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Published on February 28, 2014

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Sport Relief gets people involved in fundraising through a series of charity events. The Ready-To-Go Sport Relief Quiz provides everything you need to host the best charity quiz night - with quiz questions, score cards, and, of course, the answers!

THE READY-TO-GO SPORT RELIEF QUIZ This ready-made quiz features absolutely everything you need to make raising a stack of cash for Sport Relief easier than doing the hurdles without the hurdles. Step 1 – Venue Decide where to hold your quiz, such as at work or in a local pub/community hall. Step 2 – Publicity We’ve got a bundle of tips for you to download to help you get people to come along. Step 3 – Quizmaster Nominate a quizmaster with a nice loud voice and make sure no-one else sees the answers. Step 4 – Donations Decide whether you’ll charge for entry by person or by team. Step 5 – Customise You don’t have to do all eight rounds, just pick your favourites. Step 6 – Answers Print and photocopy enough answer sheets for each team. There's a sheet at the back for you to keep track of the team totals. Top tip You can include bonus points for the funniest team name! Top tip To raise even more money, you could sell cakes and have a raffle at your quiz. Top tip Before you begin, you could let teams pay to double their points in one round. Or, if they’re struggling, perhaps they could pay for a clue. Top tip See if you can get a prize donated for the winning team, to increase the competitive spirit in the room. Thanks to QuizQuizQuiz Ltd for providing the quiz questions.

ROUND 1 – Magnificent multitaskers These talented folks can do more than one event. 1 Dame Sarah Storey won four golds in cycling at the 2012 Paralympics, but she'd previously won medals in which other sport? 2 Which great British decathlete attempted a career in professional football at Reading FC in the 1990s? 3 In Olympic swimming, what is the first stroke of a medley? 4 The great Fred Perry was not only a winner of eight tennis Grand Slams, but also, in 1929, World Champion in which other sport? 5 Footballers Curtis Woodhouse and Leon McKenzie, as well as cricketer Andrew Flintoff, have all competed professionally in which other sport? 6 Alex Zanardi, a former Formula 1 driver, won for the first time at Brands Hatch in his long sporting career in September 2012. In what event did he win Paralympic gold? 7 What is the name of the event in track cycling where riders have to take part in six different events to find an overall winner? The women's winner at London 2012 was Laura Trott. 8 Which Olympic sport was invented by Baron Pierre de Coubertin to replicate the various skills needed by a cavalry soldier behind enemy lines? ROUND 2 – Film and TV An on-screen sport mixture to mull over. 1 Which Scottish actor was the narrator of the popular spoof documentary 'Twenty Twelve'? 2 The star of 'The Apprentice', Lord Sugar, is the former chairman of which Premier League football club? 3 What is the nickname of the Belgian footballer Marouane Fellaini, after an equally frizzy-haired character from the 90s American comedy 'Saved by the Bell'? 4 The 2013 film 'Rush' is about the rivalry between Austrian Formula 1 star Niki Lauda and which British driver, portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in the film? 5 Which superstar singer played "All the Way" Mae in the 1992 baseball film 'A League of Their Own'? 6 Two films about boxing have won the Oscar for Best Picture - name either one of them. 7 The first sportspeople to win both 'Strictly Come Dancing' and 'I'm a Celebrity ...' came from which sport? 8 What four words did the Queen say as part of the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony in the video scene at Buckingham Palace?

