Start where you are: transforming knowledge partnerships (through social innovation & engagement).

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Published on July 3, 2012

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Start where you are: transforming knowledge partnerships (through social innovation & engagement). Presented by Linda Hawkins at the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum, June 19-20, 2012, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Start where you are. Transforming knowledge partnerships (through social innovation & engagement) Linda Hawkins Institute for Community Engaged Scholarship University of Guelph

Build capacity for doing: Faculty, Students, Community•  Workshops with community•  Faculty/Scholar Development Workshops•  Graduate Level Course in Community Engaged Scholarship•  Communities on Campus•  Community Classroom•  Rewarding community-engaged scholarship: Transforming university policies and practices•  National Conversations: CUExpo movement; CBRC; CCPH; CASL; Knowledge Commons; RIR; social innovation and CU partnerships with SIG@Waterloo•  Research Shop

PhD candidates/ Intern team project managers “rapid response” • Help scope projects research • Conduct team based researchCollaboration • Supervise & mentor more Sub junior studentsCommittees • Supervise rapid response e.g.. Food Director & Access Community Postdocs Collaborations • Multiple organizations & • Identify/scope potential research individuals (5-35) projects • Addressing substantive •  Supervise and support project complex issue (poverty, food security, housing) managers • Grassroots or mandated • Identify relevant faculty expertise • Broker relationships and responses Faculty KMb Interns Researchers Create strategy; Format reports; Consults, website; social media engaged for funded research Graduate Grad student Undergrad students in Paired with RS CES course interns with theses/ service complimentary papers learning knowledge & skills

Start where you are.Pema Chödrön

Social Innovation Generation!Social Innovation… is an initiative, product, process or program that profoundly changes the basic routines, resources flows, authority flows or beliefs of any social system.!“Jazz” Project Patterns: !1. Complex systems worldview!2. Identify and cultivate “readiness”!3. Attuned to power!4. Presence of a central catalyzer!5. Sense of service to a greater whole! Cheryl  Rose   sig@waterloo  Root: work is a direct challenge to the status quo!

Most important slide

Think like this

engage to understand

Step by step!•  Intention!•  Values!•  Questions!•  Implications!•  See (360)!•  Set directions!•  Act!•  Modify!•  Realize!

Filling  in   360  

Knowledge mobilization - it’s a real challenge. We’ve worked really really hard - over many years – decades - to make sure that research doesnt get used. Andrew Taylor Tracking  outcomes  in  complex  systems  is  almost   impossible.   Michaela  Hynie  Try  it.  If  its  stupid  you  can  stop.   Cathy  Brothers   To summarize - dig where the ground is soft, donʼt water the rocks, and when digging for potatoes, itʼs best to dig where the potatoes are.# Kerry Daly  

Sometimes you have to let some of the wild horses run. Take some risk takers - give them a little or just enough enough stability - but let them try something crazy for a few years.Felix (Skip) Bivens  

Thanks.   QuesCons?  Linda  Hawkins  Director  -­‐  InsCtute  for  Community  Engaged  Scholarship/Research  Shop  Wise  people  quoted:  Pema  Chodron  hOp://  Cheryl  Rose,  Social  Innov.  GeneraCon    Andrew  Taylor  of  Taylor  Newberry  ConsulCng,  Guelph  Cathy  Brothers,  ExecuCve  in  residence,  Capacity  Waterloo  Michaela  Hynie,  Department  of  Psychology,  York  University  Kerry  Daly,  Dean,  College  of  Social  &  Applied  Human  Sciences,  Univ.  of  Guelph  Felix  Bivens,  Assistant  Dean  of  Students,    Sewanee:  The  University  of  the  South  Also:      David  Snowden    hOp://cogniCve-­‐  Shawn  Callahan  hOp://  OOo  Scharmer  hOp://  

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