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Published on March 15, 2016

Author: AnjuRenjith

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1. Assignment2 • Create trigger forthe table EmployeeAllowance forinsert,delete andupdate Create a table say logtable ( intID- auto incrementing PrimaryKey EmployeeID, AllowanceID, Amount, Operation - vrachra(15), ChangedDate ) Inserttriggershouldinsertanentryforthe newlyinsertedrecord Update triggershouldinsertanentryfor the record before update Delete triggershouldinsertforthe recordwhichisgoingto be deleted The logtable shouldhave atextfield(operation) whichhasthe values - insert/update/delete. The ChangedDate shouldhave the date atthe time of insert/update/delete. • CREATE TABLE #temp ( name NVARCHAR(50) NULL, middlenameNVARCHAR(50) NULL, lastname NVARCHAR(50) NULL ); INSERT INTO#tempVALUES( 'Name',NULL, 'Last Name'); INSERT INTO#tempVALUES( 'Name','Middle Name','Last Name'); SELECT name +middlename+lastname ASResult FROM#temp; Withoutusing ISNULLhow can youreturnthe same outputforboth the selectstatements? • Queryto getthe stringafterthe secondhypheninanystring. Suppose the stringisSQL-Server-2012-Training. Output must be 2012-Training • Queryto insert2012 in the string‘SQL ServerTraining’. Output must be SQL Server 2012 Training • Suppose Ihave a table witha bitcolumn‘Gender’withvaluesTrue andFalse.Ineedtomake the True valuestoFalse andFalse valuestoTrue.Write a Queryfor it. CREATE TABLE [dbo].[StudentMarks] ( [Id] intNULL, [Name] varchar(20) NULL, [Marks] floatnull ) INSERT INTO[StudentMarks] VALUES (1, 'Abin', 100), (2, 'Prasad',90), (3, 'Arjun',80), (4, 'Anish',82), (5, 'Reshma',70),

2. (6, 'Ajay',100), (7, 'Jisna',83), (8, 'Jins',90), (9, 'Reshmi',65), (10, 'Ajayan',23), (11, 'Antony',45), (12, 'Bhaskar',70), (13, 'Lekshmi',55), (14, 'Ajaya ',90), (15, 'Anto',100), (16, 'Kalyani',65) I needtoget the Rank of students. Note:Studentswith the same mark must have the same rank • CREATE TABLE [dbo].[SplitColumns] ( [Id] [int] NULL, [Name] [varchar](20) NULL ) INSERT INTO[SplitColumns] VALUES (1, 'Abin,Ashok'), (2, 'Prasad,G'), (3, 'Arjun,Ramachandran'), (4, 'Anish,Kumar'), (5, 'Reshma,Rajan'), (6, 'Ajay,Krishnan'), (7, 'Jisna,Antony'), (8, 'Jins,Peter') GO The outputmust be as below: Write 3 queriesusingthe three followingmethods • Substringandcharindex • XML • Parsename • Is a primarykeya clusteredindex?Why? • CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Team]( [MemberId] [int] , [Name] [varchar](50) , [LeadId] [int] ,

3. ) INSERT INTOdbo.Team ([MemberId],[Name],[LeadId]) VALUES (1,'Mathew',NULL), (2,'John',NULL), (3,'Manmohan',NULL), (4,'Kannan',1), (5,'Jibu',2), (6,'Kiran',3), (7,'Sandeep',2), (8,'Joe',4), (9,'Prasad',3), (10,'Abin',3), (11,'Minu',1), (12,'Rekha',2), (13,'Ismail',5) Outputisrequiredinthe followingformat: Write 2 queriesone withSelfJoin and the other withCTE. • DECLARE @ProjectPlanTABLE ( ProjectCode VARCHAR(10), PlanCode VARCHAR(10), StartDate DATE ) INSERT INTO@ProjectPlanVALUES('Proj00001', 'P00001', '1-Sep-2014') INSERT INTO@ProjectPlanVALUES('Proj00001', 'P00002', '1-Oct-2014') INSERT INTO@ProjectPlanVALUES('Proj00001', 'P00003', '10-Oct-2014') INSERT INTO@ProjectPlanVALUES('Proj00001', 'P00004', '25-Oct-2014')

