Sports Injury Infection: Spot It & Stop It

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Information about Sports Injury Infection: Spot It & Stop It

Published on February 21, 2014

Author: eviedawson22



Athletes tend to have a better health conditions. The only thins they need to do is little changes in their lifestyle and to be aware of the risk factors. Injuries are the common part of sports. Healing from sports injuries can take some time, one should not force his or her body during injury time. Only return to the game after applying all possible injury prevention strategies. Many time these injuries leads skin infections like fungal infections, bacterial infections, and viral infections. Sports experts advice to take into action proper personal hygiene with the best antibacterial soap e.g Defense Soap.

Sports Injury Infection : Spot It & Stop It

Introduction  Sports Injury  Sports at higher risk of injury infection  Immediate injury treatment “Step-by-Step”  Tips you can use to stay safe whatever sport you      play Skin Infections Signs of skin infections due to injury If the infection is worse SYMPTOMS may include MRSA Tips for Athletes - Prevent MRSA Infection

Sports Injury 5 common sports injuries on the field or track:           Achilles Tendinitis Groin Strain Arch Pain Ankle Sprain Lower Back Pain Shoulder Injury Runner's Knee Achilles Tendinitis Torn Ligaments Torn Cartilage

Sports at Higher Risk of Injury Infection Wrestling

Other Sports t Risk:

Immediate Injury Treatment “Step-byStep” Steps  Stop the activity immediately.  Wrap the injured part in a compression bandage.  Apply ice to the injured part (use a bag of crushed ice or a bag of frozen vegetables) for no more than 15 minutes at a time.  Let the area warm completely before applying ice again, in order to prevent frostbite.  Elevate the injured part to reduce swelling.  Get to a physician for a proper diagnosis of any serious injury.

Tips You Can Use To Stay Safe Whatever Sport You Play 1. Be in proper physical condition to play a sport 2. Know and abide by the rules of the sport 3. Wear appropriate protective gear and equipment 4. Avoid playing when very tired or in pain 5. Always warm up before playing 6. Rest

Skin Infections Fungal, bacterial and viral infections represent the majority of skin infections in athletes.

Signs of Skin Infections Due To Injury  Redness  Swelling  Heat (increased temperature at wound site)  Pain and tenderness  Formation of pus

Worse SYMPTOMS May ​Include: If the infection is worse SYMPTOMS may ​include:  Increased swelling  Red streaks travelling away from the wound  Foul smelling or increasing amounts of draining pus and fluid  Fever, chills, nausea or vomiting  Swollen lymph nodes throughout the body

MRSA MRSA: Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus In recent years, MRSA has gained the attention of the individuals from sports illustrating the urgent need to develop better ways to diagnose and treat bacterial infections.

Tips for Athletes - Prevent MRSA Infection Practicing good personal hygiene is the best way to avoid getting a MRSA infection. Other recommendations for athletes include:  Use pump soap dispensers with best antibacterial soap and avoid bar soap  Don't share towels, personal items, clothing or equipment  Clean gym or sports equipment with disinfectant sprays before and after use  Report any cuts or abrasions to the coach or team trainer and have them monitored as they help

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