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Published on March 19, 2008

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The Senior Advantage Real Estate Council® :  The Senior Advantage Real Estate Council® Not affiliated or endorsed by NAR Life. On your terms. ™ 2005 © Mark Given Real Estate Seminars:  Mark Given Real Estate Seminars Mark Given ABR,CRS,GRI,SRES P.O. Box 1460 Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 252-536-1169 PLEASE:  PLEASE Out of courtesy U.S. Census Bureau Statistics for Clark County:  U.S. Census Bureau Statistics for Clark County Total Population – 1,375,765(1,998,257) White Population – 71.6% (75.2%) African American – 9.1%(6.8%) Hispanic – 22.0%(19.7%) Asian – 5.3%(4.5%) Median Home Value - $139,500($142,000) Median Household Income - $44,616($44,581) Homeowners – 59.1%(60.9%) Largest change in population age 65+ 2000 - 2030 by state:  Largest change in population age 65+ 2000 - 2030 by state Nevada – 264.1% Alaska – 256.3% Arizona – 255.1% Asheville, North Carolina:  Asheville, North Carolina And the best part of Asheville!:  And the best part of Asheville! Beverly-Hanks & Associates :  Beverly-Hanks & Associates Since 1976 The premier real estate firm in Western North Carolina, outselling your competitors year after year. Your leadership team is deeply committed to exceptional customer service. Asheville statistics:  Asheville statistics Population – 72,231 estimated for 2005 Median resident age: 39.2 years Median household income: $32,772 (year 2000) Median house value: $109,100 (year 2000) White Non-Hispanic (76.0%) Black (17.6%) Hispanic (3.8%) Single-family new house construction building permits: :  Single-family new house construction building permits: 1996: 147 buildings, average cost: $111,600 1997: 151 buildings, average cost: $98,800 1998: 312 buildings, average cost: $96,800 1999: 175 buildings, average cost: $126,300 2000: 163 buildings, average cost: $120,900 2001: 199 buildings, average cost: $131,100 2002: 208 buildings, average cost: $134,800 2003: 230 buildings, average cost: $134,800 2004: 367 buildings, average cost: $158,300 2005: 321 buildings, average cost: $166,900 Also check out……:  Also check out…… What’s available on  What’s available on General Demographic Characteristics Social Characteristics Economic Characteristics Housing Characteristics Housing Unit Counts Population By Race According to the February 2006 AARP magazine:  According to the February 2006 AARP magazine 7,918 Americans will turn 60 every day in 2006 That’s 330 per hour! The day:  The day Morning break Lunch Afternoon break Facilities Slide16:  Let’s Get Acquainted What is the difference between SAREC® and SRES® ?:  What is the difference between SAREC® and SRES® ? SAREC®, The Senior Advantage Real Estate Council®, is the website, networking, marketing, information, communications, and operations team that supports the REALTORS® who have earned the SRES®, Seniors Real Estate Specialist®, designation. Senior Advantage Real Estate Council®:  Senior Advantage Real Estate Council® Vision SAREC® is a community of REALTORS® and related professionals dedicated to serving the needs of the senior consumer. Senior Advantage Real Estate Council®:  Senior Advantage Real Estate Council® Mission The mission of SAREC® is to promote member success by providing high quality training and tools necessary to position the SRES® designee as the trusted real estate resource for the senior market. Seniors Real Estate Specialist® Designation Program:  Seniors Real Estate Specialist® Designation Program Delivered in two distinct parts for an overall blended delivery: - Part I: Live Lecture, today’s workshop focusing on the senior market - Part II: A Series of Online Modules looking at financial, legal, and aging issues Not affiliated or endorsed by NAR Seniors Real Estate Specialist® Designation Program:  Seniors Real Estate Specialist® Designation Program The SRES® Designation: Successfully complete Part I and Part II, plus the final exam. Course Objectives:  Course Objectives Enhance the quality of service that you provide your senior clients through your increased awareness of senior issues and resources available. Increase your knowledge base of financial, legal, and aging issues for seniors. Overview of the Day (Part I):  Overview of the Day (Part I) The Senior Market Selling vs. Counseling Developing Your Team Developing Your Marketing Plan Benefits of SAREC® Orientation to