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Published on February 4, 2008

Author: craigowens


Star trek:  Star trek By Nicholas Best and Drew Wood Kirk vs. Picard:  Kirk vs. Picard Despite the contra belief, Picard is the superior officer. Kirk did become an Admiral. But Picard; an Ambassador. Entities:  Entities Crystalline Armus Caretaker (s) V’ger (voyager 6) (honorary) BORG! Planet eater Ugly Bags of Mostly Water Creatures The probe TOS:  TOS You must love the classics but it can be summed up with one word-Cheesy TNG:  TNG Our fav. With some minor cheesiness but quite good in the end. 157 episodes and 4 movies of pure joy. DS9:  DS9 With some TNG characters it passes by but HOLY CRUD who gives a monkey about Bajorins. V:  V The captain is a duck and they aren’t too bad but are still mini me to TNG. Chuckles. They try to look cool with a main character vulcan, black by the way -Enterprise doesn’t deserve mention. V’ger:  V’ger V’ger is the probe voyager 6 after traveling across the galaxy from a planet where it ended up after passing through a black hole. The planet in question was inhabited by living machines. V’ger then traveled back to earth searching for the creator. V’ger’s energy cloud was 22 au (that is 22 x 93,000,000 miles) in diameter that’s big. The probe:  The probe The probe was a probe of unknown origin that nearly destroyed earth while trying to communicate with the extinct species of humpback whale. The crew of the enterprise took the klingon rustbucket h.m.s. bounty to bring some humpback whales onto the future.

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