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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: dollytam


Dolly Ramos Gallego Stages of Language and cognitive Development in L1 DEVELOPMENTAL SEQUENCES (acquisition order l1)

FIRST LANGUAGE ACQUISITION  In nearly all cases, children's lg development follows a predictable sequence. However, there is a great deal of variation in the age which children reach a given achievement. Ways to characterize the developmental sequence  Caroline Bowen Ages and for receptive & expressive language acquisition (1998)

Lev Vygotsky  Childs Lg does not deal with fixed stages of development but describes “leading activities” typical of certain age periods around which intellectual development is organized.

Roger Brown The stages provide a framework within which to understand and predict the path that normal expressive language development usually takes, in terms of morphology and syntax

Shaffer (2002)Two stages that help in development of L1 Pre-linguistic   0 to 12 months Children emit non-linguistic vocalization or motor that are related to their needs     Hunger Pain plearure By the end of the stage can produce meaningful words Linguist    12 to 60 month Can understand heard and has meaning This stage has 6 other stages       Early one word One word Two word Three word Four word Complex utterances

Child’s lg development depends on the affective factors and social-interaction Language Crying Vocabulary Pronuncition Expression Communication (interaction) Politeness Motor Face expression Body gestures Movements

   Dadadada, mamamama and waaaah. First year of life  Include gestures eye contact sound wordplay between infant and caregiver, cooing, babbling and crying. First meaningful words sound to communicate a wide range of things 

The Holophrase or The One-Word Sentence 10 and 13 months A single word at a time & non-verbal cues Meaning based on context Botty=Give me my bottle immediately. Dada =Daddy, please come to me.

The Two-Word Sentence Stage shows increase of vocabulary Sentences = noun or verb + modifier. Meaning is more complex according to the context  Sentence -More sugar! Not egg •Where ball Doggy big -ImperativeNegativeInterrogativeDeclarative 18 months

Semantic Relations Semantic Relations Examples Communicative Intent Agent + Action daddy kiss/ doggie bite Daddy is kissing. The doggie is biting. Action + Object push truck/ give ball Pushing the truck. Giving the ball. Agent + Object mummy 'puter/ man hat Mummy (is at the) computer. The man (is wearing a) hat. Action + Locative go pool/ in bath (We) are going (to the) pool. (I) am getting (in the) bath. Entity + Locative teddy car/ dolly bed Teddy (is in the) car. Dolly (is on the) bed. Possessor + Possession Daddy car/ Baby toy. (object) Daddy's car. Baby's toy. Entity + Attributive water hot/ truck big (The) water (is) hot. (The) truck (is) big. Demonstrative + Entity that train! (Not this one.) (Not that one.)

Multiple-Word Sentences Telegraphic. "telegraphic economy of words"  Grammatical errors.  Focus on the function  Increase vocab range and pronunciation.  the sentences: "Doggy is big" "Where is ball?" "That is not egg" "I want more sugar" "I catched it" "I falling" 2 and 2 and a half years old.

More Complex Grammatical Structures More intricate and complex grammatical structures. "Read it, my book“ "Where is Daddy?“ "I can't play" "Take me to the shop“ -Conjunction. 2 and half and 3 years -Questions old -Negative. -Uses preposition of place. Children start using more standard language

Adult-Like Language Structures Complex structural distinctions  Change the word order in the sentence . "Ask her what time it is." "He promised to help her." 5 to 6 years old.

L1 Acquisition Cooing Typical Age Babbling 3-5 months Vowel like sounds One word stage 6-10 months Repetitive patterns Two word stage 12-18 months Single or one semantic meaning Telegrafic stage 24-30 month Sentence struct Multiword stage 30+ months Grammar or functional

Conclusion Children require affection and social interaction to develop their L1 successfully The extent and quality of a lg experience of a child depends on the family No matter the age children will always find a way to be understood

Stages of Cognitive Development discuss with a partner Piaget    Children can acquire their L1 by beign in a social contextand listening to people’s speech Everyone goes through these stages it is impossible to skip one  These stages go from birth to adulthood Early lg development begins at sensorial stage  The develop at different pace among individuals

Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development Play video

Stages of Development Sensori-motor 0-2 Preoperational 3-6 Concrete operational 7-12 Operational teens Physical Interact environment. Egocentric Not very logical more imagination More logical & mature in thoughts Cause & effect More reasonable Abstract issues Object only exist if can see it. Relation between present and past Reversibity. Ex the glass with water argumentation Object exist because of memory retention Multiple variables= making hypothesis

Darwin (n.d.) “All of us have an instinctive tendency to acquire the art of the language and innate desire to develop it”

References   (Brown, R. (1973). A first language: The early stages. London: George Allen & Unwin Ltd).   Wood,K.C., (2001) Piaget stages of cognitive develpment.In Morey. Retrieve from:

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