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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: DEPR



Desktop Education for Parks and Recreation Sponsorship

  Have you downloaded and printed a copy of your handouts (Sent in yesterday’s reminder update.) Please sign in with:  Your Agency Name and the number of people watching/attending the webinar from your agency today  CEU Requests  The name of the person who will be inputting answers into the webinar application


Raise your hand here… This is the Feedback Box This is the chatbox… Type here, hit enter to send

Your agency relies on sponsor dollars and inkind contributions more now than in the past.

I go out of my way to do business with those who sponsor our programs/services/even ts. 5

This is going to be a very hands-on session. To get the most out of it you must choose and LIST ONE program/event/activity for which you’d like to find (additional) sponsor dollars or in-kind contributions. $



  Internal Planning  Marketing planning  Implementing the Plan  $ Sales  Getting Your Foot  Closing the Deal  Negotiation  $ Planning Service  Follow-up and  Repeat Sales in the Door Appreciation 9

1. 2. Internal Planning Marketing Planning  SMART Objectives         1. Specific Measurable Achievable Results-oriented Time bound Target Audience Unique Selling Proposition (What makes you the best choice?) Tools and Tactics Implementation 10

        Empathize Tease Surprise Delight Entice Help Listen Integrity “Not so Fast! You’ll have to deal with me, first” 11

        Sponsorship Cause Marketing Marketing Brand Manager Sales Community Development CEO Executive Assistant 12

How to Make Face-to-Face Contact  Make Presentations  Exhibit at Trade Shows  Network with Groups  Follow-up with Current and /Previous Sponsors  Ask for Referrals  Open your mind to chance meetings  Make Cold Calls 13

      Current Sponsors Employees Volunteers Commissioners/Board Members Chamber of Commerce Library   Directories Internet Resources  Sponsor Competitors    Other media (look to like advertisers) Community Groups/Service Clubs 14


In your chat box… What organizations/events might you search to discover possible sponsors? 16

Feedback Feedback please… please… Do you “shop Do you “shop your your competition” competition” to find to find sponsor sponsor prospects? prospects? 17

BMO LEGO MONTH BMO signed as a 2013 Sponsor for $10,000 (sponsoring LEGO Month, Signage at our Indoor Sports Center and tickets to our Youth Sports Football Camp Event); they have also indicated interest to be a sponsor for our Foundation’s Annual Premiere Event which will take place in November—there is currently an additional proposal in the works Sponsorship - $10,000

  Axium Foods: Axium indicated has committed to signing on as a 2013 sponsor Sponsorship includes signage at Sportscore Indoor Sports Facility, Magic Waters and a sponsor of our 2013 Holiday Tree Lighting event       

Media           Note Postcard Letter Newsletter Photos Sponsorship Packet Notes Packet Food Promotional Items  Theme, Item  Item, Theme Distribution          Email Web Site Mail Hand Delivered Phone Call Presentations Press Releases Trade Shows Advertising 25

Participants Spectators Current Customers Prospects Internal Customers Audience Objectives Promoting Good Health Reducing Childhood Obesity Protecting the Environment Improving the Economy Attributes Trendy Strong Fit Active 26

1. 2. 3. Contact Information - including :gatekeeper’s name (assistant, secretary, receptionist) Key Brands Objectives  What do they want to promote?    1. New brand, logo, product, web site, location, etc. Existing products Who do they want to reach? Sponsorship History Similar agencies (YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, Sierra Club)  Previous events, activities, sponsorship  1. 2. 3. Approval Process Supporting Documents (web site, annual report, brochure, ads, etc) Competitors 27

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Core Values Connection On-site sales Internet Marketing Opportunities Database-generating opportunities Key customer hospitality (What money can’t buy opportunities are best.) 28

Media time and space (beyond logo inclusion) 7. Access to celebrities (sports, politics, television, authors, etc.) 8. Product Placement 9. Creative Funding (Up front fee with bonus potential based on attendance, sales results, media hits, etc.) 10. Opportunity for sponsorship to add value to products 6. 29

 Sponsorship Types  Naming Rights  Category Exclusivity  Official Product Status  Licensing and Endorsement  Common Status 30

  Facility Usage On Site  Signage Hospitality Information Technology Access to Event  Expertise and Talent Knowledge Volunteers Staff Publicity  Database MarketingFuture Events Employees  Research and Data Customers  Pass Through Rights  31

Which answer best describes your group… A. All of us completed our pre-assignment. B. Some of us completed our pre-assignment. C. None of us completed our pre-assignment. D. What pre-assignment? We ALWAYS send a pre-assignment with your webinar emails. Completing these allows us to dig much deeper into our topic in a short amount of time. 32

 What do we need to get from our sponsors  What do our sponsors need to get from us?              33

 What   Who  Staff  When  Where (Paid)  Unpaid (Volunteers)  VIPS  Talent  Vendors  Attendees 34

 Geographic   What are the common interests of the people we attract to our program/activity/event?  What types of values/beliefs do the people attending our events/activities share with one another?  How far of a geographic range can we offer?  (What distance will people come to attend our event/participate in our activity/program?)   Psychographic What types of products do our customer purchase? Demographic  What are the demographics of the people we attract to our program/activity/event    Age Gender Income   35

  How will connecting to our internal stakeholders (staff/decision makers/board members) benefit sponsors? 36

What specific businesses sell products or services to our target audience? What specific manufacturers sell/want to sell products to our target audience? What types of service businesses sell/want to sell their services to our target audience 37

  Who will lead the sponsorship plan? What is the budget allocated for the plan?  Time  Money 38

     Brainstorming rules apply Don’t stop writing till time is up It’s okay to doodle! Spelling and grammar do not count Don’t edit as you go along – anything goes 39

  What can I do right away to research and find potential sponsors – both online and in “real life?” What can I do right away to make sure that potential sponsors notice me/my “packet” among all the other “sponsorship sales people/packets?” 40

  What can I do right away to get current sponsors to help me meet new sponsors? What new ways can I use to build relationships and trust with new or potential sponsors? 41

   Sales and Promotional Opportunities In what ways can we help sponsors sell their products? How can your event help sponsors build their database/contact list? 42

  In what ways can sponsors build/rebuild their image/credibility at our event? In what ways can we help sponsors sell their brand or the benefits of their products/services?  Before the event?  After the event?  During the event?    43

 In what ways can sponsors use your event to entertain THEIR customers/stakeholders? 44

  What traditional/old-school promotional opportunities can we offer our sponsors? What new/outlandish/never-tried-before promotional opportunities could w e offer to sponsors? 45

  How will we follow-up with Sponsors to insure RENEWAL What new things will we do to increase sponsor participation?   46

 How will we measure the success of the Sponsorship Plan? 47

 Please type into the text box one thing you WILL do as a result of being here today.

Thanks for your participation and hard work! Contact Jodi Next Month’s Webinar • • • • • • • Jodi Rudick ADvisors Marketing Group 760-809-3231 Managing our Risky Business Jim Wheeler San Francisco Recreation and Park Department Before you log off… Please complete our survey. Once you see it on the screen, hit the next button to begin. It only take 1 -2 minutes to complete and your feedback is critical to our success!

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