Part II: Online Modules Objectives for Today:  Objectives for Today Learn the different types of seniors and their range of interests, lifestyles. Identify qualified and credible experts within your community that will act as your network of experts Develop a communication plan of action, using your new knowledge about the different generations. Introduction Activities:  Introduction Activities Let’s try an experiment……… Everybody stand…….. Turn to your neighbor and say this…… “ I don’t care enough about you to even learn your name.” Slide26:  How did it feel to hear that said to you? Introduction Activities:  Introduction Activities Learning peoples names shows you care, especially to seniors. Addressing seniors with their title shows your respect. Slide28:  1. Break into groups of 4 or 5 2. You need a chairperson 3. Chairperson appoints someone to take notes 4. What are the most important things you want to get out of today? 5. You have 5 minutes……. 6. Go…….. Introductions:  Introductions Let’s get to know each other: Tell us about yourself…… Your name and organization Who the oldest person in your family is What that person’s relationship is to you What makes them special Key questions to keep in mind (c1/p1 & p2):  Key questions to keep in mind (c1/p1 & p2) -What are the major concerns of senior clients? -Why should a senior client do business with me? -Why would they want to work with me? -How can I earn and maintain the respect and trust of senior clients? -How can I work with their own individual decision making processes without offending them or their families? And still have a successful business? THE AGING OF AMERICA Senior Statistics:  THE AGING OF AMERICA Senior Statistics According to AARP, between 1998 and 2000, over 8 million seniors changed residence The fastest growing age group is 75+ and 4 out of 5 are women. 83 % of seniors are property owners and 63% own their homes free and clear. Less than 25% of older sellers will move to a “senior specific” community Understanding the Senior Market (c1/p2):  Understanding the Senior Market (c1/p2) This marketplace has many variances. Understanding generational interaction is key. Generational Differentiation:  Generational Differentiation Born Age The Lost Generation 1883-1900 (105-122) GI Generation 1901-1924 (81-104) Silent Generation 1925-1945 (60-80) Boomers 1946-1964 (41-59) Generation X 1965-1976 (29-40) Generation Y 1977-1999 (6-28) Slide35:  List 3 things that you have experienced in dealing with a mature client! Events and Values:  Events and Values “The people puzzle: Understanding yourself and others ” is Dr. Morris Massey’s book about value systems. His work is based on the belief that our values as adults are learned as children- before the age of 10. Slide37:  “The depth of your sincerity is infinitely more persuasive than the height of your knowledge!” Zig Ziglar Events and Values:  Events and Values For example, the 1929 Stock market crash The Depression few jobs limited ability to take care of family, poverty food as precious, nothing wasted value of thrift, saving everything (including clutter), being very careful with money How does a senior client’s values impact how you deal with that client? Events and Values:  Events and Values As your group explores a generation, What were the events of that generation’s childhood? What impact did those events have? What changes did they lead to? What values or beliefs were created by those events? Events and Values:  Events and Values As your classmates share their generations’ experiences, What were the events in the lives of those generations? What values arose from those events? Understanding the values and life experiences of different generations help you connect and build rapport with your senior clients. The Lost Generation (105-122) :  The Lost Generation (105-122) Make up less than 4% and declining Most likely in skilled care facilities or receiving at home care 22 million Americans are currently caring for an older person in the home. In 1960 3,000 people over the age of 100 In 1997 54,000 By 2012 2.45 million Lost Generation:  Lost Generation Grew up amidst unregulated drug use, massive immigration and child “sweat shops” They gave the roar to the “Roaring 20’s” The Great Depression hit them in midlife Harry Truman, Irving Berlin, George Patton, Mae West, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong G.I. Generation (81-104):  G.I. Generation (81-104) Made America a