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Published on July 12, 2019

Author: ajay435


slide 1: slide 2: slide 3: Projects Covered in this Issue  Lead Acid Battery Maintenance Free  Polylactic Acid PLA from Lactic Acid  Citric Acid Monohydrate  Aluminium Foil Containers  Ground Calcium Carbonate with 90 Brightness and Whiteness and 90 CaCO3  Bungalow Construction  Textile Industry slide 4: Projects Covered in this Issue  TMT Bars Angles Pipes  Warehouse  Estate Management  Fiberglass Doors Surrounded Wood and Inside Filled  Polyurethane Foam by Injection  Peanut Butter  Oleoresin of Spices Black Pepper Paprika and Cardamom  Sesame Seed Hulling Plant slide 5: Detailed Project Report On Lead Acid Battery Maintenance Free Lead acid batteries are the most common large-capacity rechargeable batteries. They are very popular because they are dependable and inexpensive on a cost-per-watt base. Maintenance Free- Sealed Lead Acid MF-SLA batteries are available in a few different formats. Their principal manufacturing process including number of plates and plate thickness determines its designated end user application. SLA batteries tend not to sulphate or degrade as easily as wet cells and are regarded the safest lead acid battery to use. India lead acid battery market is projected to reach 7.6 billion by 2023. Anticipated growth in the market can be attributed to booming demand for automobiles Read more slide 6: Detailed Project Report On Polylactic Acid PLA from Lactic Acid Poly-lactic acid PLA is a rigid thermoplastic polymer that can be semi- crystalline or totally amorphous depending on the stereo-purity of the polymer backbone. PLA is a unique polymer that in many ways behaves like PET but also performs a lot like polypropylene PP a polyolefin. PLA is used broadly in textile applications for several reasons. Polyesters currently used for apparel and related fiber applications. The global polylactic acid PLA market was valued around US 2.23 Bn in 2017 and is anticipated to expand at a stable CAGR above 20.5 during the forecast period 2018 to 2026. The polylactic acid market is projected to reach USD 5.16 Billion by 2020 growing at a CAGR of 20.9 during the forecast period. This facilitates the development of new technologies and ensures a high quality product. Read more slide 7: Detailed Project Report On Citric Acid Monohydrate Citric acid monohydrate occurs as colourless crystals or as white crystalline powder with a strongly acidic taste. It is efflorescent in dry air very soluble in water freely soluble in ethanol 96 and sparingly soluble in ether. Citric acid monohydrate is non-toxic and has a low reactivity. It is chemically stable if stored at ambient temperatures. Citric acid monohydrate is fully biodegradable and can be disposed of with regular waste or sewage. Citric acid is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations and food products primarily to adjust the pH of solutions. The citric acid market is valued in the year 2017 and anticipated to grow at a CAGR 3.5 of from 2018-2023. High demand for citric acid in food and beverages used as an additive to preserve food is expected to be the driver for the industry growth. Read more slide 8: Detailed Project Report On Aluminium Foil Containers Aluminum foil containers are formed by combining mechanical and air pressure to force light gauge aluminum foil into a shaped die cavity. Esthetically appealing aluminum foil containers are ideal for table- ready service after the container has functioned first as a package and a heating utensil. Aluminum foil containers are used to prepare freeze store transport cook and serve a variety of foods. Containers made from aluminum foil are the only containers that can be used in all types of ovens: microwave conventional convection and broiler. The growing demand for cost-effective light-weight and single-serve packaging solutions is likely to propel the growth of the aluminium foil containers market during the forecast period. Read more slide 9: Detailed Project Report On Ground Calcium Carbonate with 90 Brightness and Whiteness and 90 CaCO3 Ground calcium carbonate commonly referred to as GCC in industrial applications and is widely used as a filler material. Ground calcium carbonate may be referred to as calcium or limestone in agricultural applications. GCC products are used in the whole variety of applications for lime stones – building products paints plastics agriculture and glass among others. The demand in the global ground calcium carbonate market at a considerable CAGR of 5.0 during the forecast period from 2017 to 2025. As per the research the global ground calcium carbonate market is foreseen to reach around worth of US22311.06 mn before 2025 considerably more the end of 2025. Read more slide 10: Detailed Project Report On Bungalow Construction Bungalows tend to be small and so are easily maintained and relatively cheap to heat and cool. As a result they are often promoted as being suitable housing for the disabled or elderly who may also benefit from their single storey layout.However as they are single storey they occupy more area than multi-storey buildings and can have a higher cost per square metre. Real