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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: peterwachter



Product designer, inventor, and innovation sparker. Named in 25 patents for lighting products that grace homes and businesses throughout North America. My track light designs are used by well-regarded national accounts such as Starbucks, Crate & Barrel, Marbles, Nieman Marcus and gift shops at public attractions and airports.

Focus is on simplified mechanical structures that are reflected in pure, unadorned exterior forms. Designs light fixtures that have easily made the transition from PAR lamps to CAMH, and LED. Whether working from a customer input, a blank page or concepts initiated by others, maintains a sharp focus on the evolution of the development to ensure that the original design intent is not unduly compromised. The ergonomics of installation and maintenance procedures are checked throughout.

Quite naturally I remain in close collaboration with product managers for the actual manufactured goods. At key moments discussions begin and design concepts are generated for the most effective way to launch the products at national or regional sales meetings and industry trade shows. Simultaneously begins the design of unique product-specific portable sales kits and showroom displays. These design efforts are coordinated with product managers and marketing people. I create RFQ shop drawings, wiring diagrams and work directly with outside fabricators for fast sample builds. This gives an early fix on feasibility and allows for very early internal "buy in" and cost reduction. Ultimately oversees production quantities of "shells". Writes and punchlists BOMs with engineering. Monitors acquisition of outsourced electrical components and shipping materials. Addresses labeling. Early on, using original sample builds, introduces I.E. and manufacturing staff to the procedure for installation of lighting products and wiring. Upon satisfactory building of several production units responsibility is transferred to manufacturing control. I unofficially QC products for a few days to ensure fit and finish and electrical efficacy. I'm always available to anyone in manufacturing that has a question or concern. I perform very much all these same functions for sales sample kits, showroom displays, displays for national or regional sales meetings and special "adders" in support of the exhibition house.

I have written and illustrated dozens of instruction sheets. I pay particular attention to illustrations that are true to the point-of-view of the installer and severely edit out superfluous line art and verbiage. I design instruction sheets that can be effectively used without command of the language in which they are written. Many of my instructions are re-dos of pieces from China. For a line of exit and emergency lighting sold through home centers the products carrying my re-created instruction sheets have resulted in a 30 - 50% reduction in returned goods.

These are things product designers do hopefully sharing our best innovative episodes.

Peter Wachter IDSA ■ Industrial Designer Designer ■ Inventor ■ Innovation Sparker © 2014 Peter Wachter IDSA - Industrial Designer 1

Designer and inventor creates lasting value. A thirteen year product evolution. © 2014 Peter Wachter IDSA - Industrial Designer 2 Conix PAR Series + MH2 Conix Series Yoke re-employed MHv: Lighting Crate&Barrel stores across America Lamp housing re-employed Wishbone Redefining the fixture yoke

© 2014 Peter Wachter IDSA - Industrial Designer 3 Close-Up A Starbucks favorite with playful hot aiming handle. First of 25 patents. Flex12 Electro-mechanical & aesthetic design of 28 system SKU’s + 7 track heads. 6 patents. Gyrus Innovative one piece die casting with aerodynamic flair. Patented. Patented designs with unique structure and form

Commercial Outdoor LED © 2014 Peter Wachter IDSA - Industrial Designer 4 Aesthetic and mechanical designs, thermal management, and detailed for ease-of-installation and maintenance. Finia wallpack, 16” wide Areos area, 18” square 2013 ADEX Silver Award2012 + 2013 Architectural SSL PIA Winner

Light Commercial / Residential Outdoor LED © 2014 Peter Wachter IDSA - Industrial Designer 5 MSL mini security light 5” x 5” footprint 300 or 650 lumens 2013 Architectural SSL PIA Winner At 6 or 11 watt economy Dark Sky and ADA compliant Original unsoliciteded design concept Home Depot Customers: We were able to install this light (in the dark) in less than 10 minutes. It's basic and exactly what is needed. I will say that the design of the light points mostly down ward, rather than outward. If it's positioned near a door, it would be perfect for finding your keys and unlocking the door. Becky, Cheltenham, PA I absolutely love this outdoor light. It looks very nice, and not only that it's very convenient. Installation is pretty easy too for a DIY-er just make sure you shut down the power and follow carefully the instructions. proudhomeowner AND, it covers virtually any J-BOX Pros: Easy to Assemble, Functional, Well Made, Unique, High Quality of Material, Eco-Friendly, Looks Great, Stylish, Very Bright, Good Size & Weight, Nice Design. Score: 4.6 out of 5 2012 + 2013 Awards

Sales Tools that Drive Incentive Programs, Support Sales Team, Educates and Delights Buyers © 2014 Peter Wachter IDSA - Industrial Designer 6 Across the showroom a magically lit rose catches your eye. On close inspection: “Aha! A Precision Recessed Lighting Product” LED Recessed with color temperature demonstrator Slim LED’s in a high tech package: Laptop Computer Metaphor

Interactive Lighting Education Exhibits © 2014 Peter Wachter IDSA - Industrial Designer 7

Problem Solving and Storytelling © 2014 Peter Wachter IDSA - Industrial Designer 8 Engineered “Safe” LED Line Testing Apparatus Photography to support E-Learning Challenge How to demonstrate 3 LED linear products allowing user interaction and product viewing while reducing excessive glare. Answer 45° Zig-zag

Good Instructions Promote Brand, Reduce Returns to Home Centers © 2014 Peter Wachter IDSA - Industrial Designer 9 Expressive drawings eliminate language barriers and result in best user experience. All copywriting, illustration and layout design.

Design and Instructions for Portable Sales Meetings Displays © 2014 Peter Wachter IDSA - Industrial Designer 10 Intuitive display designs and easy-to-follow instructions enable any employee to set up and re-pack sales meeting displays anywhere. All creative design, project management, copywriting, photography, and layout design. In use 15 years.

Comprehensive Sign Systems & Decorative Lighting © 2014 Peter Wachter IDSA - Industrial Designer 11 Queen Victoria, Honolulu Tokyo Bay Hilton InternationalPro-Halogen, FL, LED U-CabinetBrass & Glass Collection

Thank you very much for your time. If you would like to hear more, © 2014 Peter Wachter IDSA - Industrial Designer 12 In anything at all, perfection is finally achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

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