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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: ticssc


SING A SONG! When I’m bored at home, And I’m very very tired And I’m thinking of what I should do. And I wonder a lot Even if I know new things to do Everybody come and sing a song Let’s sing a song! Now I’m having fun Because my friends and I love to sing With everyone that comes to here We are all good friends And we are never having any fights We stay together, play like childs Sing a song...x3 It’s our job...x3 Sing a song... There are lots of songs Everybody has a favourite one Because we have a special style We are exhausted now But we don’t care what our feelings are

We smile and dance all the time Sing a song...x3 Try to do it...x3 Sing a song... When I’msad in bed, And I’m very very slept And I’m dreaming of what I would do And I rest a lot Even if there is much work to do Everybody wants to sing a song We are all good friends Making up new histories Every day a new and diferent one It’s cool to be with friends Playing, joking, kidding every time We love being together and have fun Sing a song...x2 Sing a song...x2 Party hard...x2 Up all night...x2 Sing a song...x2 It’s nice to be...x2

In our crew...x2 Sing a song...x2

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