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Published on March 16, 2016

Author: victoriacasebourne


1. M y K e e p s a k e B u s i n e s s

2. Join a of over 50 fellow keepsake businesses who range from being only weeks old to celebrating years in business. This gives you access to such a wealth of experience and support which you just could not find elsewhere. Our members genuinely care about each other and want each other to succeed. We enjoy regular video calls and in-person sessions to build strong relationships which are invaluable in business. family

3. Victoria founded The Keepsake Co over 13 years ago and has since built the business up to 6 figures twice. "If I can do it then anyone can" is Victoria's motto and she loves nothing more than being proved right when her members announce they are handing in their notice to their 9-5 Will you prove her right too?

4. Established over 13 years ago The Keepsake Co is a well known brand in the area of personalized baby gifts. Members are able to tap in to the traffic, the good will and experience to ensure their business is well respected and to the best possible quality from the start. This gives you the best of both worlds as you are building your own brand, unlike in a franchise, but with the backing of a bigger business and community.

5. MORE is the latest business baby of Victoria. It is a support structure with done for you services to help you design, start and grow your own unique and wonderful business in a way which suits you. By supporting over 100 people to start their own businesses over her career Victoria has realized that there is far MORE to business than having an idea, opening a business and getting sales. We get in our own ways through lack of self worth, confidence, giving in to overwhelm, feeling fear and not searching out the missing piece of the puzzle because we can't see that we are missing it. MORE is here to help you as a whole from REALLY understanding what you want, to actually launching a business and brand in under 6 weeks which will knock the socks off of your competitors.

6. By taking our extensive business experience across multiple businesses, our appreciation of what it is like to be a working mum to start a business, our desire to do things better than everyone else but in our own unique way and our passion to see Mums come into their own light, find a passion and build it into an amazing business which gives them freedom and the ability to earn an income on their terms we have been able to build something truly special. It is this unique blend of skills and experience which make us confident that we can help you create the business you dream of. bringing it together

7. F r e e d o m We know that being a Mum is hard work as we live in a world where we are expected to be super mum while holding down a 9-5 even though the school day is 9-3 and they have 13 weeks holiday a year (we get 5 at best) Surely the only sensible way to go is to build an income on your terms so you can quit that 9-5 dance and live life dancing to your own tunes. Yes you can have 13 weeks holiday and work 9-3 and earn a great income! Let us show you how!

8. P r o f i t f r o m y o u r B r i l l i a n c e Why are you working so hard to make someone else money? If they are willing to pay you your salary then you must be earning your worth to them. If they think you are worth it then why don't you? There is no-one else in the world who has your unique mix of experience, talent and skills. Use them to YOUR advantage!

9. T h e R a n g e Depending on your package you can choose between two and all five products. You can either learn completely online with our step by step video training or you are welcome to visit us in person.

10. A very versatile and popular range of keepsakes. These are ideal for getting into nurseries and doing events. We highly recommend you include this in your package as it gives you an entry level product. Your kit will include a selection of mugs and plates with a selling price of between £5 and £15 each. pottery prints

11. Learn to capture baby's hands and feet in life-sized detail. We will teach you to make this stunning range in a variety of finishes. Your starter kit includes everything you need to make up to 30 castings which retail from between £65-£85. 3D castings

12. One of the most popular courses, we will show you how to miniaturize hands, feet and artwork so you can capture into fine silver jewellery. The starter kit is an add-on to the fingerprint jewellery and includes the kit to make the stamps. artwork and handprint jewellery

13. Our most popular course. We will teach you to create fine silver jewellery featuring loved ones fingerprints. Even if you are not creative you will be able to achieve beautiful results. The starter kit includes everything you need to create the jewellery including 50grms of silver clay which should allow you to make 5-10 charms which retail at £50-£65 each. fingerprint jwellery

14. One of our favorites as it has a great profit margin and is a very simple range to make. Your kit will include everything you need to make 10-20 impressions which will retail for around £65 each. raised impressions

15. This is the only range you need a kiln for. It gives you lots of options and is a very expansive range. Most businesses add this on at a later date when they are established. Your kit does not include a kiln but everything else you need to create this stunning range. ceramic impressions

16. T h e B u s i n e s s In 13 years I have never run out of ways to grow the business. With many markets, marketing techniques and product variations you can create a truly unique business which suits you perfectly.

17. F r a n c h i s e x We are proud to not be a franchise. We offer you all the benefits but do not restrict you or put you under financial strain as a franchise would. We support you to build YOUR brand and therefor business and not ours. We are motivated by helping Mums escape the 9-5 and not by making piles of money at your expense. We have a very strong ethos and believe in fair.

18. T h e M a r k e t s ... unlike a franchise you set your Goals to support your dreams. We do not set them for you to support ours. We then help you reach your goals as quickly as possible, but...

19. T h e M a r k e t s Access our vaults... Save time and get up and running quickly but raiding our image and template vaults.

20. T h e M a r k e t s With keepsakes you have diverse and exciting markets to explore. Pets, Weddings, Babis, Children and more...

21. “If you are considering a career change and would love to start up your own keepsake business then look no further. ‘The Keepsake Company’ will help you achieve your goal with expert knowledge, advice and support. The team is truly wonderful and I can guarantee you will not regret it!” Lisa, Caterpillar Keepsakes

22. D o n ' t s t r u g g l e a l o n e With a full support team for you to turn to from experienced business mentors, branding consultants and social media experts... expert advice is never far away.

23. T h e M a r k e t s Sam, Pippa & Victoria make up 'Head Office' and are here to make your stay as smooth as possible

24. T h e M a r k e t s Claire Turner Our resident social media expert is always on hand to help and suppport from 1-2-1's to open clinics.

25. T h e M a r k e t s Support Angels You will be assigned a personal mentor who is a few years ahead of you to watch over you and support you on the journey.

26. T h e M a r k e t s Design & Development Our in-house design and development team are here to help you perfect your perfect brand and on-line channels

27. "I chose The Keepsake Co after meeting Victoria online. I love her mentoring style and felt instantly that we could work together and that I could learn a lot from her. I have done the training online, I love the fact that it comes in video format so that I can watch the videos over and over again, work alongside them and access them 24hours a day.  Victoria is on hand if I need extra help with techniques and business marketing ideas which has really given me the confidence to jump straight in and start making and selling amazing products. I still have a lot to learn, but with the Keepsake co I can learn at my own pace and get a little push when I need it too." Gemma, Lasting Touch

28. Access a vast amount of pre-recorded training and live workshops on all aspects of business from registering to recruiting. We also cover lots of mindset training to ensure you become who you need to be in order to build the business you desire. Business, Marketing and Mindset Training

29. P r o d u c t T r a i n i n g All our product training is provided online with in-person workshops available on request. Over 70 ladies have trained to make these gorgeous gifts online... and now you can too.

30. We work with AMAZING people to help them build AMAZING businesses and would love to support you to build your dream business too. I believe that anything is possible if you are clear about what you actually want AND are prepared to do what it takes to make it happen. Are you ready to take the next step towards creating a business which will give you the life you dream of? Our packages are a fraction of a franchise yet represent amazing value for money as they include full support to ensure YOUR business is started on solid foundation and starts to get you results as soon as possible. Start up packages include kits, product training, business training, support and more for only £5997+VAT. Please feel free to request a full package contents list for more details. If you are interested in taking this further then please book a call for us to map out your perfect business and then design a support package which suits you and ensures you reach those goals. Please note that we only work with people who are prepared to invest in their dream and take action towards making them come true. If this sounds like you then book a call with us NOW. What Next!

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