ROUND 3 – Great British underdogs Things didn’t always go to plan for these plucky Brits. 1 Which snooker great beat Jimmy White four times in the final of the World Championship? 2 What first name is shared by the wives of both gallant British non-Grand Slam winners Tim Henman and Greg Rusedski? 3 Which popular British boxer lost three world title fights before finally becoming WBC Heavyweight champion against Oliver McCall in 1995? 4 Which of these golfers has finished more times in the Top 5 of major golf tournaments without winning: Colin Montgomerie or Lee Westwood? 5 Michael Knighton almost (but not quite!) bought which football club for £20 million in 1989? 6 Although Colin Jackson was never Olympic champion, he was twice world champion and world record holder in which event? 7 Who, in 2013, did Gareth Southgate succeed as England Under-21 coach? CLUE: they both missed a penalty for England in the semi-final of a major tournament. 8 The first Tour de France was in 1903, so how many years passed before a British competitor won it for the first time? ROUND 4 – Sport and music A smattering of sport and music collaborative conundrums. 1 Elton John is the former chairman of which football club? 2 'So You Wanna Be a Boxer?' is a song from which musical film from 1976, which featured children in all the leading roles? 3 The 2012 Paralympics Closing Ceremony featured an extended set by which globally successful British band? 4 Which Manchester boxer, who made a brief comeback in 2012, used to enter the ring to a punk version of the song 'Blue Moon'? 5 What band, which also performed 'One Day Like This' and 'Open Arms' at the Opening Ceremony, wrote and recorded 'First Steps', the BBC theme for the 2012 Olympics? 6 Don Fardon had a Top 40 hit in 1970 with 'Belfast Boy', a song about which legendary footballer? 7 Which smooth rapper's 2005 hit 'Signs', which features Justin Timberlake, contains the line, "You'll see Venus and Serena in the Wimbledon arena"? 8 Lance Armstrong dated which American singer, whose songs include 'Everyday is a Winding Road', 'My Favourite Mistake' and 'Perfect Lie'?

ROUND 5 – Sport in numbers Every answer is a number, and as the round goes on, each number is larger than the last answer. 1 Rebecca Adlington is Britain's most successful female Olympic swimmer. How many Olympic medals did she win in total? 2 In basketball, how many players from each team are there on court at one time? 3 At the 1984 Winter Olympics, Torvill & Dean famously received the perfect score for artistic impression from all the judges. What was that score? 4 To the nearest metre, what is the men's long jump world record? 5 Add the number of Olympic gold medals won by Sir Chris Hoy to the number of Olympic gold medals won by Sir Bradley Wiggins to the number won by Victoria Pendleton. What do you get? 6 How many Premier League titles did Sir Alex Ferguson win as Manchester United manager? 7 When going for glory in the 10,000m, how many laps of the track does Mo Farah run? 8 In a heptathlon, what is the total number of metres, over the seven events, a competitor runs on the track? ROUND 6 – Olympic heroes These sporting legends made their mark on the biggest stage. 1 Which was the only 2012 Olympic event in which two siblings won medals in the same event for Great Britain? 2 Which great Olympian was voted all-time Golden Sports Personality in 2003 as part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations of Sports Personality of the Year? 3 As well as Sir Chris Hoy, name one of the two other British cyclists who won two gold medals at the 2012 Olympics? 4 What is the nickname of David Weir, winner of four golds in wheelchair racing at the 2012 Paralympics? 5 Jessica Ennis-Hill won the heptathlon in 2012, Denise Lewis in 2000, but which Dame won the pentathlon at the 1972 Olympics in Munich? 6 Josef Craig, the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year for 2012, broke a world record and won Paralympic gold in which sport? 7 Which Olympic hero, who has since been knighted, was the first person to carry the Olympic torch when it came to the UK in May 2012? 8 At 54 years old, who was the oldest gold medal winner for Team GB at the London 2012 Olympics?

