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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: Barcelona_cat



Public presentation of Knowledge District, an initiative from Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district.


01 Welcome Goals Stage 2 Goals Planning 02 Work carried out Participation Voting on the proposals Process Commissions Working sessions 03 Projects Initiative image District census and economic activities Welcome for international students Projects for 2014 04 Conclusion Planning Implementing the projects CONTENTS

01Welcome 1A. Aims 1B. Stage 2 Goals 1C. Planning Page:3

1A.GOALS Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Knowledge District The Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district has embarked on a participatory initiative, involving the district's various players, for identifying, designing and implementing the necessary forms of action for developing talent and the economy in the district and for promoting the district as Barcelona's Knowledge District. This document summarises the most important results of the design process for the activities that come under this initiative. Page:4

1B.STAGE 2 GOALS The initiative was launched towards the end of 2012 and was developed during the course of 2013. The overall process consists of 4 stages and we are currently in “Stage 2: Designing Tools”. This document summarises the initiatives and results achieved in designing, alongside the district's players, the projects and the joint strategy that was agreed to in Stage 1 of the initiative. Stage 0. Prospective Collecting information on the current state of the district Stage 1. S-SG Conceptual Model Conceptual model and choosing the tools for developing the project Stage 3. Implementation Implementing and operating the tools Stage 2. Designing Tools Designing and adapting the tools chosen Monitoring Periodic follow-up meetings on the work carried out Page:5

1B.STAGE 2 GOALS The specific goals for Stage 2 were: Formació dels grups de treball Disseny dels instruments Creació dels òrgans de governança Presentació dels instruments i suma de nous agents To create, for each tool chosen, the group of district players who will take part in its detailed definition and design. For each tool, to reach a consensus and joint vision of its goals and to design its functions, imple mentation strategy, updatin g and sustainability. To present to all the district's players the initiatives that are to be implemented in the near future and offer them an opportunity to become involved. To create an organisational structure, made up of the district's players, to ensure that the projects are correctly implemented, op erated and coordinated. Page:6

1C.PLANNING Planning the initiative's four stages: 2012 2013 2014 Stage 0. Prospective Stage 1. Conceptual Model Stage 2. Designing Tools Assessment of the designs Stage 0. Prospective: Collecting information on the district. Stage 1. Conceptual Model: conceptual model and choosing the tools for launching the project. Stage 2. Designing Tools: Defining in detail and designing the tools chosen. Stage 3. Implementation: Launching the first initiatives. September September March December Stage 3. Implementation February Implementation assessment June Page:7

02Work carried out 2A. Participation 2B. Voting on the proposals 2C. Process 2D. Commissions 2E. Working sessions Page:8

2A.PARTICIPATION So far 140 professionals from 80 institutions have taken part in the initiative, dedicating over 580 hours of collective work to it in total. Page:9

2B.VOTING ON THE PROPOSALS During the public session in the previous stage, on 11 July, all the projects identified by the various groups were presented to all the initiative's participants. The aim was to raise the profile of all the initiatives that had been identified up to that time and to enable each institution to identify the initiatives they were interested in taking part in. The data were collected in forms completed at the end of the session and subsequently taken into account. Page:10

Projects with 8 or more votes Projects with fewer than 8 votes Projects “19 – Business Identification” and “40 – „Knowledge District Communication” could not be voted on as they are in the implementation stage. 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 1-Mapificacióurbanística 2-Campusdelconeixement 3-Senyalitzacióiaccessibilitat 4-Mobilitatinterioriaccessos 5-AnelladeSalut 6-Connexióiconnectivitat… 7-SmartDistrict 8-MOOC'sBCN 9-MedicalWorkSpace 10-InnovationFair(Tech… 11-CollserolaiTibidabo 12-Sarrià–SantGervasi… 13-Wellness 14-Districtesaludable 15-Districted’emprenedors 16-PromociódelsNuclis… 17-Espaisdecoworking7@i… 18-Mapad'agentsdeldistricte 19-Identificaciód'empreses-… 20-IncubadoraHealth 21-Espaisiactivitats… 22-Esdeveniments… 23-Portadelfinançament 24-Fòrumsd'inversió 25-Xarxad'Inversorsdel… 26-InternacionalitzacióSalut 27-Formacióperprofessionals 28-Internacionalització… 29-Recepciódelíders… 30-Puntd'informacióvirtual 31-Xarxad'integraciópera… 32-UniversitatiFP–Empresa 33-Milloradenivell… 34-Col·laboracióamb… 35-Associaciód'Antics… 36-Explainers 37-Secundària–Universitati… 38-Voluntariatde… 39-Associaciód'Empreses 40-Comunicació"Districte… 2B.VOTING ON THE PROPOSALS Page:11

