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Published on February 18, 2008

Author: Reginaldo

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Spiral Dynamics & The Practice of Policy Governance:  Spiral Dynamics & The Practice of Policy Governance Presented by Susan S. Stratton, CAE Partners in Policy Governance® What is Spiral Dynamics?:  What is Spiral Dynamics? Spiral Dynamics is a powerful model and predictive theory of human development and cultural evolution Developed by Clare Graves and further developed by Don Beck and Christopher Cowan By exploring and describing the core intelligences and deep values that flow beneath what we believe and do, the model offers a profoundly incisive, dynamic perspective on complex matters such as: HOW people think about things (as opposed to “what” they think) WHY people make decisions in different ways WHY people respond to different motivators WHY and HOW values arise and spread The nature of CHANGE From Clare W. Graves…:  From Clare W. Graves… “Briefly, what I am proposing is that the psychology of the mature human being is an unfolding, emergent, oscillating, spiraling process marked by progressive subordination of older, lower-behavior systems to newer, higher-order systems as man’s existential problems change.” What is an integral theory?:  What is an integral theory? To integrate To bring together To join, to link, to embrace. In the sense of unity-in-diversity Shared commonalities along with our wonderful differences. The integration, alignment and synergy of multiple elements, entities, interests and motives, weaving them together to create healthy, dynamic, and comprehensive solutions to complex problems within rapidly changing, complex environments. Keeping the whole spiral healthy, not diminishing any level. What is a MEME?:  What is a MEME? A MEME reflects: A world view A valuing system A level of psychological existence A belief structure An organizing principle A way of thinking or a mode of adjustment A core intelligence that forms systems and directs human behavior What is a MEME?:  What is a MEME? A discrete structure for thinking, not just a set of ideas, values or a cause. Represents a core intelligence that forms systems and directs human behavior. Impacts upon all life choices as a decision-making framework. Manifests itself in both healthy and unhealthy forms. Brightens and dims as Life Conditions change. Not rigid levels, but flowing waves with much overlap and interweaving, resulting in a meshwork or dynamic spiral of consciousness unfolding. Each MEME wave includes arrested, closed and open states. Arrested = Movement to new MEME is blocked; old MEMES are available. Closed = Psychological blindness keeps the person from seeing alternatives Open = Centralized in a MEME system, but can move freely in any direction as shifting Life Conditions may require. Basic Infrastructures Exist in Each MEME:  Basic Infrastructures Exist in Each MEME Economic policy Educational policy Health care policy Environmental policy Law enforcement action Political gamesmanship Military Churches and religion Governance QUICK SUMMARY OF VALUE SYSTEMS CODES:  QUICK SUMMARY OF VALUE SYSTEMS CODES BEIGE Instinctive/Survivalistic MEME - starting 100,000 years ago:  BEIGE Instinctive/Survivalistic MEME - starting 100,000 years ago Basic theme: Do what you must just to stay alive 1st Tier-Subsistence Express-self Uses instincts and habits just to survive Distinct self is barely awakened or sustained Food, water, warmth, sex, and safety have priority Forms into survival bands to perpetuate life Lives "off the land" much as other animals PURPLE Magical/Animistic MEME - starting 50,000 years ago:  PURPLE Magical/Animistic MEME - starting 50,000 years ago Obeys the desires of the spirit being and mystical signs Shows allegiance to chief, elders, ancestors, and the clan Individual subsumed in group Preserves sacred objects, places, events, and memories Observes rites of passage, seasonal cycles, and tribal customs Basic theme: Keep the spirits happy and the tribe's nest warm and safe 1st Tier-Subsistence Sacrifice self RED Impulsive/Egocentric MEME - starting 10,000 years ago:  RED Impulsive/Egocentric MEME - starting 10,000 years ago The world is a jungle full of threats and predators Breaks free from any domination or constraint to please self as self desires Stands tall, expects attention, demands respect, and calls the shots Enjoys self to the fullest right now without guilt or remorse Conquers, out-foxes, and dominates other aggressive characters Basic theme: Be what you are