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Information about Sports Massage Technique

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: phill_hill


PowerPoint Presentation: Sports Massage Technique PowerPoint Presentation: Did you know that a sports massage is more complicated than your normal massage routine? This is because the massage styles are very quite different from the conventional ones. What if you want to learn how to massage like the professionals? Perhaps you yourself are an athlete and want to get a piece of the sports massage. What is a sports massage?: What is a sports massage? It is specially customized for an athlete. It is applied only on the main muscles that are involved in the sport. For example, the massage is always focused on a runner's legs if the athlete is a runner. Doing a sports massage takes these 4 steps. Compression : Compression When you use your muscles a lot, they need to be compressed. Apply direct pressure and calm the muscle and its surrounding area. This way, your muscles can relax. You can combat spasm too. Cross-fiber friction : Cross-fiber friction Cross-fiber friction is actually the use of some relatively intense rubbing motion across the opposite direction of the muscle fibers. This method is very effective for muscle fibers that have sustained heavy strains during the sport. Deep pressure: Deep pressure Due to the continuous workout and tough schedule, athletes often develop sore spots throughout their body. This is where you have to apply direct, deep pressure onto the specific body parts to treat the knotted, cramped and contracted muscle tissues. Kneading: Kneading When massaging an athlete, you have to provide more force. After all, these are people with athletic abilities. They depend on their muscles and often overuse them. As a guideline, your massage moves have to big and strong. Try to grab as much muscle tissues as possible. Sports massage is complicated. But you can receive a very comfortable foot massage on the zero gravity chair or anti gravity chair especially if you are a runner or cyclist. PowerPoint Presentation: Resources:

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