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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: DrSatishHV



Most people with stab injuries do not reach the hospital alive. Those who do too may not survive unless the hospital is ready for all emergencies. This patient arrived late evening on a saturday. In no time a team of 2 anesthesiologists, 2 cardiac surgeons, Plastic Surgeon, Operating room staff, perfusionist were all assembled and he underwent surgery. He came close to giving up during the surgery. The presentation highlights the details. Some of the photos show operative images and may be disturbing. Discretion is advised.

Back from the dead Vikram Hospital, Mysore

Assault • While at a isolated temple with his wife, this person was attacked by knife wielding robbers. He resisted the attack and suffered injuries. One on the face and one on the chest. He collapsed immediately. An hour later.. He arrived in hospital.

The wound meant to kill!

Lightning reaction.. • • • • Immediately readied for operation 8 bottles of blood readied All surgeons arrive in 25 minutes No delay in documentation, no cash payment asked..

Will it be possible? • 80% of heart wounds die. • He has come 3 hours after injury • The Team decides We will not give up • Young man • Has a young family depending on him

Some of his other injuries..

4 Surgeons, 2 anesthesiologists, 2 OT technicians, 1 cardiac perfusionist, 5 nurses and 2 house keeping..15 people Working late in the night

The plan • Temporarily stop the flow of the blood to the heart. • Somehow keep him alive • Close the wound as fast as possible

The anesthesiologists giving blood,pushing fluids, monitoring the BP and keeping him alive

The wound with lot of blood..

As the surgery went on.. The B P dropped to 23/19. We all thought he was going to die

The fountain of blood from the hole..

• The blood flow to the heart was stopped • The hole could now be seen

The hole caused by the knife…

Using a special device called the OCTOPUS, the wound was closed…

The hole is closed.. It is 12:15 in the night..

Possible problems • Too much blood loss – shock and death • Decreased blood flow to the brain – Coma • Uncontrolled bleeding from everywhere as the body is unable to form clots

He fights back… • • • • Remarkable recovery in 48 hours Starts sitting up on the 3rd day Walks on the 5th day Discharge on the 7th day. • No COMPLICATIONS AT ALL!

A life saved.. A miracle has occurred… a priceless smile.

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