and do what you want, regardless 1st Tier-Subsistence Express-self BLUE Purposeful/Authoritarian MEME - starting 5,000 years ago:  BLUE Purposeful/Authoritarian MEME - starting 5,000 years ago One sacrifices self to the transcendent Cause, Truth, or righteous Pathway The Order enforces a code of conduct based on eternal, absolute principles Righteous living produces stability now and guarantees future reward Impulsivity is controlled through guilt; everybody has their proper place Laws, regulations, and discipline build character and moral fiber Basic theme: Life has meaning, direction, and purpose with predetermined outcomes 1st Tier-Subsistence Sacrifice self ORANGE Achievist/Strategic MEME - starting 300 years ago:  ORANGE Achievist/Strategic MEME - starting 300 years ago Change and advancement are inherent within the scheme of things Progresses by learning nature's secrets and seeking out best solutions Manipulates Earth's resources to create and spread the abundant good life Optimistic, risk-taking, and self-reliant people deserve success Societies prosper through strategy, technology, and competitiveness Basic theme: Act in your own self-interest by playing the game to win 1st Tier-Subsistence Express-self GREEN Communitarian/Egalitarian MEME - starting 150 years ago:  GREEN Communitarian/Egalitarian MEME - starting 150 years ago The human spirit must be freed from greed, dogma, and divisiveness Feelings, sensitivity, and caring supersede cold rationality Spreads the Earth's resources and opportunities equally among all Reaches decisions through reconciliation and consensus processes Refreshes spirituality, brings harmony, and enriches human development Basic theme: Seek peace within the inner self and explore, with others, the caring dimensions of community 1st Tier-Subsistence Sacrifice self YELLOW Integrative MEME—starting 50 years ago:  YELLOW Integrative MEME—starting 50 years ago Life is a kaleidoscope of natural hierarchies, systems, and forms The magnificence of existence is valued over material possessions Flexibility, spontaneity, and functionality have the highest priority Differences can be integrated into interdependent, natural flows Understands that chaos and change are natural Basic theme: Live fully and responsibly as what you are and learn to become 2nd tier - “Being” Express-self TURQUOISE Holistic MEME—starting 30 years ago:  TURQUOISE Holistic MEME—starting 30 years ago The world is a single, dynamic organism with its own collective mind Self is both distinct and a blended part of a larger, compassionate whole Everything connects to everything else in ecological alignments Energy and information permeate the Earth's total environment Holistic, intuitive thinking and cooperative actions are to be expected Basic theme: Experience the wholeness of existence through mind and spirit 2nd tier - “Being” Sacrifice self Implications for Pol Gov Practice?:  Implications for Pol Gov Practice? Express Self Sacrifice self 2 3 4 5 8 6 7 Implications for Pol Gov Practice :  Implications for Pol Gov Practice Express Self Sacrifice self Structure for Living End Impact - Owner/Customer Cultivate Group Responsibility/ Embrace Diversity Board as Learning Community Board as Collective Voice Sustainability Breakdown Dysfunction to be resolved by PG 4 8 7 6 5 3 2 Stages of Change :  Stages of Change Alpha - No worries; illusion of stability Beta - Doubts arise; the boat is rocking We try more of the same because nothing is wrong with the “system”—only its implementation or enforcement. Gamma - Growing frustration; feeling trapped; acting out behaviors; self-destructive. The Revolutionary Option against the status quo. Demands fundamental change in structures/systems Unrelenting “all or nothing” assault on barriers and obstacles Defends actions by finding noble purpose in “the Cause” Delta - Excitement and rapid change where barriers are overcome and previous restraints drop away. People take charge of their own destinies. New Alpha - The consolidation of the ideas and coping systems that emerged during the Delta state into new systems, paradigms, and arrangements. First and Second Order of Change:  First and Second Order of Change First order change Change occurs within a system which, itself remains unchanged. Horizontal change More of the same. Second order change Mega-system shift to new paradigms, new assumptions, and new structures. Vertical change Reframing Assess the Organization for a MEME change:  Assess the Organization for a MEME change Six conditions have to be met IF an individual or organization is to experience lasting change. Required Conditions for Lasting Change:  Required Conditions for Lasting Change 1. Potential for change must be present 2. Unresolved problems from a lower order must be addressed 3. Dissonance with the current MEME must be felt 4. Sufficient insight into the causes of the dissonance and awareness of alternative approaches to their resolution. 