super power. Coined the phrase “Senior Citizen” 3 out of 10 live in the same home for over 30 yrs. 1.5 million sell every year Grew up in the depression Male dominated, long term marriages Strong faith in God G. I. Generation:  G. I. Generation They came of age with the sharpest rise in schooling ever recorded They built gleaming suburbs, invented miracle vaccines and launched moon rockets. John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Walt Disney, Judy Garland, John Wayne, Walter Cronkite G.I. Generation (81-104):  G.I. Generation (81-104) 8 out of 10 want to remain at home Defined by career Need reduced home maintenance Believe in hard work and saving Is their word their bond? G.I. Generation (81-104) Marketing Tips:  G.I. Generation (81-104) Marketing Tips * Find out who they are – ASK don’t tell * Talk about empowerment, NOT weakness * Honor their need for independence * Present yourself as a specialist * Utilize “Relationship Marketing” Silent Generation (61-80):  Silent Generation (61-80) Middle managers, mediators, counselors Believe in compromise, human relations, problem solving and talking it out. Consensus Management is their style Emphasis on “Process & Expertise” Silent Generation (61-80):  Silent Generation (61-80) Concerned with image while downsizing Security, shopping and medical facilities Populating the new “Sun Cities” High divorce rate and blended families Fear of outliving their assets Don’t want to be dependent on children Silent Generation:  Silent Generation Grew up as the suffocated children of war and depression They are entering elderhood with unprecedented affluence, a “hip” style, and a reputation for indecision Colin Powell, Walter Mondale, Martin Luther King, Jr., Sandra Day O’Connor, Elvis Presley Silent Generation (61-80) Marketing Tips:  Silent Generation (61-80) Marketing Tips Find out who they are – what they want Sell lifestyles Show your credentials Bring testimonials and resume Emphasize your achievements Show financial options Show additional uses of equity IS THEIR WORD THEIR BOND? The Baby Boomers (41-60):  The Baby Boomers (41-60) Rebelled against their fathers More demanding and mobile Greater earnings- lack of savings Used to self-consumption, self-gratification Living longer Postponed marriage for career The Boomer Generation (41-60):  The Boomer Generation (41-60) 1st generation to work beyond “retirement age” May be supporting children and parents Want more than one home Want it all and nostalgic, esp. about childhood era 4 Boomer Generation:  Boomer Generation George W Bush, Bill Clinton, Dolly Parton, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, John Grissom, Tom Hanks, John F Kennedy, Jr The Boomer Generation (41-60) Marketing Tips:  The Boomer Generation (41-60) Marketing Tips One stop shopping Financial options to maintain lifestyle Your credentials, experience and designations are EXPECTED Straightforward information Best rate and terms IS THEIR WORD THEIR BOND? Generation X (29-40):  Generation X (29-40) Brand X attitudes Latch key Given lots of information without direction Possess matter of fact attitudes Group oriented, very practical “Drive through” mentality Education value neutral Is their word their bond? Generation X (29-40):  Generation X (29-40) Cost of education, living and housing spiraling Declining purchase power/dual income trap Sense of entitlement Entrepreneurial and results oriented Generation X (29-40) Marketing Tips:  Generation X (29-40) Marketing Tips Shoppers – they already know the best deal Product value and quality Interpret information Deliver everything yesterday E-marketing High tech, low touch One chance IS THEIR WORD THEIR BOND? Generation Y (6-28):  Generation Y (6-28) Echo Boomers Ethnically diverse 75% have working mothers (cell phone parenting) Internet is their life & source of information High speed info and responses Generation (6-28) Marketing Tips:  Generation (6-28) Marketing Tips Respond to irony, humor , and no frills truth Contact via e-mail or text messaging Cell phone may be ok Influenced by the look of your website Comparison:  Comparison Those over 60 fondly remember and Baby Boomers vaguely remember gas station attendants who filled the tank, put air in the tires, and washed the windows. Generation X and Y have only experienced self-serve. Comparison:  Comparison Issues of those over 60: courtesy, face-to face, you handle the details, personal referrals, technology is a tool Issues