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Information about Spirulina

Published on December 3, 2008

Author: szajafri

Source: authorstream.com

Our Favourite Food : Our Favourite Food Convenient ( Fast food)‏ Fast to prepare ( Instant noodle)‏ Delicious ( Fried chicken, ice cream)‏ Are these your favourite food? : Are these your favourite food? Curry chicken Beef steak Bacon Lechon Required Daily Intake : Required Daily Intake Our body needs at least 2-4 servings of fruits and 3-5 servings of vegetables per day. Slide 5: But do you meet this requirement everyday? Slide 6: Over weight Muscles pain Fatigue Bone loss Excessive Intake of Acidic Food Balanced Nutrition Intake : Balanced Nutrition Intake Dr. Ragnar Berg 80% alkaline food and 20% acidic food Alkaline Food : Alkaline Food Fruit Vegetables Milk Egg White Algae Acidic Food : Acidic Food Seafood Meat Bread Butter Oatmeal Rice Green Food : Green Food A dietary concept emphasizes the consumption of fruits and vegetables in the daily diet. Natural Green Food : Natural Green Food Vegetables Fruits Algae Spirulina : Spirulina Complete alkaline food and green food Spirulina : Spirulina Spirulina = “little spiral” One of the oldest living plant- growing on earth for 3.5 billion years. Spirulina platensis Rich in Nutrients : Rich in Nutrients Extraordinary concentrations of vegetable protein. Promotes health and healing. Cellulose-free cell wall - highly digestible. Nutrients are readily absorbed. A Rainbow of Natural Nutrients : A Rainbow of Natural Nutrients 1. Amino acid Building block of protein. 2. Beta carotene : 2. Beta carotene Give colour to many fruits and vegetables. Vital to the growth and development of human body. 3. Chlorophyll a : 3. Chlorophyll a Haemoglobin Chlorophyll a Similar molecular structure 4. Phycocyanin : 4. Phycocyanin One of the most important pigment in spirulina. 5. Gamma linolenic acid : 5. Gamma linolenic acid One of the healthiest essential fatty acids for nerve tissues 6. Super-Oxide Dismutase (SOD)‏ : 6. Super-Oxide Dismutase (SOD)‏ Naturally occur in the body Decreased with age Cells more vulnerable to the oxidants which cause aging and disease. All-In-One : All-In-One Spirulina contains practically everything that you need for a healthy body and a clear mind, in terms of nutrition Synergy: Combined Power : Synergy: Combined Power Power of Spirulina Not only due to numerous individual vital substances. But also to the synergy between these substances. World Recognition for Spirulina : World Recognition for Spirulina “ Ideal Health Food of the 21st Century” (FAO)‏ Slide 24: Brain Heart muscles Reproductive organs Kidneys Legs / hands Cells are nourished by blood circulation Slide 25: The Human Body is Composed of 60,000,000,000,000 (60 Trillion)Cells Clean Water Balanced Nutrients Sufficient Oxygen The three (3) elements essential to The Formation of Healthy Cells: Slide 26: Human red blood cells undergo process of natural metabolism every 120 days. About 200 000 million red blood cells are replaced everyday. Approximately 3 million every second. Blood Spirulina : Spirulina More than 1,000 metric tones produced / year. Safe to be consumed. DXN Spirulina Farm : DXN Spirulina Farm DXN Spirulina Farm DXN Spirulina Farm : DXN Spirulina Farm Slide 30: Cultivated by DXN Certified Halal by JAKIM No chemicals, colouring, preservatives, artificial flavouring and synthetic matter added GMP Strict quality control Tablet or powder form for easy consumption DXN Spirulina Packaging : Packaging 1. Tablet 120 tablets and 300 tablets 2. Powder 10 sachets and 30 sachets Spirulina – Tablet or Powder? : Spirulina – Tablet or Powder? Powder form is recommended for those who find it hard to swallow or need mega-dosage. Tablet form is recommended for children, babies and adults for convenience. Who can consume DXN Spirulina? : Who can consume DXN Spirulina? Elderly people Children and adult Smokers and drinkers Recommended Usage : Recommended Usage Infants 12 months and below 1 tablet daily (dissolve ½ tablet in water or milk)‏ 1-3 years 3-4 tablets daily Children 3-6 years 4-6 tablets daily 6-12 years 6-8 tablets daily 12 years and above 10 tablets or more daily Recommended Usage : Recommended Usage Adults 10-20 tablets daily Pregnant women 20-40 tablets daily After giving birth 20-40 tablets daily

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