ROUND 7 – Sport and flags Some questions on sporting symbolism. 1 What colour flag do marshals wave in a Formula 1 race to indicate that the safety car has been deployed? 2 Which great decathlete whistled while the Great Britain flag was raised to celebrate his victory at the 1984 Olympics? 3 The badge on the Scotland football shirt features the Royal Standard of Scotland, which contains which animal? 4 A flag often seen at Australian sporting events depicts which animal boxing? 5 London 2012 discus champion Robert Harting celebrated by running down the track leaping over the hurdles with his national flag wrapped round his shoulders. Which country's flag? 6 A corner flag by a football pitch must be above a minimum height - what is that minimum height (in feet)? 7 What colour ring on the Olympic flag interlocks with the black ring and red ring? 8 When Andy Murray triumphed at the 2013 Wimbledon Championships, who was seen holding up the flag of Scotland behind David Cameron's head? ROUND 8 – True or false Which of these sporting stories are true and which are false? 1 The Ancient Olympics featured an event known as 'The Shark Swim' where brave competitors would have to swim across an enclosure created in the Piraeus harbour containing several hungry sharks. 2 The great C.B. Fry, who played for England at cricket and football, also once equalled the world record in the long jump. 3 As a child growing up in France, the enormous wrestler Andre the Giant, too huge to fit in the school bus or family car, was given a lift to school in a pick-up truck belonging to neighbour and family friend, Nobel-winning author Samuel Beckett. 4 'Friends' star Matthew Perry was a nationally ranked junior in tennis in Canada, despite missing part of his middle finger on his right hand. 5 When Gary Lineker moved to Tottenham Hotspur in 1989, he was given his own changing room after the first week when other players complained about his habit of doing his warm up exercises whilst completely naked in front of the rest of the team. 6 When the great ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky found out in 1988 that he had been traded from the Edmonton Oilers to the Los Angeles Kings, he was babysitting the singer Robin Thicke, who had a huge hit in 2013 with 'Blurred Lines'. 7 In 2012, The Old Man of Hoy, a famous sea stack in Orkney, had its name changed by the Scottish tourist board to The Old Man of Sir Chris Hoy, in honour of the gold medal-winning cyclist. 8 Olympic supremo Sebastian Coe spent a year after school working as a railway repair man to earn enough money to pay for his training, and would run home along the railway tracks behind the last train of the evening.

THE ANSWERS ROUND 1 – Magnificent multitaskers ROUND 5 – Sport in numbers 1 Swimming 2 Daley Thompson 3 Backstroke 4 Table tennis 5 Boxing 6 Hand cycling (He lost both legs in an Indy Car accident in 2001) 7 Omnium 8 Modern Pentathlon (fencing, swimming, showjumping, running and shooting) 1 4 (two gold, two bronze) 2 5 3 6 4 9m (8.95m) 5 12 (6+4+2) 6 13 7 25 8 1100m (100m hurdles + 200m + 800m) ROUND 2 – Film and TV 1 David Tennant 2 Tottenham Hotspur 3 Screech 4 James Hunt 5 Madonna 6 'Rocky' and 'Million Dollar Baby' 7 Cricket (Darren Gough and Mark Ramprakash) 8 Good evening, Mr Bond ROUND 3 – Great British underdogs 1 Stephen Hendry 2 Lucy 3 Frank Bruno 4 Lee Westwood (10 to 6) 5 Manchester United 6 110m hurdles 7 Stuart Pearce 8 109 - Bradley Wiggins won it in 2012, then Chris Froome in 2013 ROUND 4 – Sport and music 1 Watford 2 Bugsy Malone 3 Coldplay 4 Ricky Hatton 5 Elbow 6 George Best 7 Snoop Dogg 8 Sheryl Crow ROUND 6 – Olympic heroes 1 Triathlon (Brownlee brothers) 2 Sir Steve Redgrave 3 Jason Kenny and Laura Trott 4 The Weirwolf/The Werewolf 5 Dame Mary Peters 6 Swimming (400m freestyle) 7 Sir Ben Ainslie 8 Nick Skelton (in the show-jumping team event) ROUND 7 – Sport and flags 1 Yellow 2 Daley Thompson 3 Lion (The Lion Rampant) 4 Kangaroo 5 Germany 6 5 feet 7 Green 8 Alex Salmond ROUND 8 – True or false 1 FALSE 2 TRUE 3 TRUE 4 TRUE 5 FALSE 6 TRUE 7 FALSE 8 FALSE

Team name ROUND 1 – Magnificent multitaskers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 SCORE ROUND 2 – Film and TV 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 SCORE

Team name ROUND 3 – Great British underdogs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 SCORE ROUND 4 – Sport and music 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 SCORE

Team name ROUND 5 – Sport in numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 SCORE ROUND 6 – Olympic heroes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 SCORE

Team name ROUND 7 – Sport and flags 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 SCORE ROUND 8 – True or false 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 SCORE TOTAL SCORE

Team name Round Round Round Round Round Round Round Round Overall Winner 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 total Sport Relief is an initiative of Comic Relief, registered charity 326568 (England/Wales); SC039730 (Scotland). Photo credit: Vincent Starr Team totals SR14_076

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