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Published on November 24, 2017

Author: alexwilson1


slide 1: Transforming Business Decisions with Insightful Analytics Being an owner of multiple businesses or single business it is always difficult to get a consolidated picture of your business on a daily basis. Visibility into your key accounting metrics and data is crucial to run your business. A long wait on multiple financial reports is a headache because it causes hurdle in cash flow a real-time accounting dashboard can aggregate all your accounting and finance metrics in one place. Nimble’s intuitive dashboard provides you with all of your business information and data in one screen. The dashboard is designed to keep you posted on key performance indicators like aggregate sales details expenditure details Profit Loss analysis bank balances and accounts payable/ receivable. If you need to get to the bottom of it the drill down capabilities of the dashboard can dig right down to the transaction level or consultant details. The dashboard also gives you alerts on pending tasks so you are invoicing on time and paying your bills on time besides reminding you of your business related operations. The idea behind the Nimble Accounting dashboard is to keep staffing business owners accountants and bookkeepers aware of what’s happening in their business at all times. Nimble Dashboard – It’s a gateway of excellence for Better Control Unmatched Visibility into Your Business Finances Request a quick DEMO you’ll learn everything you need to know about Nimble’s intuitive dashboard. T: 1-866-9NIMBLE E: Take a QUICK tour by visiting:

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