2C.PROCESS Activities carried out during Stage 2: Votació de les propostes Creació de les comissions Selecció dels projectes a dissenyar Formació dels Equips de Disseny Definició i disseny dels projectes Presentació dels Projectes a tos els agents Formació dels Equips d’Implementació Implementació dels projectes Page:12

2D.COMMISSIONS Projects identified during Stage 1 were presented to all the project's participants during the third and final session (“Session 3: Integration”). The aim behind this activity was to raise the profile of all the initiatives identified up to that time and to enable each institution to indicate the projects they were interested in taking part in. KnowledgeCampusCommission GovernanceCommission EntrepreneurialandInnovative DistrictCommission HealthyDistrictCommission To carry out this work a form was handed out to all the attendees and collected at the end of the session. An analysis of these forms showed that the players could be divided into four groups according to their common interests. Page:13

2D.COMMISSIONS Knowledge Campus Commission This groups together all the players interested in projects relating to Edutainment (Education and Entertainment) and in transforming the district into a real campus. Page:14

2D.COMMISSIONS Entrepreneurial and Innovative District Commission This groups together all the players interested in creating the right conditions in the district for it to become a benchmark for entrepreneurship and innovation. Page:15

2D.COMMISSIONS Healthy District Commission This groups together all the players interested in projects relating to Wellness (Health, sport and other areas) Page:16

2D.COMMISSIONS Governance Commission This groups together all the players interested in creating the SSG Association and the projects relating to communication and sense of belonging to the district Page:17

2E.WORKING SESSIONS During Stage 2, 18 working meetings will have taken place, involving 55 of the district's players as well as members of the public. Official founding of the S-SG Association: •Plenary sessions: 3 Public presentation: •13/12, 9.30 – 11.00, District Offices Entrepreneurial and Innovative District: •Plenary sessions: 1 •Investors Forum/Network sessions: 2 •District Entrepreneurial and Professional Events sessions2 Knowledge Campus: •Plenary sessions: 1 •Explainers sessions: 2 •VT-Secondary Education-University sessions: 2 Healthy District: •Plenary sessions: 3 •Living Health sessions: 1 •Medical Work Space sessions: 1 Page:18

03Projects 3A. Initiative image 3B. Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district census 3C. Welcome for international students 3D. Projects for 2014 Page:19

3A.INITIATIVE IMAGE Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Knowledge District Work was carried out on the initiative's image throughout 2013, during which a logo and its colours were designed. A dossier/leaflet was also put together with information on the initiative, to be used by participants in the activities carried out. Page:20

3B.DISTRICT CENSUS AND ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES Alongside the initiative, a census and a study of businesses in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi District is being carried out to find our what knowledge-intensive economic activities are taking place at present. This information is being collected by means of an economic activity assessment survey, based on a representative sample of businesses. A special study is also being carried out of businesses with more than 100 workers which, because of their turnover, have a relatively large influence on the district's business structure and on all the strategic sectors identified in the district, such as education and health. This information will help to define the strategy better and monitor the development of knowledge-intensive economic activity in the district better, to achieve the initiative's long-term goals. Page:21

3C.WELCOME FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Welcome Reception & Networking Event For International Students The first edition of this district reception programme for international students and lecturers was held at the CosmoCaixa on 4 December, in collaboration with CosmoCaixa, EINA, ESIC, EUSS, the European University, the Abat Oliba University, the International University of Catalonia and the Ramon Llull University. The event was supported by BMW Barcelona. Around a hundred people took part, including students and representatives from academic institutions and the consular corps. Page:22

3D.PROJECTS FOR 2014 Each commission has been working on one or two projects during this stage, combining the players' common interests with the technical feasibility of implementing them: • Promoció de vocacions cientifico-tècniques • Lligams Secundaria–Universitat– FP–Empresa Comissió Campus de Coneixement • Sarrià-Sant Gervasi Networking Breakfast • Districte financer per emprenedors Comissió Districte Emprenedor i Innovador • Medical Work Space • Sarrià-Sant Gervasi Living Health Comissió Districte Saludable • Associació Districte de Coneixement de Sarrià- Sant Gervasi Comissió Governança Page:23

Promoting an interest in scientific and technical careers Creating a support and added-value platform for projects that promote an interest in scientific and technical careers that helps to: •Give support to projects sharing the overall goals, to scale them and add to their value. •Involve the district's secondary schools and students in the project. •Provide participants with the skills to express themselves in and interact with the public. •Promote the use of online tools for conveying knowledge. •Provide participants with the skills to using technical language in Catalan, Spanish and English. Overall goals: •Stimulating interest in scientific and technological careers. •Eliminating forms of self-limitation that undermine students' aspirations (“I couldn't”, “I'm not good at that”). •Introducing secondary students to university and VT students. 3D.PROJECTS FOR 2014 Institutions that have taken part: Page:24

