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Published on March 14, 2014

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The compiled deck of presentations from SWIFT's Standards and Solution event held in Zurich on 11 March 2014

Standards & Solution Event 2014 Zurich, 11 March 2014 Welcome!

2 Agenda

3 Welcome at Swiss Life Asset Management

Key developments in the European financial industry - Role of SWIFT Christian Kothe Head of Central & Eastern Europe Zürich, 11 March 2014

Access Lite2 IPLA AMH Services Software House Messaging Correspondent Banking RTGSFX S&R CSD ACHCorporates/IMIs Platform Compliance SWIFTRef BI Matching MyStandards MIRS Services ACCORDTM MY STANDARDS BUSINESS INTEL LITE2 LITE2 SANCTIONS REF DATA BUSINESS INTEL LITE2 SANCTIONS REF DATA BUSINESS INTEL Shared Services Standards SWIFT business model Trade SWIFT2020_Board Offsite_March14_v1.pptx 5

EMEA 2013 6 Funds CLSinitiative delivery on track 455 people at ARC AMH Commercial pipeline CH customers go live T2S +107 New corporates 5 New RTGSs on SWIFT Alliance Lite2 ASP model rolled out 17 CSDs signed EMEA 85% Market share 6 DCPs signed +72% SNet growth + 500 new funds pairing 100 new Sanctions Screening customers35thSIBOS 162% EBA Step2 average daily FileAct growth 2013 8.7/10customer satisfaction

EMEA plan for 2014 7 Services positioning & business development • MIRS • T2S projects/Settlement • CLS • Alliance Messaging Hub • Compliance portfolio –& KYC Registry • Lite2 portfolio/Converter • MyStandards • T2S implementation • Corporates • Funds & investment managers • Settlement /T2S • BI & Compliance • LVP: EBA Step2 • FINCopy and FINInform • Key clients: Continue to leverage fixed fee usage • Corporates & funds Traffic development Focus clubs Stronger take-up of new products MT/LT projects Focus Partners Expertise & Knowledge Creativity & Innovation Efficient Channel Mgt EMEA

Vielen Dank !

SR 2014 Overview Tinne Verschueren, Standards, SWIFT 11 March 2014

Agenda • MT Standards Release process • MT SR 2014 Changes in Business domains – Payments – Treasury – Trade Finance – Securities – Commodities • SR implementation • SWIFT’s offering for SR 2014 implementation 10

PowerPoint Toolkit – 23 October 2008 – Confidentiality: restricted 11 Introduction

1 June 2013 Deadline for change requests before end August 2013 Maintenance Working Group (MWG) meetings 13 September 2013 Board Business Committees meet 20 September – 26 October 2013 Country voting 11 December 2013 Board ratifies the country vote 20 December 2013 Standards Release Guide (SRG) published 21 February 2014 Updates to the SRG SR 2015 Advance information on 59F 28 February 2014 (Exceptional update to SRG 2014) 16 November 2014 Standards MT Release 2014 Live Standards MT Release 2014 maintenance timeline         

PowerPoint Toolkit – 23 October 2008 – Confidentiality: restricted 13 Payments

Categories 1, 2 & 9 – Payments (MT 103, MT 103 STP, MT 202, MT 202 COV, MT 203, MT 942) Improve clarity and facilitate automation • Market practice guideline regarding risk of paying out prior to receipt of cover payment • Align usage rule for field 53B across Payments messages • Align network validation on statement line in MT 942 with rule in MT 940 • Category n (MT n92, MT n95, MT n96): – Codes to easily identify queries related to sanctions screening and the associated answer – Code to easily identify a payment cancellation request related to fraudulent activity 14

Feb 2014 15 Categories 1, 2 & 9 – SR 2015 and later releases Addition of 59F and removal of free format in field 50 and field 59 Nov 2014 Dec 2014Dec 2013 SR 2014 SRG 2015 Published Nov 2016/17/…SRG 2014 Published Advance documentation for SR 2015 published with details of 59F Continuous communication about removal of 50K & 59 no-letter option 50K & 59 no- letter option removed from Payments messages Advance notification of removal of free format options Promote use of 59F before removing free format options Field 59F goes live 2 year notification of new 59F Nov 2015 Dec 2015/16 SR 2015 SRG 2016/17 Published Publish final documentation for new field option F in field 59

