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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: mbcmen

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http://www.sbips.com - Preschool gives better growth in the children learning and thinking as well as develops curiosity and gives good communication too.

Springboard International Pre-School Mission, Values and Education www.sbips.com www.facebook.com/SpringboardInt

Understanding the Learning Curve The early years of a child have a critical influence on later development and learning. Quality learning experiences have been found to make a difference to the future achievements of children. For children to be long-life learners, they have to be able to,  Explore the Environment  Be able to solve problems  Use language to express themselves  Co-operate with others for play and work

Understanding the Learning Curve Nurturing environments, particularly from pre-natal to six years of age, are essential for healthy brain development of a child. Early experiences literally shape how the brain is built; a strong foundation increases the probability of positive outcomes. Recent research on brain development states that the child learns best when they are allowed to learn in a stimulating and enriched environment in the presence of warm and nurturing adults. This interactive relationship with the adult and the environment enhances the brain development of the child.

Our Beliefs and Vision We believe that children need a lot of encouragement and support to explore, experiment and flourish. Our Vision is to help each child reach his full potential in a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Why choose Springboard?  Springboard is a fun, safe and nurturing environment for little learners from 15 months through to 5 and-a-half years of age.  With excellent facilities and resources, your little one will develop a curiosity and enthusiasm for learning that will help them to become school ready.  They will learn to explore, discover new things, try out new skills, as well as build sound communication and essential social skills in a warm, enriched and caring environment.  Our greatest asset is our belief in building a strong foundation for life-long learning from which stems our truly international Curriculum proven by scientific studies.  Based on iTeach, our curriculum is designed around facilitating your little ones to explore the environment, solve problems, use language to express themselves and collaborate with others to play, learn and implement learning.  We offer a rich, stimulating environment for your children and foster their development in a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Curriculum at Springboard At the heart of our pre-school curriculum is the child. Based on iTeach, our curriculum aims to develop children to become life-long learners by helping them to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and dispositions through 6 learning areas in the context of broad themes. These teaching principles have been in good practice in the early-years of children and have been drawn from them. They also ensure that a firm foundation is built for the next stage of learning. They are the core of Springboard’s Pre-School Curriculum.

As parents, you understand your child most intimately and therefore play an important part in providing a home environment that will support the learning and development of your child. Your role in the holistic development of your child continues when he/she attends pre-school. It is therefore helpful for you to know the principles which guide the learning experiences that are planned for your child by his pre-school and his teachers.

Curriculum at Springboard - iTEACH  I – Integrated Learning  T – Teachers as Supporters of Learning  E – Engaging Children in Learning through Play  Learning experiences are integrated as a whole through interdisciplinary activities rather than separated into subjects. Within a meaningful context, children discover things from observations, inquiry, exploration and first-hand experiences.  Children are given opportunities for extensive and meaningful interactions with materials, peers and teachers. Knowledge is constructed and relationships are built when children interact in a nurturing and positive environment. Teachers who understand how children develop and learn will be able to support and extend their learning and thinking.  Play is a vehicle for motivating children to learn about themselves and the world around them. To stimulate children’s learning and extend their thinking through play, we provide a sense-rich environment and facilitate their learning. A – Ample Opportunities for Interaction C – Children as Active Learners Learning is most effective when children are actively involved in tasks meaningful to them. Children are encouraged to explore, discover and construct their own knowledge in a safe and caring environment. H – Holistic Development Children are provided opportunities to develop key knowledge, skills and dispositions in the following areas: aesthetics and creative expression, environmental awareness, language and literacy, motor skills development, numeracy, and self and social awareness.

Contact Us Springboard International Pre-School Behind Telephone Exchange, Pragathi Enclave, Miyapur, Hyderabad - 500049 Andhra Pradesh, INDIA Phone: +91-40-42604517

New branches Opening Soon in Nizampet and Vivekananda Nagar, Andhra Pradesh

On the Web - www.sbips.com Facebook - www.facebook.com/SpringboardInt

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