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Information about Spiritual Marriage Counseling

Published on February 11, 2013

Author: georgistanev96

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Save your marriage by avoiding mistakes others have already done before. Learn why spiritual marriage counseling is worth time and efforts.

Spiritual marriage counseling Relationship advice Who needs marriage counseling?The answer to this question is simple. Just have a look at the divorce statistics all overthe world and see the huge number of couples getting divorced every day. Some ofthem divorce sooner after marriage; others later and much later; some even afterdecades lasting marriages. Many of those couples could save their marriage /relationship if they had searched for marriage counseling and relationship advice timely.What they simply needed was an experienced marriage counselor - a person to showthem how and why partners are drifting apart and how to "fix" their marriage.Marriage counseling and relationship advice is in great demand not only for those facingdivorce situation, but also for many others still staying together within their marriage. Thetotally wrong life orientation in our modern society makes people stay together justbecause it is more convenient and less expensive. Such a relationship takes away someof the most important life lessons to be learned for both. Thus any true marriagecounseling should include spiritual counseling. Does marriage counseling work?Many out there are asking such a question, doubting the worth-fulness of undergoing theprocedure of marriage counseling and relationship advice. But it is worth as marriagecounseling by a third party can reveal unseen details within the relationship ( it is mucheasier to see the whole picture from outside as a neutral observer ) and revert themarriage to its original state if and only if love is still there. Successful marriagecounseling also include divorce and separation for the benefit of all involved, includingchildren. But divorce in peace and in a loving way.Marriage counseling is one of the most needed spiritual services in todays WesternWorld. As most of us have already experienced, young couples just started their familylife, are focused on careers and profits, or to reach higher social status and thusforgetting the real values of life. Goals, like these, leave lesser and lesser time for eachother and to care for family. Love, if there has been love at all, vanishes and one day wefind ourselves too much drifted apart, with little or nothing common in mind.Then it is time to search for help: spiritual marriage counseling and relationship adviceAnd help is always available in abundance. We witness! God has manifold approachestoward any of his children. Depending on our own perception and openness, there isalways direct help from God or in any other physical form - books, internet, people wemeet in our daily life. But we need to actively search this help ( both partners ); be openand allow the help to come in our lives; be ready to travel remote places if needed; butfirst of all - be ready to change our lives accordingly. Of course marriage counselingcould be done from distance but it is always best to establish direct physical contact.Today many marriage counseling services could be found over the internet, localbusiness directories, phone books. Most of those offering such services are people with

high social status and respective diplomas and degrees. But there is always oneabsolute point: to counsel or teach others on certain topic, you need to have masteredthat particular topic yourself. If you have not undergone all from A to Z and have notmanaged to succeed yourself, there is no way to prove before others that your marriagecounseling is true. The only proof is you, as a living example in real life situations; aftermany years, wide range of experiences in different locations and amidst differentcultures; after having practiced love in your daily life toward your partner and all others.Then we may qualify to do marriage counseling and give relationship advice.To start any relationship / partnership / marriage there is one single most important thing- LOVE. There are no public or private schools for love and no one issues diplomas forlove. But love can be felt by anyone willing to do so. To be loved and to be happy is thedivine right for all of us. But first we need to learn to love, starting within our own family,with our partner, and expanding our love toward all others. To learn how to make othershappy, starting with our own partner - to make our partner fully happy and fully satisfied,of course this means also sexually satisfied, is the first step.After long years of drifting apart for the reasons, already mentioned above, and reachedfew times divorce situation ( actually we have divorced each other mentally since we hadno physical property to divide ), one day we decided to take all the time we need, lookdeep inside ourselves and find if there is still love for each other. Fortunately we foundour marriage counseling right away in The Teachings of Love - part of SpiritualTreasures, with all the help needed. After years of spiritual practice and improving ourlove for each other and all others as well, we reached the point when love is flowingfreely again.Author Resource: Georgi Stanev is webmaster at a family website dedicated to sharehappy life recipes and offer free for download Love wallpapers as well as God Cards -Prayers and Love.

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