PowerPoint Toolkit – 23 October 2008 – Confidentiality: restricted 16 Treasury

Category 3 – Treasury Markets (MT 300, MT 304, MT 305 MT 306, MT 340, MT 341, MT360, MT361, MT 380, MT 381) • Additional (optional) fields for regulatory reporting (reporting parties) and clearing requirements (ESMA/EMIR* and Dodd Frank) • Length increase for UTI*** Namespace/Issuer Code and PUTI**** • Amendement to the Industry requirements when no ISDA** Master agreement exists • ISDACN code added to Type of Agreement – Offshore deliverable CNY • New optional field Payment versus Payment Settlement Indicator * ESMA: European Securities and Markets Authority EMIR: European Market Infrastructure Regulation ** ISDA: International Swaps and Derivatives Association *** UTI: Unique Transaction Identifier ****PUTI: Prior Unique Transaction Identifier 17

PowerPoint Toolkit – 23 October 2008 – Confidentiality: restricted 18 Trade Finance

Trade Finance • No changes for SR 2014 • Discussions ongoing for revamp of cat 7 in a later standards release 19

PowerPoint Toolkit – 23 October 2008 – Confidentiality: restricted 20 Securities

Category 5 – Corporate Actions (MT 564, MT 565, MT 566, MT 567, MT 568) • Definitions updated – Support national market practice groups – Clarify or make less specific – Promote consistent use • New qualifiers and codes supporting industry groups • Repetitive nature of qualifiers changed • New letter options • Changes regarding FATCA * FATCA: Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act 21

Category 5 – Settlement and Reconciliation (MT 508, MT 524, MT 530, MT 535-8, MT 540-9, MT 578, MT 586) • New qualifiers and codes • New optional sequence (MT 530) • Qualifiers and code lists updated • Alignment of references across messages 22

Category 5 – Trade Initiation Confirmation & Triparty Collateral Management MT 502, MT 503-7, MT 509, MT 513, MT 514, MT 515, MT 517, MT 527, MT 558, MT 569, MT576 , • Facilitate initial public offering processing in the Indian market – New qualifiers and codes – Change repetitive nature of qualifiers – New fields • New pagination functionality to confirm unlimited number of partial fills (MT 515) • New codes 23

Category 5 – SR 2015 SWIFT Board requested to restrict SR 2015 for securities • only CRs that are critical • strong business case or a regulatory justification • major market infrastructure projects starting in 2015 for securities industry 24

PowerPoint Toolkit – 23 October 2008 – Confidentiality: restricted 25 Commodities

Commodities (MT 600, MT 601) • Additional (optional) fields and usage rules for regulatory reporting and clearing requirements (ESMA) • Length increase for UTI Namespace/Issuer Code and PUTI • Field 77H Type, Date, Version of the Agreement becomes mandatory • Additional section on message level to indicate Industry Requirements (ISDA) SR 2015 • Introduce Network validated Rule for the use of Unit Code GOZ to indicate white metals (silver, platinum, palladium) 26

PowerPoint Toolkit – 23 October 2008 – Confidentiality: restricted 27 SR implementation

Standards Release evolution PowerPoint Toolkit – 23 October 2008 – Confidentiality: restricted 28

29 Implement SR 2014 • Impact analysis – How many changes impact the MT messages used per institution – What is the impact level per change request • Optional changes – Analyse context – Supported in messages sent? – How to handle in back office when received? • Mandatory changes – How to implement in back office – Impact on business flows/processes • Implementation project plan

PowerPoint Toolkit – 23 October 2008 – Confidentiality: restricted 30 SWIFT can help

Derivatives documents on 31 Regulatory compliance and automation for OTC derivatives transactions • OTC Derivatives Trade Reporting to Regis-TR • OTC Derivatives Trade reporting • Use SWIFT to comply with EMIR • MarkitSERV FX Clearing Service • Derivatives CUG • UTI usage guide • Derivatives Trade Reporting to DTCC

Standards Release consultancy • High level impact assessment • Visualise traffic data sent/received against MT’s impacted by SR • Reduce number of CRs to be analysed • Prioritise CRs for you • A questionnaire with targeted questions to refine impact assessment 32 High level impact assessment Detailed assistance proposal Detailed impact assessment Business flows review Schemas Specifications Integration Services Q&A with Standards expert