4. INSERT INTO@ProjectPlanVALUES('Proj00002', 'P00001', '1-Oct-2014') INSERT INTO@ProjectPlanVALUES('Proj00002', 'P00002', '1-Nov-2014') Outputmustbe as below For Proj00001, the PlanP00001 starts on 1-Sep-2014 and as PlanP00002 starts at 1-Oct-2014, the planP00001 endson 30-Sept-2014. • CREATE TABLE dbo.Location( LocationIDintNOT NULL, LocationName varchar(100) NOT NULL, ParentLocationIDintNULL, LocationType varchar(20) NOT NULL CONSTRAINTPK_LocationPRIMARYKEY CLUSTERED ( LocationIDASC ) ON [PRIMARY]) INSERT INTOdbo.Location(LocationID,LocationName,ParentLocationID,LocationType) VALUES(1,'India',null,'Country') INSERT INTOdbo.Location(LocationID,LocationName,ParentLocationID,LocationType) VALUES(2,'UnitedStates',null,'Country') INSERT INTOdbo.Location(LocationID,LocationName,ParentLocationID,LocationType) VALUES(3,'Kerala',1, 'State') INSERT INTOdbo.Location(LocationID,LocationName,ParentLocationID,LocationType) VALUES(4,'Kollam',3, 'City') INSERT INTOdbo.Location(LocationID,LocationName,ParentLocationID,LocationType) VALUES(5,'Kochi',3, 'City') INSERT INTOdbo.Location(LocationID,LocationName,ParentLocationID,LocationType) VALUES(6,'Kozhikode',3,'City') INSERT INTOdbo.Location(LocationID,LocationName,ParentLocationID,LocationType) VALUES(7,'Florida',2, 'State') INSERT INTOdbo.Location(LocationID,LocationName,ParentLocationID,LocationType) VALUES(8,'Miami', 7, 'City')

5. INSERT INTOdbo.Location(LocationID,LocationName,ParentLocationID,LocationType) VALUES(9, 'Illinois',2,'State') INSERT INTOdbo.Location(LocationID,LocationName,ParentLocationID,LocationType) VALUES(10, 'Chicago',9, 'City') INSERT INTOdbo.Location(LocationID,LocationName,ParentLocationID,LocationType) VALUES(11, 'Chennai',1,'State') INSERT INTOdbo.Location(LocationID,LocationName,ParentLocationID,LocationType) VALUES(12, 'Nagercoil',11,'City') The Country name will be givenas input. Write a query to get the citiesin the country. • Write scriptto add Checkconstraintsinthe EmployeeAllowance table whichwill make sure the Amountisnot null andalwaysgreaterthanzero. • Write scriptto add Unique constraintforthe columnAllowanceName inthe Allowance table • Write a queryto findthe nth highestsalaryfromthe EmployeeAllowancetable.Choosethe best method.Why? • CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Details] ( [Id] intNULL, [Name] nvarchar(50) NULL, [Address] nvarchar(200) NULL, [DateofEntry] datetime NULL ) INSERT INTO[Details] VALUES (1, 'Abin,Ashok','Address1Address1Address1','2015-10-25'), (2, 'Prasad,G','Address1Address1','2000-11-01'), (3, 'Arjun,Ramachandran','Address1','1998-05-10'), (4, 'Anish,Kumar','Address1Address1Address1','1999-01-01'), (5, 'Reshma,Rajan','Address1Address1','1999-12-12'),

6. (6, 'Ajay,Krishnan','Address1Address1','2013-06-01'), (7, 'Jisna,Antony','Address1vAddress1','2011-07-01'), (8, 'Jins,Peter','Address1Address1','1999-08-21') , (9, 'Abin,Ashok','Address1Address','1996-09-22'), (10, 'Abin,Ashok','Address1Address','1980-02-23'), (11, 'Abin,Ashok','Address1AddressAddress','1970-03-24'), (12, 'Arjun,Ramachandran','Address1AddressAddress','1960-04-25'), (13, 'Anish,Kumar','Address1000','1950-02-26'), (14, 'Reshma,Rajan','Address1Address1000','1962-04-27'), (15, 'Ajay,Krishnan','Address1Address1000','1945-08-28'), (16, 'Arjun,Ramachandran','Address1Address1000','1985-10-29'), (17, 'Anish,Kumar','Address1Address1000Address1000','1942-12-30'), (18, 'Reshma,Rajan','Address1Address1000Address1000Address1000','1974-12-31'), (19, 'Ajay,Krishnan','Address1Address1000','1975-11-01'), (20, 'Arjun,Ramachandran','Address1Address1000','2015-12-02'), (21, 'Anish,Kumar','Address2000Address2000','2009-01-03'), (22, 'Reshma,Rajan','Address1Address2000','2008-04-04'), (23, 'Ajay,Krishnan','Address1Address2000','2004-09-05'), (24, 'Prasad,G', 'Address1Address2000Address2000','2013-02-13'), (25, 'Prasad,G', 'Address1Address2000Address2000','1993-11-20') Write a queryto findthe latestaddressof eachperson. Write anotherqueryto findthe numberof duplicate recordsof eachperson • Inputisa stringand a character( can be a single quotes,analphabet,anumber,acomma , any special character) withinthe string.

7. Write a queryto delete the charactersinthe stringafterthe inputcharacter. Eg: the stringis‘SQLServer-2000’and the character is -. The outputwill be ‘SQLServer’

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