO SATISFY OUR COSTOMERS BY PROVIDING QUALITY PRODUCT AND INCREASE OUR PUBLIC RELATIONSHIP...…….. OBJECTIVES OF BUSINESS After a strong market survey we found that, wearing ID card is compulsory but students ignore to wear ID card because it’s not comfortable to wear it on the neck. It is inconvenient for them. They feel it’s not trendy. So to make it stylish and convenient we have decided our product as ID CARD REEL (PULLEY). Now there’s no need to hang the ID card on neck. The reel helps you to clip it on your belt, jeans, and sleeves. The ADDITIONAL FEATURE of the PULLEY is that, if any authority demands for the ID CARD then students can easily pull the reel to show their ID CARD. Since, wearing ID CARD on the neck is not comfortable students IGNORE WEARING ID CARD. Hence our prime objective is to make all the students wear ID CARDS in a new style & trend. Financing Strategy We will enjoy pricing power in marketing ID CARD REEL (PULLEY). Our requirements for start-up capital are as follows: Attached is a list of expenses for which I will require either start-up capital or financing. These items include buying supplies, tooling, travel expenses and start-up overhead expenses. Our sources of cash for starting my business are as follows. I have provided a spreadsheet showing all of the sources of start-up equity capital. TOTAL INVESTMENTS: -Rs.625 PRODUCT:Rs.475 ADVERTISMENT:Rs.150 COST PRICE: - Rs.12 SELLING PRICE: - Rs.15 Marketing Plans Short range plan (6 to 12 days): Initially our advertising and promotion will be done on an entirely personal basis. To sell our product we have done advertisement by putting up posters and charts. We will be depending on the combination of fresh styling, quality and price to break into this market OUR UNIQUE FEATURE WILL INCLUDE: A COMPLETE NEW LOOKS OF WEARING ID CARDS. Quality Assurance In order to ensure excellent quality products, we maintain strict quality control through measures like regular quality control checks, strict regulation of raw materials. Our company procures premium quality raw materials such as High Quality Plastics, string from reputed vendors. At the time of final delivery of the products, they are checked on various parameters like durability, efficiency. THE BUSINESS WHO’S ONLY MOTTO IS PROFIT IS A POOR KIND OF BUSINESS…. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR MAIN MOTTO… Expansion Once our business has been established we plan to implement the following growth strategy. We anticipate it will take approximately 1 month to gain sufficient experience and level of profits before any expansion plans are implemented. Our growth strategy will be guided by the following: We will not set an inflexible timetable for expansion but will wait until a sound basis of experience, earnings and cash flow is achieved. Accounting and cash flow controls will be in place with profit and loss statements prepared for every month. Our attorney will review all documentation regarding expansion. This will include licensing and franchise agreements, important commitments with vendors and customers, etc. PRESENTED BY:- NISHIT MEHTA-154 ROHIT MAKWANA-147 ANITA-151 PAYAL AGRAWAL-001 VINAY -***

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