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Published on January 9, 2009

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Service: Design and Delivery : Service: Design and Delivery To Discuss : To Discuss Approach Progress to date PAGB annual review of self care 2006 Slide 3: One week 10 CAT MSc module Edited Book Deliverables Background : Background Service Design and Delivery module outline led by John Waller, WMG and Pete Ward Agility in Self Care research project had promised development of educational material as part of the project deliverables and required a route to dissemination. led to the approved MA1 form. ma1 SDD Final.doc Education Partnerships : Education Partnerships Industry Market Driven Demand Competitive Global Market Academic Institutions Serving industry and progressing fields of knowledge Students Global market Research led teaching Research/ Education Students Academic Institutions Industry Collaborative Research Collaborative Learning Education Partnership : Education Partnership Intent of Meeting : Intent of Meeting The intention was to develop a team and supporting Network to develop the Service: Design and Delivery Module to be delivered by WMG academic year beginning 2008. Module content, delivery and presentation. supporting material in the form of an edited book. Process of development : Process of development What’s in it for industry? Articulate by industry ultimately leading to performance objectives How does higher education respond? Articulated by HE and expressed as learning objectives What’s in it for the students? What’s in it for the higher education establishments? Method of delivery : Method of delivery The module will itself be developed modularly so each section can be lifted and delivered as a stand alone representation of the information. Experiential learning material developed Anticipated excess material will be developed so a course can be jig-sawed together using alternative case studies Building on Allan Mayo’s observation Initial First stab at TT : Initial First stab at TT The Book : The Book Springer – Bill Hefley Narrative – theory The story sets the scene, gives context and demonstrates application and worth - the theory falls in behind Definition : Definition No commonly agreed definition Product vs. Service and/or Experience vs. Outcome The Essence - Service provokes a positive emotional response in the customer Value needs reaction Service Science must first begin by understanding the emotional response it is trying to evoke. Expectations change Measures Absolute vs. perception Service thinking as opposed to transactional thinking. Acknowledge the difference between types of service The Service Bundle - How do you design the bundle? value proposition - the emotional response created Types of Service Organisation : Types of Service Organisation Public vs. private sector competitive vs. political vs. obligation Service science requires an understanding of how results are delivered - in a repeatable way Repeatability manifests itself in different ways along the experience vs. outcome continuum The practical implications of understanding service science, i.e. the business benefits are made clear at this point. A process flow to show how things link together – product, high service and experience base Business Models : Business Models Categories different types of business model and detail the practical/operational implications of each Process Design : Process Design The extent of co-creation of value The temporal nature of relationship building Touchpoints and value propositions We need to define the points of interest for the customer and consider the value for each individual Process Delivery : Process Delivery Tools from IBM CBM – “component business model” and use analyses structure of the organisation Product business modeller Serious game Innov8. It is process outcome orientated if it could be captured in a simulation game, we could teach around the game to include what was “not there” – it also has supporting text Sustainability : Sustainability The sustainability chapter will focus on process outcome Transition work Future Implications : Future Implications Include all industries, some companies are product focused some are tailored to service – companies can be mixed – using two different strategies – or even use different strategies in different customer areas (acute/community health service) Should firms be moving towards service? Implication of company moving between product and service “shift” between the two Next Steps : Next Steps Further consideration is being given to making explicit the expectations of how a participant of the module will function differently in their role at work should a measure be taken six months down the line. Individuals need to be identified to own the development and/or delivery of the session in the module and the chapters for the book. Meeting next week, 23rd September led by Dr. Jag Dhaliwal to develop a conceptual model that will form the foundation to a logical story being created. Service: Design and Delivery : Service: Design and Delivery Definition Workshops

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