SWIFT Products - MyStandards 33

Thank you Q&A

Coffee Break …11:15 am

SWIFT Standards & Solutions Event March 10, Zurich T2S Overview 36 Charifa Elotmani, Clearing & Settlement Markets, SWIFT 11 March 2014

Future EU settlement landscape with T2S Options for Indirect Connectivity 37 Souce: European Central Bank presentation „T2S: Settling without borders in Europe”, January 2012 Indirect Connectivity via several CSDs Minimizes the impact of T2S on the established structures and relationships Need to retain existing relationships with multiple service providers Indirect Connectivity via a CSD Replace existing links to agents, custodians and local CSDs Significantly reduces operating costs Indirect connectivity & standards

Key concerns of ICPs 38 What will my service providers’ offering be? How will my current communication be impacted by my provider’s requirements for T2S? What are the functional changes introduced by T2S? What opportunities do they bring? How can I leverage T2S opportunities without going direct? Who can help me assess the STP quality of Corporate Actions, Collateral, Liquidity communications from my different providers? …

How can SWIFT help address ICP’s challenges 39 Achieving a common understanding of indirect impact of T2S on current communication, operational and functional environment. The goal is to help you seize the opportunities of the newly created competitive environment Providing you with a solid framework and tools to negotiate your SLAs with your providers Helping you upgrade your proprietary or ISO communication to the enhanced « T2S » compatible messaging. Supporting you in your analysis for infrastructure rationalisation (STP, TCO programs) and help you set-up an agile, future-proof, cost-efficient infrastructure. by.. e.g. TRAINING e.g. IMPACT ASSESSMENT e.g. STANDARDS GAP ANALYSIS e.g. TESTING SERVICES

T2S – ISO messages for liquidity and collateral management  Cash and Liquidity management  Auto-collateralisation (Central Bank/ Client collateralisation, Limit management, ...)  Bilateral collateral management (Repo & pledge, CCP scenario, …) T2S – ISO messages for securities settlement and management  T2S message flows and related services, illustrated against a specified business context and set of actors  Case scenarios to illustrate detailed message content for settlement, liquidity management, static data T2S in 90 minutes  Impact of T2S on different market players  T2S features: lifecycle management and matching, instruction maintenance, settlement, liquidity management, accounting day 4040 SWIFT Training for T2S Understanding T2S-related messages and business flows

ISO 20022 for S&R (and CA)  ISO 20022 for securities in the settlement and reconciliation (and corporate actions) lifecycles  Case scenarios to illustrate detailed message content ISO 15022 enhanced for ICPs  ISO 15022 enhanced messages, the new processes and flows behind  Case scenarios to illustrate new guidelines and implementation attention points BAH in T2S environment  Use of BAH both for securities and payments ISO 20022 messages in the settlement lifecycle  The chain and various scenarios between participants, CSDs and the T2S platform 4141 SWIFT Training for T2S – a look at the future pipeline Insights on potential future modules DRAFT / UNDER DEVELOPMENT

Impact assessment for T2S Overview • Revolves around 4 axis (business processes and flows and related ISO messages, services available, T2S schedule, infrastructure capacity requirements) IMPACT ASSESSMENT • Provide an estimation of future volumes and optimised messaging model in a post- T2S environment. VOLUME PROJECTIONS • Identify the messages that need to be implemented and the integration and the infrastructure needs. MESSAGE IMPLEMEN- TATION EFFORTS 42

A number of MT changes have been made to maintain compatibility with ISO 20022 as it evolves to support the requirements of T2S. Impact of T2S on financial messaging Standards gap analysis 43 Domestic formats ISO 15022 (enhanced) ISO 20022 ICP ISO 15022 ISO 20022 T2SDiCoA Domestic ISO 20022 1. PERFORM A GAP ANALYSIS OF CURRENT VERSUS NEW 2. EVALUATE AND SELECT THE BEST IMPLEMENTATION 3. MANAGE STANDARDS DURING IMPLEMENTATION (AND BEYOND)

Standards gap analysis Example: New functionalities offered 44 sese.023 MT 543 to deliver out a restricted balance must be “enhanced” i.e. refer to the restriction reference. ICP T2SDiCoA MT 543 T2S will allow CSDs and NCBs to define their own restriction types. Restriction types restrict the usage of a balance: - blocking - reservation - earmarking When a certain balance becomes restricted, T2S assigns a ‘restriction reference’ to which all subsequent messages have to refer to.

