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Information about Splicing

Published on December 28, 2008

Author: fmedin1

Source: slideshare.net


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Spleißen (Biologie) – Wikipedia

Als Spleißen bzw. Splicing (englisch splice ‚miteinander verbinden‘, ‚zusammenkleben‘) wird ein wichtiger Schritt der Weiterverarbeitung ...
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Splicing - DocCheck Flexikon

Synonym: Spleißen. 1 Definition. Als Splicing wird die Entfernung der nicht kodierenden Introns aus der transkribierten hnRNA-Kette bezeichnet. 2 ...
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RNA splicing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Splicing pathways. Several methods of RNA splicing occur in nature; the type of splicing depends on the structure of the spliced intron and the catalysts ...
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dict.cc | splicing | Wörterbuch Englisch-Deutsch

Übersetzung für splicing im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch dict.cc.
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Alternatives Splicing - DocCheck Flexikon

Synonym: alternatives Spleißen. 1 Definition. Das alternative Splicing ist ein besonderer Vorgang im Rahmen der Transkription bei der Eiweißsynthese von ...
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Splice - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Connections. Rope splicing, joining two pieces of rope or cable by weaving the strands of each into the other; Eye splice, a method of creating a permanent ...
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RNA Splicing: Introns, Exons and Spliceosome

What's the difference between mRNA and pre-mRNA? It's all about splicing of introns. See how one RNA sequence can exist in nearly 40,000 different forms.
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Splicing - definition of splicing by The Free Dictionary

The door to the surgeon's room stood open, meantime, but the cutting, sewing, splicing, and bandaging going on in there in plain view did not seem to ...
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Splicing | How to Splice Rope | Splicing Methods

Welcome to the Splicing Section Advantages of Splicing. A Splice is usually significantly stronger than a knot and is intended to be permanent. Undoing a ...
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Alternatives Spleißen – Wikipedia

Beim alternativen Splicing entscheidet sich erst während des Spleißvorgangs, welche RNA-Sequenzen Introns und welche Exons sind. Die Regulation erfolgt ...
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