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Information about Spyfall_Business_Card_PnP_1

Published on October 21, 2018

Author: tobeylijun

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: Location: Airplane Role: First Class Passenger Location: Airplane Role: Air Marshall Location: Airplane Role: Mechanic Location: Airplane Role: Economy Class Passenger Location: Airplane Role: Stewardess Location: Airplane Role: Co-Pilot Location: Airplane Role: Captain Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Bank Role: Armored Car Driver Location: Bank Role: Manager slide 2: Location: Bank Role: Consultant Location: Bank Role: Customer Location: Bank Role: Robber Location: Bank Role: Security Guard Location: Bank Role: Teller Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Beach Role: Beach Waitress Location: Beach Role: Kite Surfer Location: Beach Role: Lifeguard Location: Beach Role: Thief slide 3: Location: Beach Role: Beach Goer Location: Beach Role: Beach Photographer Location: Beach Role: Ice Cream Truck Driver Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Casino Role: Bartender Location: Casino Role: Head Security Guard Location: Casino Role: Bouncer Location: Casino Role: Manager Location: Casino Role: Hustler Location: Casino Role: Dealer slide 4: Location: Casino Role: Gambler Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Cathedral Role: Priest Location: Cathedral Role: Beggar Location: Cathedral Role: Sinner Location: Cathedral Role: Parishioner Location: Cathedral Role: Tourist Location: Cathedral Role: Sponsor Location: Cathedral Role: Choir Singer Location: Role: You are the Spy slide 5: Location: Circus Tent Role: Acrobat Location: Circus Tent Role: Animal Trainer Location: Circus Tent Role: Magician Location: Circus Tent Role: Visitor Location: Circus Tent Role: Fire Eater Location: Circus Tent Role: Clown Location: Circus Tent Role: Juggler Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Corporate Party Role: Entertainer Location: Corporate Party Role: Manager slide 6: Location: Corporate Party Role: Unwelcomed Guest Location: Corporate Party Role: Owner Location: Corporate Party Role: Secretary Location: Corporate Party Role: Accountant Location: Corporate Party Role: Delivery Boy Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Crusader Army Role: Monk Location: Crusader Army Role: Imprisoned Arab Location: Crusader Army Role: Servant Location: Crusader Army Role: Bishop slide 7: Location: Crusader Army Role: Squire Location: Crusader Army Role: Archer Location: Crusader Army Role: Knight Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Day Spa Role: Customer Location: Day Spa Role: Stylist Location: Day Spa Role: Masseuse Location: Day Spa Role: Manicurist Location: Day Spa Role: Makeup Artist Location: Day Spa Role: Dermatologist slide 8: Location: Day Spa Role: Beautician Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Embassy Role: Security Guard Location: Embassy Role: Secretary Location: Embassy Role: Ambassador Location: Embassy Role: Government Official Location: Embassy Role: Tourist Location: Embassy Role: Refugee Location: Embassy Role: Diplomat Location: Role: You are the Spy slide 9: Location: Hospital Role: Nurse Location: Hospital Role: Doctor Location: Hospital Role: Anesthesiologist Location: Hospital Role: Intern Location: Hospital Role: Patient Location: Hospital Role: Therapist Location: Hospital Role: Surgeon Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Hotel Role: Doorman Location: Hotel Role: Security Guard slide 10: Location: Hotel Role: Manager Location: Hotel Role: Housekeeper Location: Hotel Role: Customer Location: Hotel Role: Bartender Location: Hotel Role: Bellman Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Military Base Role: Deserter Location: Military Base Role: Colonel Location: Military Base Role: Medic Location: Military Base Role: Soldier slide 11: Location: Military Base Role: Sniper Location: Military Base Role: Officer Location: Military Base Role: Tank Engineer Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Movie Studio Role: Stuntman Location: Movie Studio Role: Sound Engineer Location: Movie Studio Role: Cameraman Location: Movie Studio Role: Director Location: Movie Studio Role: Costume Artist Location: Movie Studio Role: Actor slide 12: Location: Movie Studio Role: Producer Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Ocean Liner Role: Rich Passenger Location: Ocean Liner Role: Cook Location: Ocean Liner Role: Captain Location: Ocean Liner Role: Bartender Location: Ocean Liner Role: Musician