MyStandards for T2S and CSD Communities Easy access to your market guidelines and adaptation requirements 45 ISO 15022 ISO 20022 ICP T2S ISO 20022 DiCoA  Use MyStandards to manage and publish T2S specifications  Consume the T2S specifications in MyStandards  Enrich, compare, manage and publish their internal specifications  Consume the specs of service providers via MyStandards.  Use the platform to document current capabilities and compare. ISO 15022 ISO 15022E ISO 15022E ISO 20022 Bridging the gap between ISO 15022 and ISO 20022 by introducing an intermediary layer: ISO 15022 Enhanced

Testing and Readiness to T2S Our value proposition Coordinated testing services with SWIFT Present at every step of the process (strategy, planning, design, execution, quality) In-depth expertise in T2S business and technical domains and extensive knowledge of local market practices Using best-in-class testing management tools, in conjunction with on-boarding and community migration services Unique integrated set of products to automate testing against T2S and CSD usage guidelines A truly pan-European experience, supporting all market players neutrally and equally 46 Customer resources Test Manager Business &Technical Experts

47 ISO 15022 ISO 20022 ICP T2S ISO 20022 DiCoA Driven by your CSDs’/ agents’ specifications MyStandards Readiness Portal for T2S MyStandards Readiness Portal Migrating to new/ enhanced messaging Define scope of Implementation + business scenarios DiCoA flows with T2S MyStandards and the Readiness Portal Simplifying T2S implementation

Alliance Access Integration Platform Additional integration functionality SWIFT format Financial Applications SWIFTNet Interface Alliance Access FIN Interface Application Interface Message store Alliance Access Integration Platform Validation Transformation Enrichment Internal API proprietary format Connectors Customer application 48 Consulting Services Integration Platform Alliance Access Transformation Transforming a Proprietary Message… … into a valid ISO Message… …using customisable translation rules…

SWIFT offering for ICPs Summary 49 Training on T2S functionalities, business and messaging flows Impact assessment Standards gap analysis MyStandards (usage guidelines) Testing services and readiness Technical infrastructure review Integration services


Helping Our Community Comply With Financial Crime Regulation Supporting material for current initiatives Peter Haener, Risk & Compliance, UBS AG 11 March 2014

FATF 16 Information quality Compliance Analytics Sanctions list Mngt service Sanctions KYC AML Processing services Traffic analysis Standards Data repositories KYC registry AML testing & tuning Sanctions Screening Sanctions Testing & tuning (transaction & client systems) Traffic restriction (RMA) Financial Crime Compliance Roadmap Live Development Qualification Exploration Quality Assurance Client/Name screening

Sanction Screening

Sanctions screening complying with regulatory obligations Subscriber • A combination of best of breed: – Filter application – Sanctions List update service – Operational excellence • Centrally hosted and operated by SWIFT • Real-time filtering service of FIN messages • No local software installation & integration project Your correspondents

Sanctions Screening – Customer ramp up 150 users in 70 countries

Sanctions Screening – Roadmap 2014 2015Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Customer Screening tbd Sanctions Screening Screening of any formats (SAF) v1: Alliance Access v2: through APIs Lifeline v0: Mizuho v1 v2: SAF as lifeline v2: integrated w/ Alliance lifeline Confirmed To be confirmed “Classic” Chinese lists OFAC 561 OFAC FSE Bulk list upload, time-out extension Tuning rules

Sanctions Testing

In a world of unprecedented complexity and change: • How can I be sure my screening solution protects my institution? • How can I demonstrate to regulators that I understand my solution and how it mitigates risks? • How can I make my screening solution more effective – and more efficient? Banks face a sanctions compliance challenge

