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Published on June 17, 2007

Author: Barbara


Assessing funny turns:  Assessing funny turns Stephen Brown Pragmatic:  Pragmatic Mainly subjective Coming over queer Obviously objective Falling Movement disorders Behaving strangely Subtly objective Inattentiveness Can’t classify Blackouts Slide3:  Syncope:  Syncope Slide5:  Slide6:  Slide7:  Slide8:  Slide9:  Slide10:  Slide11:  Slide12:  Mainly psychological:  Mainly psychological Mainly Psychological:  Mainly Psychological Hyperventilation Munchausen-by-proxy Challenging behaviour Response to underarousal Response to overousal Non-epileptic attack disorder (NEAD) Swoons Tantrums Abreaction Simulation Non-epileptic Attack Disorder:  Non-epileptic Attack Disorder Female andgt; male Concomitant psychiatric disorder Affective Dissociative Post-traumatic stress disorder Non-epileptic Attack Disorder: Features:  Non-epileptic Attack Disorder: Features Longer ictal duration Less stereotypy Asynchronous limb movements Alternating head movements Pelvic thrusting prolactins Reflexes Resistance to passive eye opening Placebo induction NB ?Frontal lobe epilepsy PNEAD & hysteria:  PNEAD andamp; hysteria Increased rate of soft neurological signs increased history of brain injury in many ‘hysterical’ states pseudoneurological symptoms may be referred to the non-dominant hemisphere Important to remember that:  Important to remember that PNEAD does not confer immunity against epilepsy epilepsy does not confer immunity to PNEAD, or to suggestibility or to wanting to please the doctor is epilepsy sometimes pathogenic in PNEAD? Post-traumatic stress disorder(e.g. abreactive type of non-epileptic seizure):  Post-traumatic stress disorder (e.g. abreactive type of non-epileptic seizure) may wake from sleep flashback phenomena the ‘stress’ may be sexual abuse

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