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Published on March 15, 2016

Author: AnjuRenjith

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1. 1. Create a database ‘EmployeeDB’withthe followingtables You have to choose the data typesof the fields. Table name - Allowance ( intID- auto incrementing PrimaryKey, AllowanceID, Allowance Name ) Table name - Designation ( intID- auto incrementing PrimaryKey DesignationID, Designation Name ) Table name - Employee ( EmployeeID- autoincrementingPrimary Key, FirstName , MiddleName, LastName, DateofBirth, DesignationID- FKtoDesignationtable, MobileTelephone Address, City, State, Country, Gender(hint:bitfield(true-male,false-female)) ) Table name - EmployeeAllowance ( intID- auto incrementing PrimaryKey EmployeeID–FKto Employee table, AllowanceID- FKtoAllowance table, Amount ) Table name - DesignationAllowanceMapping ( intID- auto incrementing PrimaryKey DesignationID–FKto Designationtable, AllowanceID- FKtoAllowance table )

2. 2. Write separate SQL Functionsforthe following a. employeeidasa parameterand outputsthe total salaryof that employee b. employeeidasa parameterandoutputsthe age of that employee c. employee idasaparameterand outputs employee id,name,designation,age,address,city,state, country, mobile telephone 3. Write a SQL Viewtogetemployee id,name,designation, age, address,city,state,country, mobile telephone,genderandtotal salary.Use the SQL functionswhich compute age and total salary in the view 4. Write a SQL StoredProcedure to get outputinthe followingformat. The storedprocedure shoulduse the viewfor employee details. 5. Write a stored procedure to getoutputin the followingformat. This stored procedure shouldnot use the viewand functions No needtoconsiderthe above valuesinthe output. Justthe above formatisrequired Please sendthe answersbytomorrow12pm.We shall have the call by4pm. You can sendthe answersinscripts.

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