Sanctions testing process Define test objective Download test files Process test files Upload Hit results View test results Formats Settings Lists Choose from a combination of - Public List - Your private lists - Risk information - Fuzzy variation Select format: - FIN MT (any type) - ISO 20022 - Customer records Download files - Manually through browser - Automatically through SFTP Process files through your filter - Apply production settings for effectiveness testing - Apply alternative settings for efficiency tuning Upload hits - Export hits to batch file - Upload via browser or SFTP View results - View, search and drill-down results on screen - Create and export reports Automate, repeat, compare, monitor

Typically identified Sanctions Compliance Issues Sanctions Lists: • Out of date sanctions lists • Missing list entries • Missing list entry types • Removed / deleted records still being screened • Language variants not being correctly screened • Transliteration Screening Policy: • List scope incorrect or not aligned to bank policy • Entity and alias types being unnecessarily screened • Implementation inconsistencies between filters Message Types: • Inconsistent screening performance for different message types • Message or file elements not being appropriately screened • Over-reliance on specific fields (e.g. address or country) to ensure compliance Filter Weaknesses: • Line break, word order, sequences and other issues • Poor performance against particular entries (short or long names, aliases) • Character set matching issues • Poor fuzzy matching performance • Fails to hit regulator test- cases

Sanctions Testing Portfolio 61 • Testing • Defined tests • 2 systems • Monthly tests • App + report Sanctions Testing STANDARD • Testing • Defined tests • 2 systems • One-off • Report Sanctions Testing ASSESSMENT • Testing +Tuning • Custom tests • Group license • Unlimited use • App + report Functions Flexibility Scope Frequency Deliverables Sanctions Testing ENTERPRISE new new


The Context An unprecedented challenge to comply with KYC legal requirements SWIFT KYC Registry Complex and inconsistent requirements across jurisdictions Cumbersome, repetitive and inefficient bilateral exchanges Unavailability and poor quality of information

SWIFT KYC Registry in a nutshell Your single source of correspondent banking KYC information Industry-owned Well established, neutral partner renowned for driving standardised, industry-wide solutions SWIFT KYC Registry Collaborative & user- controlled Banks submit, maintain and selectively exchange data through the platform Unique value-add SWIFT Profile increases transparency through unique, factual traffic activity report Complete & up-to- date SWIFT continuously verifies and validates the quality of the data Global Reach of 7000+ banks active in correspondent banking, representing over 1 million relationships

Collection of data and documents • Structured data • Supporting documents • Maintenance • Archiving and versioning Controls • Completeness, validity, accuracy Reporting and monitoring • Platform activity reporting and practices • Audit trail • Notifications of changes Value added services • SWIFT profile Inscope Outofscope Name screening • List screening (PEP, blacklist checking) • Alert management or bad press Risk scoring • SWIFT proposed risk score • Communication on (non)-accepted counterparties Due Diligence • Around intermediaries Regulatory watch and market practices • Monitoring of legal/regulatory updates What will the SWIFT KYC Registry be in its first phase

Content Registry Content & Controls • Comprehensive set of data • Directly provided by the source • Supports multiple languages • Electronic only • User-controlled • Fact-based and documented validation • Yearly revalidation of all information • Data quality ratings visible to all • No judgemental or opinion-making controls Controls

Registry Content Structure Entity summary I. Identification of the Customer II. Ownership and Management Structure III. Type of Business and Client Base IV. Compliance Information V. Tax Information • e.g. Legal and Business Name, Registered Address, BIC Code • e.g. Banking License, Certificate of Incorporation • e.g. Form of Organisation, Beneficial Owners • e.g. Targeted Customers, Geographical Markets • e.g. USA Patriot Act Certification, Wolfsberg Questionnaire • e.g. FATCA status PUBLICONREQUEST

January ’14 • Formal announcement of the KYC Registry initiative • Start of KYC Working Group • Begin data collection with Working Group September ’14 • Open the Registry for data contribution by a number of selected banks December ’14 • Open the Registry for data contribution and consultation by all banks • Commercial launch of the Registry Timeline The journey starts today Bootstrap Controlled ramp-up General availability

Compliance Analytics

70 Help Banks identify possible anomalies in their transaction activities by • Providing an overview of the overall context through SWIFT total activities • Providing a comprehensive view of a bank’s transaction activities, across all subsidiaries, with all their correspondents • Helping banks analyse their transactions by benchmarking vs SWIFT totals, vs peers • Providing risk analysis tools/visuals and alerting mechanisms to help detect potential anomalies Objective Compliance Analytics – Leveraging SWIFT traffic data for risk monitoring RISK MONITORING