5. Specific barriers to change need to be identified and eliminated, bypassed, neutralized or reframed into something else. 6. If there is no culture of nurturing support during transformation, new MEMEs cannot bloom. When significant change occurs, expect confusion, false starts, long learning curves and awkward assimilation while consolidation of new thinking. Systemic Change Requires…:  Systemic Change Requires… All infrastructures integrated, aligned and synergized; creating critical mass, including: Economic policy Educational policy NGO activities Environmental rules Law enforcement action Political gamesmanship Community development Churches and religion Connecting everything to everything else! PURPLE Magical/Animistic:  PURPLE Magical/Animistic Appropriate source Caring chieftain Elders From within tribe/clan From spirit realm From word of ancestors Traditional ways Message Traditional rites, rituals Includes mystical elements and superstitions Appeals to extended family, harmony, and safety Recognizes blood-bonds, the folk, group Familiar metaphors, drawings Minimal reliance on written language. RED Impulsive/Egocentric:  RED Impulsive/Egocentric Appropriate source Person with the recognized power Straight-talking boss One with something to offer Respected (feared) other Proven tough entity Message Demonstrate “What’s in it for me now?” Offer “Immediate gratification if…” Challenges and appeals to machismo/strength Heroic status and legendary potential Flashy, to the point, unambiguous, strong Simple language and fiery images/graphics. BLUE Purposeful/ Authoritarian:  BLUE Purposeful/ Authoritarian Appropriate source Rightful, proper authority Higher authority in the Way Down the chain-of-command According to the book’s rules Person with position power Revered Truth Keepers Message Duty, honor, country images of discipline Self-sacrifice for higher causes Appeal to traditions and established norms Use class-consciousness and knowing one’s place Propriety, righteousness and responsibilities Insure future rewards and delayed gratification Assuage guilt with correct consequences. ORANGE Achievist/ Strategic:  ORANGE Achievist/ Strategic Appropriate source One’s own right-thinking mind Successful mentors and models Credible professionals Prosperous elite contacts Advantageous to the self Based in proven experience Message Appeal to competitive advantage and leverage Success motivations and achieving abundance Bigger, better, newer, faster, more popular Citations of experts and selected authorities Profit, productivity, quality, results, win “Best of several options.” GREEN Communitarian/ Egalitarian:  GREEN Communitarian/ Egalitarian Appropriate source Consensual community norms Enlightened friend/colleague Outcome of participation Resultant of enlightenment Observation of events Participative decision Team’s collective findings Message Enhance belonging, sharing, harmony of groups Sensitive to human issues and care for others Expand awareness and understanding of inner self Symbols of equity, humanity and bonding Build trust, openness, exploration, passages Real people with authentic emotional displays. YELLOW Integrative:  YELLOW Integrative Appropriate source Any information source May adopt Beige through Green Relevant, more useful data Merge hard sources and hunches Conscious and unconscious mind Disregards status or prestige Message Interactive, relevant media, self-accessible Functional ‘lean’ information without fluff The facts, the feelings and the instincts Big picture, total systems, integrations Connect data across fields for holistic view Adapt, mesh, blend, access, sense, gather Self-connecting to systems and others usefully TURQUOISE - Holistic:  TURQUOISE - Holistic Appropriate source Experience of discovery Learning in communal network Holistic conception of reality Any being in Turquoise Systems across the planet Resonance with First Tier Message Multi-dimensional chunks of insight Renewed spirituality and sacrifice to whole Ecological interdependency and interconnections Macro solutions to macro problems Community beyond nationalities High-tech, high-touch for experiential knowing.

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