Location: Ocean Liner Role: Waiter Location: Ocean Liner Role: Mechanic Location: Role: You are the Spy slide 13: Location: Passenger Train Role: Mechanic Location: Passenger Train Role: Border Patrol Location: Passenger Train Role: Train Attendant Location: Passenger Train Role: Passenger Location: Passenger Train Role: Restaurant Chef Location: Passenger Train Role: Engineer Location: Passenger Train Role: Stoker Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Pirate Ship Role: Cook Location: Pirate Ship Role: Sailor slide 14: Location: Pirate Ship Role: Slave Location: Pirate Ship Role: Cannoneer Location: Pirate Ship Role: Bound Prisoner Location: Pirate Ship Role: Cabin Boy Location: Pirate Ship Role: Brave Captain Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Polar Station Role: Medic Location: Polar Station Role: Geologist Location: Polar Station Role: Expedition Leader Location: Polar Station Role: Biologist slide 15: Location: Polar Station Role: Radioman Location: Polar Station Role: Hydrologist Location: Polar Station Role: Meteorologist Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Police Station Role: Detective Location: Police Station Role: Lawyer Location: Police Station Role: Journalist Location: Police Station Role: Criminalist Location: Police Station Role: Archivist Location: Police Station Role: Patrol Officer slide 16: Location: Police Station Role: Criminal Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Restaurant Role: Musician Location: Restaurant Role: Customer Location: Restaurant Role: Bouncer Location: Restaurant Role: Hostess Location: Restaurant Role: Head Chef Location: Restaurant Role: Food Critic Location: Restaurant Role: Waiter Location: Role: You are the Spy slide 17: Location: School Role: Gym Teacher Location: School Role: Student Location: School Role: Principal Location: School Role: Security Guard Location: School Role: Janitor Location: School Role: Lunch Lady Location: School Role: Maintenance Man Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Service Station Role: Manager Location: Service Station Role: Tire Specialist slide 18: Location: Service Station Role: Biker Location: Service Station Role: Car Owner Location: Service Station Role: Car Wash Operator Location: Service Station Role: Electrician Location: Service Station Role: Auto Mechanic Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Space Station Role: Engineer Location: Space Station Role: Alien Location: Space Station Role: Space Tourist Location: Space Station Role: Pilot slide 19: Location: Space Station Role: Commander Location: Space Station Role: Scientist Location: Space Station Role: Doctor Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Submarine Role: Cook Location: Submarine Role: Commander Location: Submarine Role: Sonar Technician Location: Submarine Role: Electronics Technician Location: Submarine Role: Sailor Location: Submarine Role: Radioman slide 20: Location: Submarine Role: Navigator Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: Supermarket Role: Customer Location: Supermarket Role: Cashier Location: Supermarket Role: Butcher Location: Supermarket Role: Janitor Location: Supermarket Role: Security Guard Location: Supermarket Role: Food Sample Demonstrator Location: Supermarket Role: Shelf Stocker Location: Role: You are the Spy slide 21: Location: Broadway Theater Role: Coat Check Lady Location: Broadway Theater Role: Prompter Location: Broadway Theater Role: Cashier Location: Broadway Theater Role: Visitor Location: Broadway Theater Role: Director Location: Broadway Theater Role: Actor Location: Broadway Theater Role: Crewman Location: Role: You are the Spy Location: University Role: Graduate Student Location: University Role: Professor slide 22: Location: University Role: Dean Location: University Role: Psychologist Location: University Role: Maintenance Man Location: University Role: Student Location: University Role: Janitor Location: Role: You are the Spy PnP Version designed for printing on Avery 8371 Business Card Paper but will likely work with almost any printable business card paper You will also need 27 bags to place the locations into in order to play the game. - Version 1.0 - PnP Version Created by BGG User IgneusManus - Uploaded to boardgamegeek.com on 11/19/2014 - Based on the Locations and Roles posted by BGG User koenigcitizen - Uploaded with permission of Alexey Babaitsev BGG User Imploded - Permission to upload granted here: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/174876921748 7692

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