of Boomers: by phone or in person, no time, hate rules, prefer the highlights, technology is a tool Issues of Gen Xers and Gen Y: prefer email and text mail, rely on themselves to get data & make decisions, technology is a way of life. Seniors are not your great grandmother…:  Seniors are not your great grandmother… Before the 80’s, most of the people over 65 were retired and had similar interests. Many somewhat looked alike- grey hair or bald, wrinkled, and smoking a pipe on the front porch or baking cookies. Now Senior is a mixed bag… Golf, assisted living, water skiing, convalescent homes, managing their retirement portfolio, gardening, roller blading with the grandchildren Seniors: many ages, many interests:  Seniors: many ages, many interests Seniors: many ages, many stages:  Seniors: many ages, many stages Seniors: many ages, many interests:  Seniors: many ages, many interests Seniors: many ages, many interests:  Seniors: many ages, many interests Seniors: many thoughts, many smiles:  Seniors: many thoughts, many smiles Seniors: many ages:  Seniors: many ages Seniors: many ages, many interests:  Seniors: many ages, many interests Seniors: many stages, many interests:  Seniors: many stages, many interests Seniors: many wishes, many hopes:  Seniors: many wishes, many hopes Seniors: Many ages, many experiences:  Seniors: Many ages, many experiences Seniors: many ages, many interests:  Seniors: many ages, many interests Seniors: many stages, many interests:  Seniors: many stages, many interests Seniors: as diverse as the world:  Seniors: as diverse as the world Generational Differentiation:  Generational Differentiation Born Age The Lost Generation 1883-1900 (105-122) GI Generation 1901-1924 (81-104) Silent Generation 1925-1945 (60-80) Boomers 1946-1964 (41-59) Generation X 1965-1976 (29-40) Generation Y 1977-1999 (6-28) Slide77:  I Choose… To Be Different! How long does to take to change?:  How long does to take to change? In Tom Peters book “The Pursuit of Wow” Tom Peters:  Tom Peters “How long does it take you, as boss, to achieve world-class quality? Less than a nanosecond to attain it, a lifetime of passionate pursuit to maintain it.” “Once the fire is lit, assume that you have arrived – and never, ever look back or do anything, no matter how trivial, that’s inconsistent with your new found quality persona.” Challenges of Cultural Diversity (c2/p7):  Challenges of Cultural Diversity (c2/p7) Over One Million Immigrants/Year Personal space Time and time consciousness Clear and concise language Who is your true client? Mental process and learning Slide81:  kiss, bow, or shake hands” Terry Morrison Keys to Communication:  Generational Traits Cultural Influences Keys to Communication F.O.R.D.:  F.O.R.D. Family Occupation Recreation Dreams F.O.R.D. A System for ………… Referrals Rapport Building Prospecting Negotiating:  F.O.R.D. A System for ………… Referrals Rapport Building Prospecting Negotiating Mark Given Seminars, Inc Rules for Making Telephone Calls:  Rules for Making Telephone Calls Set time to make calls each day or week Do not call anyone that you don’t know Do not call anyone unless they are ________ that you called Mark Given Seminars, Inc Reasons to Call:  Reasons to Call Sellers – Update Buyers under Contract – Update Active Buyers – Update Recent closed customers – Do you need anything? Referral Sources – thank you and update on progress Mark Given Seminars, Inc Reasons to Call:  Reasons to Call Anniversaries - Guess what we were doing 7 years ago this week Birthdays Tickets and “Give-Aways” Annual Market Update Thank you, Congratulations, Thinking of you Mark Given Seminars, Inc 5 Step Calling Process :  5 Step Calling Process Salutation Hi this is Mark… Look for common ground F. O. R. D. The purpose of my call is………………. End on common ground F. O. R. D. Get off the phone 2-3 minutes maximum Mark Given Seminars, Inc Slide89:  Steps 1 and 3 are good customer service Steps 2 and 4 are Prospecting If you leave 2 and 4 out you will have very happy customers but you will not get referrals Mark Given Seminars, Inc Keys to Communication:  Keys to Communication Visual Cues (photos, awards, painting, embroidery, sports equipment-golf clubs near the door, piano) F.O.R.D.:  F.O.R.D. How you ask is as important as what you ask. How can you phrase questions to show your interest without intrusion? Personality Assessment (c2/p8):  Personality Assessment (c2/p8) The Assessment is in your reference text. Here