Spiritual chakras and their powers

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Information about Spiritual chakras and their powers

Published on February 25, 2009

Author: rosepetal

Source: authorstream.com

Nerve Plexi-Chakras : Nerve Plexi-Chakras When these are balanced we are healthy and vibrant, when they become blocked it manifests as disease, illness and a feeling of being out of balance. Each of the main chakras corresponds to the 7 main nerve ganglia that emanate from our spinal column. Many things are linked with our chakras, such as scents, colors and crystals, physical organs and feelings. Meditating and yoga postures are great ways of balancing your chakras, use scents, colors and crystals to enhance these feelings of well-being! MAJOR ENDOCRINE GLANDS = CHAKRAS : MAJOR ENDOCRINE GLANDS = CHAKRAS Slide 3: The Base Chakra - Sanskrit name - Muladhara The Sacral Chakra - Sanskrit name - Svadhisthana The Solar Plexus Chakra - Sanskrit name - Manipura The Heart Chakra - Sanskrit name - Anahata The Throat Chakra - Sanskrit name - Vishuddha The Third Eye Chakra - Sanskrit name - Ajna The Crown Chakra - Sanskrit name - Sahasrara Bloackage of Chakras : Bloackage of Chakras Basal Chakra Blocked Emotionally needy, low self esteem Balanced Self mastery, good physical energy, healthy Sacral Chakra Blocked Over sensitive, impotent or frigid, feelings of guilt Balanced Trusting, creative, attuned to own feelings, expressive The Solar Plexus Chakra Blocked Worried about what others think, insecure, afraid to be alone Balanced Self respect, spontaneous, uninhibited, respect for others Vishudhi in Chakras : Vishudhi in Chakras The Heart Chakra Blocked Fears rejection, self pity, unworthy of love, smothering Balanced compassionate, unconditional love, nurturing, spiritual The Throat Chakra Blocked Unreliable, holds back from self-expression, inconsistent Balanced Good communicator, artistic, content, meditative The Third Eye Chakra Blocked Undisciplined, fears success, sets sights too low Balanced Charismatic, intuitive, not attached to material things Vishudhi in Chakras : Vishudhi in Chakras The Crown Chakra Sanskrit name - Sahasrara Blocked Constantly exhausted, indecisive, no sense of belonging Balanced Magnetic personality, at peace with 'self', transcendent Karma and Reincarnation : Karma and Reincarnation Spiritually : "You reap what you sow" or Scientifically : “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" These are probably the two most common interpretations of what karma is ? Divine Pilot BabaMAHAMANDLESHWARkapiladwait@pilotbaba.org : Dr. Aman Biswas Managing Directory BBIPL amanbiswas60@gmail.com Online at : wiziq.com You can catch us : You can call at. +91 9855516083 Divine Pilot BabaMAHAMANDLESHWARkapiladwait@pilotbaba.org Mr. Rajiv Verma Vice Chairman Dolphin (PG) College of Life Sciences careeraid@sify.com Thank You! : Thank You! Mr. Rajeev Verma And Dr. Aman Biswas For listening THE END

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