• Macro views (geography, value, currencies, volume) • Aggregated views of bank’s total activities • Benchmark vs SWIFT totals • Feed AML and Sanctions risk assessments • Prepare country visits • Alerts in case unexpected behaviour or activity outside of acceptable thresholds (e.g. dormants, outliers, spikes) • Drill down to identify reasons of alerts • SWIFT as a neutral 3rd party source • Internal and external reporting • Assurance - reconcile volumes and values • Challenge compliance with own policies and controls - provide proof • Challenge settings of monitoring systems. Value proposition Identify and target highest risks Challenge own controls Anticipate threats and trends Report Institution SWIFT 71

Implementierung FundSettle ISO 20022 Projekt-Review durch SWIFT-Consulting Services Dienstag, 11. März 2014 Coutts & Co AG, André Keller

Informationen über Coutts

Drei Jahrhunderte Fachwissen und die älteste Privatbank in UK Coutts Fonds-Produkte Coutts Geschichte Coutts auf einen Blick • Hauptsitz von Coutts & Co befindet sich in London • Der Sitz von Coutts & Co AG befindet sich in Zürich • ~ 5’000 Mitarbeitende • ~ £ 85 Mrd. verwaltete Vermögen, Einlagen und Kredite • ~ £ 172 Mio. Betriebsgewinn • 1692 John Campbell, Schottischer Goldschmied und Bankier, eröffnet sein Geschäft an der Adresse ‘Strand’ in London. • 1755 Erstmalige Erwähnung des Namens ‘Coutts’: James Coutts, Schottischer Bankier, heiratet in die Familie ‘Campbell’ ein. • 2000 Coutts wird die internationale Private Banking-Einheit der Royal Bank of Scotland Group. Coutts Kundenstruktur Fussballstars Popstars Eigene Fonds • Equator Investment Programmes (IR) • Equator Investment Fonds (GB) • Hedge Funds/Structured Funds • Transactions/month: 73‘000 Drittfonds • Plain Vanilla Funds • Mutual Funds • Hedge Funds • Transactions/month: 86‘500 Quelle: Google (neun Monate bis September 2013) Coutts Multi-Asset Funds (CMAF) A range of funds which aim to deliver attractive long-term return by investing in a broad range of asset classes such as cash, bonds, equities, commodities and property.


Anbindung FundSettle mit ISO 20022 (…alles ‚automatisch‘ und STP…) Xkyte • Order Management and Trading Avaloq • Order Erfassung FundSettle Marktpartner Redemptions Subscriptions Switches Adam plc Hong Kong UK Singapore Switzerland Monaco Avaloq • Auswahl Business Unit Transactions …AufträgevonKunden …AufträgevonCouttsFonds-Managern ISO 20022 ISO 15022


FundSettle ISO 20022: Start auf grüner Wiese…mit dunklen Wolken…

Einlesen in Fachliteratur und FundSettle-Spezifikationen…

Implementierung in bestehende IT Landschaft… Produktion Failover Module/Area Module/Area Module/Area Module/Area Module/Area Module/Area Module/Area Module/AreaModule/Area

Projekt-Review durch SWIFT

Review-Umfang und Lieferobjekte Xkyte • Order Management and Trading ISO 20022 Marktpartner • Review der Business-Strategie • Sicherstellung einer ‚lift and shift‘ – Strategie (Austauschbarkeit von Marktpartnern) • Identifizierung von Abweichungen bei den Vorgaben von FundSettle und SWIFT-Standard • Review von Business-Prozessen • Überprüfen der unterschiedlichen XML-Ausprägungen von Coutts- Transaktions-Typen • Sicherstellung Abwicklung von Spezialfällen… • …z.B. Dilution Levy, Discounts • Review von XML-Messages • Welche Messages werden nicht benötigt? • Vergleiche zu Markt-Standards (SMPG) • Vergleich zu lokalen Standards (SKFS)

Business Contact Martin Rettich Head of Operations Switzerland & Wealth Hub E-Mail: IT Contact Norma Arter Head of Application Management Wealth IT E-Mail:


85 Thank you

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