is a brief overview of the four types described as animals: lion, otter, beaver, and golden retriever. . Slide94:  P R O F I L E S Slide95:  LION Strengths Practical Traditional Orderly Goal-oriented Very direct Dependable Self-determined Economical Organized Likes Control Responsibility Mastery Loyalty Fast pace Limitations Distant Stubborn Unapproachable Insensitive Rigid Dislikes: Ambiguity Irreverence Laziness Showing emotions Slide96:  OTTER Strengths Persuasive Inspiring Open Risk-taker Competitive Confident Outgoing Direct Socially skilled Likes: Change, Attention, Adventure, Achievement, Excitement, Recognition, Spontaneity Limitations Pushy Intimidating Reactive Manipulative Impatient Restless Abrasive Overbearing Dominating Dislikes: Lack of enthusiasm ,Waiting, Indecision, Convention Slide97:  BEAVER Strengths Exacting Practical Thorough Factual Calm Reserved Meticulous Risk-avoider High standards Likes: Perfection Information Consistency Practical Limitations Perfectionist Withdrawn Passive Dull Sullen Slow to get things done Shy Dislikes: Over-assertive, Carelessness, Arrogance, Fakes Slide98:  GOLDEN RETRIEVER Strengths Team-oriented Caring Sensitive Good listener Good friend Enthusiastic Likes variety Helpful Accessible Trusting Peacemaker Likes: Popularity, Closeness, Affirmation, Kindness, Caring Limitations Too other-oriented Indecisive Impractical Vulnerable Hesitant Subjective Dislikes: Insensitivity, Dissension, Insincerity, Egotism Personality Assessment:  Personality Assessment How does this help me? It is simply additional information to: help your find your ideal assistant balance your teams personalities as well as their professional skills Recognize your predominate personality Recognize your clients personality and how to better communicate with them As we review the list , did you see any client types? Slide100:  P R O F I L E S Selling versus Counseling (c2/p1):  Selling versus Counseling (c2/p1) Selling Webster’s Definition To persuade or influence to a course of action or to the acceptance for; to develop a belief in the truth, value, or desirability of; to cause or promote the sale of. Selling versus Counseling:  Selling versus Counseling Counseling Webster’s Definition Advice given as a result of consultation using a policy or plan of action or behavior; professional guidance of the individual by using methods like case history, personal interview, or testing. CASE STUDY (c2/p1):  CASE STUDY (c2/p1) Mrs. Edna Thompson, age 76, called Tom at ABC Realty and scheduled an appointment to discuss the possibility of selling her home. Her husband of 40 years, John, passed away just 4 months ago. She has lived in her present residence for 22 years. CASE STUDY:  CASE STUDY Arriving at the appointment. Tom introduces himself and asks Edna if he could briefly walk through the home. Upon inspection, Tom indicates what he feels would be necessary repairs and cosmetic changes. Tom also discusses with Edna all the options of assisted living in the area. (Some of the facilities are several towns away.) Tom gives Edna his opinion of value and asks when she would like to list her property. CASE STUDY:  CASE STUDY Has Tom acted in the capacity of a salesperson or counselor? What did Tom do right?________________________ What did Tom do wrong?_______________________ How would you address this appointment? What questions would you ask? The Do’s and Don’ts:  The Do’s and Don’ts Don’t Pre-judge or stereotype Patronize Rush the decision Use first names without permission Yell Use real estate jargon DO:  DO Listen and be patient Make them feel important Empower Keep informed about senior issues Display your credentials DO:  DO Be sensitive to Senior concerns- Loss of control Loss of spouse Loss of status and power Feelings of inevitability Health issues Senior concerns:  Senior concerns Loss of equity/savings Leaving familiar surroundings Loss of driving ability Pet relationships Management of personal possessions “Treasures” Be accessible; communicate often The Ultimate Skill:  The Ultimate Skill Creating and maintaining long term relationships! Seniors and Family Members- Delight or Dilemma?(c2/p5):  Ask a lot of questions What are some issues that family members might have? Listen Provide extra copies ► Your relationship with the family of your client is crucial when it comes time to make decisions. Seniors and Family Members- Delight or Dilemma?