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Published on December 10, 2008

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Slide 1:  30.09.2007 Purpose : 2 Purpose General overview of Sport Canada Information on AAP 30th Anniversary Podium Canada Sport Canada - athlete relationship Why Does the Federal Government Support Sport? : 3 Why Does the Federal Government Support Sport? Sport contributes to: Canadian Identity Youth Development National Unity Social Cohesion Economic Growth and Prosperity Community Development Health and Quality of Life Cultural Diversity Achievement of International Objectives of Government of Canada Overview of the Canadian Sport System : 4 Overview of the Canadian Sport System Community Municipally-organized programs, sport clubs, schools, municipal governments Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations, Provincial Sport Federations, Provincial/Territorial governments National 55 National Sport Organizations, 15 Multisport Service Organizations, 7 Canadian Sport Centres, Government of Canada (Canadian Heritage Sport Portfolio) International International federations, governmental and non-governmental bodies Sport Canada - Mission & Vision : 5 Sport Canada - Mission & Vision Mission To enhance opportunities for Canadians to participate and excel in sport Vision of a Leading Sport Nation A dynamic and leading-edge sport environment that enables all Canadians to experience and enjoy involvement in sport to the extent of their abilities and interests and, for increasing numbers, to perform consistently and successfully at the highest competitive levels Sport Canada Programs : 6 Sport Canada Programs Hosting Program (HP) Assistance to sport organizations to host the Canada Games and international sport events in Canada; and Produces significant sport, economic, social and cultural legacies. Sport Support Program (SSP) The primary funding vehicle for initiatives delivering Canadian Sport Policy goals; Achieves excellence at the highest international levels; Enhances opportunities for all Canadians to participate; and Advances Canadian interests and values in Canada and abroad. Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) Provides grants to identified athletes already at or having the potential to be in the top sixteen in the world in their sport; and Enables Canadian athletes to pursue world-class performances at major international sporting events. Key Partners : 7 Sport Community (e.g. Canadian Olympic Committee, Canadian Paralympic Committee, Alpine Canada, Athletes CAN) 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Federal Secretariat Provinces and Territories Health Canada / Public Health Agency of Canada INAC Regional Development Agencies Key Partners Slide 8: 8 Sport Canada Budget The Power of Sport : 9 The Power of Sport “Sport has the power to change the world, the power to inspire, the power to unite people in a way that little else can... sport can create hope... it is an instrument for peace.” -Nelson Mandela Athlete Assistance Program- 30years : 10 Athlete Assistance Program- 30years History of Program : 11 History of Program 1977 AAP is launched with a budget of $1.8 m 1981-82 Extended Assistance for retiring athletes introduced 1986-87 Paralympic Athletes eligible for C cards 1987-88 Reserve and Junior cards introduced for Team Sports 1989-90 Training Centre cards introduceds 1995-96 AAP stipends increased by 25% - budget of $6.9 m 1995 Deferred Tuition introduced History of Program : 12 History of Program 1998-99 New funding for sport adds 300 new cards 2000-01 AAP stipends increased – budget of $14.7 m 2004-05 AAP stipends increased – budget of $19.85 m Senior Card funding increases from $1100 to $1500 Development Card funding increases from $500 to $900 2006-07 budget of $27 m Quick facts about AAP : 13 Quick facts about AAP 10,431 athletes funded since 1977 Since inception, $.25 billion provided to Canadian athletes The major source of financial support for Canada’s carded athletes The only Sport Canada Program that provides funding directly to carded athletes Tuition Support : 14 Tuition Support Growth of AAP : 15 Growth of AAP Podium Canada : 16 Podium Canada creation of Podium Canada announced in November in partnership with the COC, the CPC and VANOC. brings together Canadian Sport Review Panel, Own the Podium 2010 initiative under one umbrella Two programs Winter Own the Podium Summer Road to Excellence Podium Canada Role : 17 Podium Canada Role to make funding recommendations to the national funding partners based on expert analysis Help NSOs implement their technical programs monitor NSOs implementation Podium Canada : 18 Podium Canada Podium Canada features : 19 Podium Canada features developed based on the shared resolve of the national high performance funding partners accountable to the funding partners and responsive to the needs of National Sport Organizations focused leadership and common policies for winter and summer sports Podium Canada features : 20 Podium Canada features driven by objective, expert technical input, collaborative decision-making and effective partnerships no burdensome overhead and governance but instead,resources directed to maximize Canada’s podium potential. In short, Podium Canada has been designed to WIN! Sport Canada/Athlete relations : 21 Sport Canada/Athlete relations Focus of programs on athlete/participants Main contact through NSO’s/MSO’s Direct contact with athletes via AAP NSO’s nominate athletes based on carding criteria Athlete agreement with NSO required under AAP Appeal processes in place QUESTIONS : 22 QUESTIONS MERCI! THANK YOU!

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