estate sector in India is expected to reach a market size of US 1 trillion by 2030 from US 120 billion in 2017 and contribute 13 per cent of the count ry’s GDP by 2025. Retail hospitality and commercial real estate are also growing significantly providing the much-needed infrastructure for Indias growing needs. This facilitates the development of new technologies and ensures a high quality product. Read more slide 11: Detailed Project Report On Estate Management Estate management is an organizational function that enhances the quality of life and improves the productivity of the core business by integrating people place process and technology within the facility. It involves the maintenance of property buildings equipment and optimization of inventory and other operational elements. India facility management market to cross 100 billion by 2023. Anticipated growth in the market can be attributed to an increase in construction activities across commercial as well as residential sector. In 2015 the global FMS market stood at 1.16 trillion and according to analysts will grow moderately at a CAGR of 4 by 2020. Thus due to demand it is best to invest in this project. Read more slide 12: Detailed Project Report On Textile Industry A textile or cloth is a flexible woven material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibres often referred to as thread or yarn. Textiles refer to materials that are made from fibers thin threads or filaments which are natural or manufactured or a combination. Textiles are created by interlocking these yarns in specific patterns resulting in a length of cloth. India is one of the worlds largest producers of textiles and garments. Abundant availability of raw materials such as cotton wool silk and jute as well as skilled workforce have made the country a sourcing hub. It is the worlds second largest producer of textiles and garments. The Indian textiles industry accounts for about 24 of the worlds spindle capacity and eight percent of global rotor capacity. Read more slide 13: Detailed Project Report On TMT Bars Angles Pipes Steel is an iron based mixture containing two or more metallic and/or nonmetallic elements usually dissolving into each other when molten. Steel has been the key material with which the world has reached to a developed position. All the engineering machines mechanical tools and most importantly building and construction structures like bars rods channels wires angles etc are made of steel for its feature being hard and adaptable. The TMT bars are widely used in construction works such as high-rise building industrial structures flyovers and bridges etc. Indian demand is projected to rise to 200 million tonnes by 2015. Given the strong demand scenario most global steel players are into a massive capacity expansion mode either through brownfield or green field route. Read more slide 14: Detailed Project Report On Industrial Township Industrial Township provides facilities like parks community halls library shopping centers banks post offices etc. In the Indian context an “ In dustri al Par k” means a project in which plots of developed space or built up space or a combination with common facilities and quality infrastructure facilities is developed and made available to the units for the purposes of industrial activities or commercial activities. Industrial development is one of the important drivers of economic growth in India. India is targeting industrial growth rate of 12 to 14 in the medium run and contribution of industrial sector to national GDP by 25 creating 100 million additional jobs by 2022. Thus due to demand it is best to invest in this project. Read more slide 15: Detailed Project Report On Warehouse Warehousing refers to the activities involving storage of goods on a large-scale in a systematic and orderly manner and making them available conveniently when needed. In other words warehousing means holding or preserving goods in huge quantities from the time of their purchase or production till their actual use or sale. Warehousing is one of the important auxiliaries to trade. It creates time utility by bridging the time gap between production and consumption of goods. Warehousing plays a very vital role in promoting agriculture marketing rural banking and financing and ensuring food security in the country. It enables the markets to ease the pressure during harvest season and to maintain uninterrupted supply of agricultural commodities during off season. Read more slide 16: Detailed Project Report On Fiberglass Doors Surrounded Wood and Inside Filled Polyurethane Foam by Injection Fiberglass doors are two large molded skins with a polyurethane foam core between the skins which is a great insulator against heat and cold. They are popular for their high insulation values low maintenance and resistance to dents and scratches. Fiberglass is widely used for manufacturing and building in today’s most demanding industries- cars boats pools and more due to its ability to create molds and create custom shapes and never become distorted over time. Commercial doors market will witness a valuation of over USD 60 billion by 2024. The demand varies depending upon the cli e nt ’ s requirement with varied functions. Read more slide 17: Detailed Project Report On Oleoresin of Spices Black Pepper Paprika and Cardamom Oleoresin is a homogeneous mixture comprising of resin and oils that are volatile in nature. Spice oleoresins represent the complete flavour profile of the spice. It contains the volatile as well as non-volatile constituents of spices. Spice oleoresins guarantee superior quality of flavour and aroma. They have several applications like in the preparation of beverages soup powders confectionary curries noodles sauces canned meat etc. The Indian spice oleoresin market is about Rs.600 crores. India accounts for 70 of the world oleoresin production with competition from China US Lanka South Africa and Latin America. Entrepreneurs who invest in this project will be successful. Read more slide 18: Detailed Project Report On Peanut Butter Peanut butter is a food paste made from ground nut or peanut. It consists essentially of cleaned graded blanched roasted and crushed groundnuts containing about 45 percent of oil and over 25 percent of proteins being thus a highly nutritive food. The paste is used in preparation of side dishes and is also cooked with vegetables pearled sorghum and maize to make a variety of dishes. Indian butter market was valued at INR 420 crore in the year 2011-12 in value terms. On the other hand cheese spread is expected to have market value of 5473 metric ton at the end of forecast period. Peanut butter market is expected to have growth rate more than 10 from 2017-18 to 2022-23. Read more slide 19: Detailed Project Report On Sesame Seed Hulling Plant Sesame seed is rich in fat protein carbohydrates fiber and some minerals. The aroma and taste of the seed are mild and delicious. It has a nut-like slightly sweet flavor. It is used mainly as a food ingredient in whole broken crushed shelled powdered and paste forms. Sesame seeds have a thin shell or husk which needs to be removed and this process is known as hulling. The sesame seed market in terms of value is projected to reach around USD 113.28 Billion by 2022 at a CAGR of around 9.9 from 2017. As a whole there is a good scope for new entrepreneur to invest in this business. Read more slide 20: Tags Lead_Acid_Battery_Maintenance_Free_Production Polylactic Acid PLA Production from Lactic Acid Citric Acid Monohydrate Manufacturing Business Production_of_Aluminium_Foil Containers Manufacture of Ground Calcium Carbonate with 90 Brightness and Whiteness and 90 CaCO3 Bungalow Construction Textile Industry Production_of_TMT_Bars Angles Pipes Setting up a Warehouse Estate Management Fiberglass Doors Surrounded Wood and Inside Filled Polyurethane Foam by Injection Peanut Butter Making Business Oleoresin of Spices Black Pepper Paprika and Cardamom Sesame Seed Hulling Plant Top_Business_Ideas_in_India_for_Starting_Your_Own_Business Top Small and Medium Business Ideas in India Small scale industries projects ideas Project profile on small scale industries Industrial Project Report Startup Projects for Entrepreneurs Amazing Startup Business Ideas Thatll Make You Money Which is Best Business to Start and Grow in India Which Industry is Best to Start in India Now Top Best Small Business Ideas Business Industries Poised for Explosive Growth Highly Profitable Business Ideas Business Ideas with Small Capital Future Business Ideas you Need to Know Top_Most_Profitable_Business_Ideas Most Profitable Small Business Ideas for Beginners How to Start a Profitable Business slide 21: Profitable Business Ideas to Start Your Own Business Extremely Profitable Business Ideas you can Start Growing a Successful Business What Business Should I Start What are the Ideas for Starting a Business in India Which would be the Best Industry to Start in India in 2019 What_are_the_New_Best_Industries_for_Entrepreneurship Industries of the Future What are the Billion Big Industries of the Future Business Industries Poised for Explosive Growth in the Future Best_Industries_for_Starting_a_Business Which Small Scale Industry is best to Start in India Now What_is_Best_Manufacturing_Business_to_Start_in_India What_Kind_of_Business_Should_I_Start What is the Best Small Business to Start Manufacturing Business Profitable Small Scale Industry Modern Small and Cottage Scale Industries Most Profitable Business in India Start Your Own Business Most Profitable Manufacturing Business to Start Startup Business Plan Top Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in India to Start Projects on Small Scale Industries Top Industries for Entrepreneurs of the Future What are the New Best Industries for Entrepreneurship Best Industries for Starting Business Top Profitable Business Ideas in India Best Business Ideas Best Business Ideas for Rural Areas in India World How_to_Start_Small_Business Industries that will Really Boom Business Ideas with Great Potential What are the Best Industries to Start a Business in for the Future What Sector of Business in India is good to start a Business slide 22: See more slide 23: Contact us NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES 106-E Kamla Nagar Opp. Spark Mall New Delhi-110007 India. 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