(c2/p5) Seniors and Family Members:  Seniors and Family Members What are some of the issues family members might have? ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ Seniors and Family Members:  Seniors and Family Members As REALTORS®, what negative senior family situations have you encountered? Positive experiences with a senior client’s family? What made it positive? Counseling Concept (c2/p6):  Counseling Concept (c2/p6) Let’s create a team of professionals……. Team :  Team Who makes up the team you and your group created? _____________________ _________________ _____________________ _________________ _____________________ _________________ _____________________ _________________ _____________________ _________________ _____________________ _________________ Team Members & Resources:  Team Members & Resources Lawyers Financial planners Certified Public Accountants Movers Estate Liquidators Handymen Termite Inspectors Electricians Painters Veterinarians Landscapers Home Health Care Home Inspectors Reputable Money Managers Team Members & Resources:  Team Members & Resources Escrow Companies Insurance Specialists Title Companies Lenders 1031 Exchange Specialists Ombudsmen Tax Specialists Clutter Reducers Aging-in-place Specialists Interior Staging Spec. Community Service Contacts Transitional Services/Coaches Elder Abuse Resources paperclip and circle:  paperclip and circle Olny srmat poelpe can read. :  Olny srmat poelpe can read. I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! SAREC Marketing Program:  SAREC Marketing Program SAREC® helped increase my business. Marketing to Seniors:  Marketing to Seniors Why they are important Research Statistics and Trends Outreach Program Personal Marketing Program Review materials available and how to use them Why Seniors Are Important:  Why Seniors Are Important Fast growing segment Life Changes Housing needs have changed Travel in groups Strong word of mouth, referrals Loyalty Consumer Trends:  Consumer Trends NAR 2005 Relocation Report Buncombe County, NC:  Buncombe County, NC List of Major Counties Relocating to Buncombe County, NC in 2004 1 from NC Henderson County - 456 2 from NC Madison County - 247 3 from NC Haywood County - 227 4 from NC Mecklenburg County - 155 5 from NC Wake County - 134 6 from NC McDowell County - 99 7 from NC Transylvania County - 88 8 from NC Guilford County - 68 9 from NC Jackson County - 67 10 from SC Greenville County - 66 Buncombe County, NC:  Buncombe County, NC List of Major Counties Relocating from Buncombe County, NC in 2004 1 to NC Henderson County - 549 2 to NC Madison County - 259 3 to NC Haywood County - 244 4 to NC Mecklenburg County - 168 5 to NC McDowell County - 137 6 to NC Wake County - 133 7 to SC Greenville County - 104 8 to NC Transylvania County - 66 9 to NC Jackson County - 64 10 to NC New Hanover County - 61 Slide127:  Not sideline sitters “People people” Staying in charge Alert to life’s challenges Wired Assumptions Check Matures are….. No Standing Still :  No Standing Still Multi-Dimensional Leisure:  Multi-Dimensional Leisure Need More Time :  Need More Time Appreciate Input:  Listening to Experts (vs. following own instincts) Since 1998, an increase of forty-five percent more Boomers agree with that statement and an increase of 33% + more Seniors agree. Appreciate Input Knowledge Valued:  Knowledge Valued Characteristics important in deciding where to shop: Percent agreeing Boomers 57-64 65-74 75+ Knowledgeable salespeople 60 % 63% 57% 62% Spending Habits:  Spending Habits 68% “I am more careful about sticking to my budget when spending money today compared to a couple of years ago.” 61% Thinks they are not currently saving enough money for: Retirement Slide134:  Critical Concerns Major Challenges for People over 55 Boomers 57-64 65-74 75+ Financial security After retirement 75 83 71 71 Lack of adequate Healthcare coverage 61 63 51 54 *Taking care of elderly Parents 60 57 48 46 Being burden on children 50 54 55 55 In the Cyber Loop:  In the Cyber Loop Boomers Seniors 86 53 50 66 58 85 52 49 49 48 Frequently/occasionally use Internet for: Email Getting travel information Accessing health information Reading news Researching various subjects Self Descriptor:  Self Descriptor Open to new ideas Boomers 57-64 65-74 75+ 57% 62% 52% 52% Senior Directions:  Senior Directions Changing definitions: - Senior is simply an age (AARP 50+, discounts 55 or 60, Social Security 65) - Elderly tends to tied to age (over 80) and degree of physical activity - Frail is a delicate physical state, which we associate with the very old but can occur at any age Senior Directions:  Senior Directions Increasing focus on lifestyle and support network A society of far more people over 50 than under. Concern about social security, financing retirement and medical care Women earning 75% of men, economic issues arising for single women or widows Medical advances allowing all of us to live longer Senior Directions:  Senior Directions Reflect changes in America: of those over 65, top four groups, by size are: White, Hispanic, Black, and Asian Boomers using second home for eventual retirement Family not next door, but only a few hour’s drive away Not all stop working at 65 Senior Directions:  Senior Directions Staging homes lived in more than 20 years Aging in Place- modifying current home Universal Design -easy access and functioning for all Seniors Advantage Real Estate Council®:  Seniors Advantage Real Estate Council® MARKETING OUTREACH PROGRAM SAREC and YOU:  SAREC and YOU Website Marketing Business Plan Life. On your terms. ™ Marketing 101:  Marketing 101 Communication Don’t be afraid of the “D” word. 90% of today’s seniors say they use age-related discounts. Offer a “bundle of services” that are unique and prepared specifically for your mature client base Marketing 101:  Marketing 101 Direct Response Marketing Special Reports Post cards instead of letters Use larger type Use letters as follow up once a relationship has been established Use newsletters to keep your client base informed on senior specific property issues Establishing Your Marketing Program:  Establishing Your Marketing Program -Identify the Senior Market In your community zip codes, census reports -Identify who is talking to your market -Mail letter/postcard to prospect -Offer FREE “SPECIAL REPORTS”. -Set up a “hot line” phone for calls. Use LOCAL phone numbers. -Separate respondents from general database Establishing Your Marketing Program:  Establishing Your Marketing Program -“Personally” deliver Special Reports whenever possible -Deliver or mail “Custom Quarterly Newsletter” to all respondents -Mail “Offering Senior Special Pricing/Services” letter to all database clients Establishing Your Marketing Program:  Establishing Your Marketing Program Keep dates consistent Repeat the general database mailing with “Special Reports” every six months Update the database every year on the anniversary starting date Senior Advantage Marketing Program®:  Senior Advantage Marketing Program® Website is specially designed for SAREC members Includes tools and resources for marketing specifically to the seniors market “how to” scripts and outlines Follow up letters Custom client newsletters Industry updates Special Reports designed for buyers and sellers Other Ideas:  Other Ideas Seminars Senior Centers City Services Senior Seminars:  Senior Seminars GUEST SPEAKERS Generally not more than 3 plus you Lender Tax specialist, CPA Attorney Qualified Financial Planner Senior Seminars:  Senior Seminars WHO TO INVITE Your zip code client list Mature clients of the other speakers Mature clients from alternative living residences inquiries Old as well as new clients/friends Senior Seminars:  Senior Seminars MEETING DATE/LOCATION/GETTING THE WORD OUT -Consider when in the month and time -Hotel, church, senior center or private home -Create Ad Space in LETTERS/NEWSLETTER -Use free space in local papers, message on local radio/TV. -Other local senior media, church bulletins 7 Senior Seminars:  Senior Seminars ACTUAL EVENT -2 hrs. Maximum time for event -Mid-morning is best -Weekend or early PM is preferred because more seniors now work. Check your area. -Must provide food/snacks/coffee -Get raffle prize from local sponsor Some Thoughts:  Some Thoughts SENIOR CENTERS Contact as “TEAM” NOT Realtor Support specific “KEY” Events CITY SENIOR SERVICES Many communities offer “FREE” senior consulting services at monthly sessions. i.e.: tax planning, accounting, housing Ask for a Senior Division in your Chamber of Commerce. What services can you create? Slide160:  Now it’s your turn….. Putting Your Ideas to Work:  Putting Your Ideas to Work With your Special Report, to whom do you want to appeal? Who is your audience? What is your goal? What do you need to achieve it? What is your best approach? Your group’s ideas:__________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ Putting Your Ideas to Work:  Putting Your Ideas to Work What ideas