Secondary School–University–VT–Business links Creating a platform for strengthening ties between the various secondary-education, university and VT players and the business world which helps to: •Establish formal relations between secondary schools, universities and VT centres. •Publicise professional careers and their relationship with academic studies. •Publicise everything that universities and VT centres (academic courses, awards, summer campus, etc.,) can offer. •Link business networks to the programme. •Highlight the programmes already established. Overall goals: •Encouraging professional vocations among secondary students. •Introducing secondary students to further and higher education (university and VT). •Raising the profiles of academic institutions abroad. 3D.PROJECTS FOR 2014 Institutions that have taken part: Page:25

Sarrià-Sant Gervasi Networking Breakfast Creating a networking events programme in the district that helps to: •Foster relations between the district's players (relational capital). •Update information on useful issues. •Discover the district. •Promote the district's businesses. •Share experiences and knowledge. Overall goals: •Establishing business and professional contacts. •Promoting entrepreneurship, and business and professional growth. •Creating a sense of belonging to a project and the district. 3D.PROJECTS FOR 2014 Institutions that have taken part: Page:26

A financial district for entrepreneurs Creating a platform for supporting and promoting the investment activities going on in the district which helps to: •Promote investment-related activities: forums, training, etc. •Bring together the district's various investors into a single network. Overall goals: •Creating synergies that establish the investment sector in the district. •Increasing the number of investors. •Identifying the district as a financial district for entrepreneurs. 3D.PROJECTS FOR 2014 Institutions that have taken part: Page:27

Medical Work Space Creating a platform for collaboration between universities, technology businesses, healthcare-sector businesses and other healthcare-related knowledge businesses which helps to: •Promote the application of research, investigation and new technologies in the field of healthcare. •Foster relations between the district's players (relational capital). •Discover new opportunities for the sector. •Share experiences and knowledge. •Listen to end users. Overall goals: •Promoting entrepreneurship, business growth and new services. •Publishing, sharing knowledge and raising awareness. •Establishing business and professional contacts. •Creating a sense of belonging to a project and the district. 3D.PROJECTS FOR 2014 Institutions that have taken part: Page:28

Sarrià-Sant Gervasi Living Health Creating an action programme in the district to provide people with information on healthcare that helps to: •Bring every type of player in the healthcare sector to the project: chemists, primary healthcare centres, etc. •Reach the district's residents and the international community. •Give out information on healthcare. •Detect pathologies. •Present the range of current healthcare possibilities. Overall goals: •Giving out healthcare information through collaboration, as a healthcare knowledge platform in the district. •Raising the profiles of the participating organisations. 3D.PROJECTS FOR 2014 Institutions that have taken part: Page:29

Sarrià-Sant Gervasi Knowledge District Association Creating an organisational structure that helps to promote, develop and build the “Knowledge District” within the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi District. This includes: •Boosting healthcare and education as the cornerstones of the district's social and economic activities. •Boosting the economic activities of the district's knowledge- intensive businesses, to strengthen economic and social progress. •Fostering the development of scientific, educational, social and economic initiatives that keep the growth of economic activity within sustainability and diversity parameters. •Developing economic and social policies that create a competitive environment for the district's businesses and associations. •Representing member associations and businesses before the authorities, institutions and economic, political and social organisations, to champion their interests. •Boosting economic and social relations between members. 3D.PROJECTS FOR 2014 Institutions that have taken part: Page:30

04Conclusion 4A. Planning 4B. Implementing the projects Page:31

4A.PLANNING We shall be entering the implementation stage of the projects that have been presented today, and will gradually be launched, sometime between the end of January and the start of February. The intention is to carry out an initial assessment of their work and the results achieved by June. 2012 2013 2014 Stage 0. Prospective Stage 1. Conceptual Model Stage 2. Designing Tools Assessment of the designs Stage 0. Prospective: Collecting information on the district Stage 1. Conceptual Model: Conceptual model and choosing the tools for implementing the project Stage 2. Designing Tools: Detailed definition and design of the tools chosen Stage 3. Implementation: Launching the first initiatives. September September March December Stage 3. Implementation February Implementation assessment June Page:32

4B.IMPLEMENTING THE PROJECTS Next working meetings: Just as we did in the previous stage, at the end of a session we shall be collecting forms on the projects that have been delivered for the purposes of finding out each institution's interest in taking part in the implementation stage of the projects presented. We shall get in touch with you again, from the middle of January on, to give you the information from the first meeting so the project can be implemented. Page:33


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