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Published on July 10, 2009

Author: murali2012


Why We Need to Be Very Careful Before Travelling to Sri Lanka ? : Why We Need to Be Very Careful Before Travelling to Sri Lanka ? From an Experienced Traveler Must See Information Reasons 1 to 3 of 9 : Reasons 1 to 3 of 9 1. US travel warning to Sri Lanka Google it: “US travel warning to Sri Lanka” 2. 169 people died for deadly virus called Dengue Fever in a month 3. Disappearances Check Youtube for “Sri Lanka disappearances” Reasons 4 to 6 of 9 : Reasons 4 to 6 of 9 4. Safety at tourist spots: There is no tourism safety laws exist in SL. 5. Facilities - Hotels and Access to places. There is no Highway concept in Sri Lanka. Access to the places takes longer then expected 6. Experience of previous travelers. Ask me. It is not recommended. Reasons 7 to 9 of 9 : Reasons 7 to 9 of 9 7. Election Months are ahead in Sri Lanka. Means violence, violence and violence. 8. Embassies are not safe. UK, Canadian and Norwegian embassies have been attacked recently by mobs in Colombo. 9. Expensive: Cost of living gone too high in the recent months. How do I got to know..? : How do I got to know..? I have traveled almost 26 countries. Sri Lanka is not a place to recommend. Sri Lanka reminds me a lot of negative issues. Including polluted roads, unpleasant hotels, road blocks, too many security checks etc. Simply Sri Lanka is not a tourist place to be relaxed. Major Issue : Major Issue Major issue in Sri Lanka tourism are that, Sri Lanka government officials systematically spread their news and try hard to stop their critics voices. Therefore it is very hard to get the real news until you experience it. E.g. 14 Journalist have been killed in last 3 years alone. Reality... : Reality... I thought to warn you all to spend your valuable money elsewhere. I would highly recommend places like Philippines, Indonesia, Fiji and Mauritius etc. will be far better. I am not gaining anything here, but... : I am not gaining anything here, but... For me : I will never think of travelling to Sri Lanka even for a total free trip. Hope I shared what I experienced Share your experience here. Good Luck

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