and approaches did the other groups come up with? Senior Advantage Real Estate Council® and You!:  Senior Advantage Real Estate Council® and You! Seniors industry updates via member memos Quarterly newsletters for your clients Listing on our website of local SRES® A team dedicated to bringing increasing value to your membership Downloadable and customizeable ad templates SAREC® and You!:  SAREC® and You! Not affiliated with but partnerships created for member resources and discounts, such as : Moving for Seniors Buyers Home Warranty Retired Housing Online US Inspect Nostalgia America Square Trade Partnerships:  Partnerships Moving for Seniors A workbook that walks seniors and their families through the moving process with step-by-step exercises, which reduce stress and movers paralysis. Reduced price for SAREC® members. Partnerships:  Partnerships Buyers Home Warranty Provides discounts for clients of SRES® designees on Home Warranty products. Partnerships:  Partnerships Retired Housing Online Offers discounts for online advertising opportunities. Partnerships:  Partnerships U.S. Inspect (a national home inspection company) offers free brochures on the home inspection process that you can download & customize with your name and logo (and the SRES® logo!) especially important if your senior client hasn’t bought or sold in the last 15 + years Partnerships:  Partnerships Nostalgia America creates marketing pieces such as sepia postcards and newsletters with 1940s and’50s stories and photos appealing to the sentiment of several generations of seniors. offers SRES® designees a discount on their postcard program Partnerships:  Partnerships SquareTrade (third party verification service for such entities as eBay) provides the SRES® Client Assurance™ seal. offers subscription to an interactive Client Assurance™ website seal that tells consumers that you are licensed, certified and confidently advertising your status and your track record.  Seniors Real Estate Specialist®:  Seniors Real Estate Specialist® As you recognize the different generations of seniors and how to approach and communicate with them, with your service team behind you, loaded with marketing tools, you the SRES® can comfortably, effectively, and patiently discuss options with senior clients. My Last Thought:  My Last Thought You don’t have to be great to start…..but…… You’ve got to start to be GREAT! Welcome:  Welcome To the SAREC® team! Life. On your terms. ™ Not affiliated or endorsed by NAR Mark Given Real Estate Seminars:  Mark Given Real Estate Seminars Mark Given ABR,CRS,GRI,SRES P.O. Box 1460 Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870

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Emission trends (global and regional) - AR4 WGIII ...

Data extracted from Price et al. (2006). ... The projections for industrial CO 2 emissions for 2030 under the SRES-B2 2 scenarios are ... Blended cement ...
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3940 Paper Mill Rd Marietta, GA - Property Details - View ...

3940 Paper Mill Rd, Marietta, GA 30067. $1,895,000, ... Year Built 2006; MLS Listing ID # 5626070; Listing Status Pending; Add to favorites Schedule a Showing.
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CCMVal Forcings -

Overview of the New CCMVal Reference and Sensitivity Simulations ... (Core time period 1960 to 2006 ... REF-B2 with GHG scenario different than SRES ...
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San Diego Real Estate Homes for Sale Built After 2006 to ...

San Diego Real Estate CA - View the Homes for Sale newer than 2006, real estate listings built after 2006 to 2012, homes, San Diego County condos ...
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Arctic sea ice decline: Faster than forecast

Arctic sea ice decline: Faster than forecast ... Observations for the Arctic make use of a blended ... 21st century forcings based on the SRES A1B ...
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Evaluating the Performance of Merged Multi-Satellite ...

Evaluating the Performance of Merged Multi-Satellite Precipitation ... and blended in order to ... SREs. The period of 2006–2008 is ...
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May 16, 2006 CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS 40 Parts 266 to 299 Revised as of July 1, 2006 Protection of Environment Containing a codification of documents of ...
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