[Srijan Wednesday Webinars] Strategies to Help You Scale Agile

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Information about [Srijan Wednesday Webinars] Strategies to Help You Scale Agile

Published on February 19, 2014

Author: SrijanOne

Source: slideshare.net


Scrum and XP have been designed to work well for small teams and they work fabulously for small organizations. However, implementing the same for large project portfolios, having teams with 100+ developers has remained very challenging from Scrum only perspective.

There are many challenges while working with large teams like how to break silos in large organizations, stories focused on changes in enterprise architecture, ability to work on highest business value features for program portfolio instead of for a project, eliminate waste and reduce cycle time for the whole value chain. In this webinar, you will learn about strategies that can help you overcome these challenges and scale agile.

What  All  It  Takes  to  Scale  Agile?   ShriKant  Vashishtha  

www.agilebuddha.com     Some  Scaling  Issues  in  Large   Enterprises  

www.agilebuddha.com     End-­‐to-­‐End  FuncBonal   IntegraBon  Accountability?  

www.agilebuddha.com     QuesBon  on  SancBty  of  HolisBc   Architecture  

www.agilebuddha.com     Missing  Roles  -­‐  System  Architect   and  Team  Architect  

www.agilebuddha.com     Constrained  Because  of  Big  Batch   Sizes  (read  Project)  

www.agilebuddha.com     Siloed  Teams  

www.agilebuddha.com     Siloed  Teams  

Flow  DepicBon  

www.agilebuddha.com     Waste  of  Repeatedly  Forming  and   Dissolving  Teams  

www.agilebuddha.com     How  to  QuanBfy  Business  Value   across  Features?  

www.agilebuddha.com     How  Scaled  Agile  Framework   (SAFe)  Solves  Them?  

www.agilebuddha.com     Introducing  New  Roles  Such  as   Product  Manager  

www.agilebuddha.com     Work  on  Features  instead  of   Projects  

Introducing  Cross  FuncBonal   Teams     www.agilebuddha.com    

www.agilebuddha.com     SBcky  or  StaBc  Teams   •  A  number  of  teams   engaged  in  ongoing,   conBnuous  development  –   a  flow  of  products,   services,  applicaBons  etc.   •  Avoids  the  delays  and   overhead  of  the  start-­‐stop-­‐ start  nature  of  tradiBonal   development.  

www.agilebuddha.com     Weighted  Shortest  Job  First  (WSJF)   WSJF  =  Weighted  shortest  job  first   RR  =  Risk  ReducBon   OE  =  Opportunity  Enablement   •  Take  an  economic  view   •  Ignore  sunk  costs   •  If  quality  one  thing  only  –   quality  cost  of  delay   •  Use  decision  rules  to   decentralize  economic  control   •  Economic  choices  to  be  made   conBnuously  

www.agilebuddha.com     SAFe  Big  Picture   •  Proven,  publicly-­‐facing   framework  for  applying   Lean  and  Agile  pracBces  at   enterprise  scale   •  Synchronizes  alignment,   collaboraBon  and  delivery   •  Scales  successfully  to  large   number  of  pracBBoners  and   teams     Core  Values   1.  Code  quality   2.  Program  execuBon   3.  Alignment   4.  Transparency  

www.agilebuddha.com     Scaling  at  Program  Level  

www.agilebuddha.com     What’s  New  at  Program  Level?   •  •  •  •  New  roles  (Product  Manager,  Architect,  UX)  and  ceremonies  (Release  planning,  Scrum   of  Scrums,  Release  management,  System  Demo,  Inspect  and  Adapt)   Agile  Release  Train   Feature  vs  user-­‐story   PSI  (PotenBally  Shippable  Increment)  

www.agilebuddha.com     Agile  Release  Train  (ART)  

www.agilebuddha.com     Agile  Release  Train  (ART)  

www.agilebuddha.com     Develop  on  Cadence  and  Deliver   on  Demand  

www.agilebuddha.com     SAFe  at  Program  Level  -­‐  Summary    

Thank You. www.agilebuddha.com    

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