Spruce Up Your Meeting By Ordering Catered Food

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Information about Spruce Up Your Meeting By Ordering Catered Food

Published on August 25, 2016

Author: carlevans_ca

Source: authorstream.com

Spruce Up Your Meeting By Ordering Catered Food : Spruce Up Your Meeting By Ordering Catered Food Slide 2: Busy companies have a difficult time fitting in all of the meetings they need to have throughout the day. Finding time for budgeting, client meetings, sales planning and more can require a little thought and flexibility. Sometimes it makes sense to schedule these meetings during lunch when everyone will be around. To make the meeting more bearable, it’s a great idea to order lunch.   Get People Excited for a Free Meal   When lunch is being served at a meeting, most employees are thrilled about the prospect of a free meal. They are more enthusiastic about attending the meeting and usually okay with the idea of missing their normal lunch break. Slide 3: Food is Comfort   Food helps people feel comfortable, especially in a stressful meeting environment. It will break the ice if you are meeting new clients. It can also alleviate some of the stress involved with number crunching or forecasting.   Increase the Visual Appeal   Most meetings look boring and uneventful. People are usually glad they are not apart of them. When food is served at the meeting, the vibe changes. The meeting becomes a hotspot and people are glad they were invited. Slide 4: It’s easy to spruce up your event by ordering catered food. Contact a caterer for your corporate lunch meeting in San Diego.

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