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Published on October 18, 2016

Author: layfield_barrett

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1. Spinal Cord Injury The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves located in the spinal column that runs from the brain down to the end of the spine. Along with the brain, the spinal cord makes up the central nervous system, which is responsible for everything from touch sensation throughout the body to movement. When the spinal cord is damaged, the effects may be serious and permanent. Spinal cord injuries are almost always considered catastrophic. A spinal cord injury diagnosis can be devastating for a family. The injury, and the subsequent doctor’s analysis, often changes the way a person will live the rest of his or her life. When you receive news about a spinal cord injury, consider consulting with a personal injury attorney. If someone else was responsible or liable for the accident that caused the injury, you or your family may be entitled to compensation. Our top personal injury attorneys are experts in vehicle collisions, premises liability, medical malpractice, and a number of other areas of focus that might help you reach justice and start rebuilding your life following a traumatic spinal cord injury. Types of Injuries: There are two main types of spinal cord injuries: complete and incomplete. A complete injury will affect full functionality from the point of injury and below. An incomplete injury will affect some of the functionality at the point and below. For instance, an incomplete injury may cause numbness in the lower body but will not impair movement, whereas a complete injury may result in complete or partial paralysis. The most common cause of spinal cord injuries is car accidents. Slips, trips and falls are also a major cause of these injuries. Sudden impacts and jerking movements compress or bend the spinal column, causing the damage. Other causes of injuries may include birth problems for infants, such as when forceps are improperly used, or in criminal acts of violence where an individual is shot or stabbed. Receiving a diagnosis may leave a victim feeling hopeless. Permanent spinal cord damage is usually never reversed. The injury will leave victims facing a new and different life, and for some, that realization is difficult to process. At Layfield & Barrett, we cannot restore your spinal cord, but we can help you and your loved ones explore options to recover financially from an injury. While a personal injury claim can’t restore functionality, monetary compensation can help you begin healing. Medical expenses, loss of quality of life, loss of income and future wages, and pain and suffering can all be financially remedied by taking legal action against those responsible. Not having to worry about future finances can greatly contribute to a successful recovery from such a devastating injury. Nothing is worse for the recovery process than compounding your worries with financial stress. Finding an Attorney: The top attorneys at Layfield & Barrett understand that spinal cord injuries arise from a number of circumstances. Our firm has experience in a variety of personal injury cases stemming from decades of work in the Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Orange County, Park City, Scottsdale and Washington D.C., allowing us to put that expertise to use for any spinal cord injury we encounter. From collecting evidence and consulting with experts to fully exploring legal action, we are ready to build a case that shows a complete and accurate picture of your accident and the after

2. effects. Those responsible for a spinal cord injury may include physicians in a medical malpractice claim, drivers in a car accident, property owners in a slip and fall case, or product manufacturers. Your Layfield & Barrett attorney will work tirelessly to ensure your case is thoroughly evaluated. We have won millions of dollars for our clients who have suffered from personal injuries over the years. The money is often vital to ensuring our clients receive the treatment they need to start rebuilding their lives after an accident. It is often much more than financial security; it provides hope and a fresh start for victims and their families. If you or a loved one has suffered or died from a spinal cord injury, reach out to our expert personal injury attorneys for a free initial evaluation and consultation. We are ready to begin working on your case immediately to ensure no stone is left unturned and you get the settlement you deserve after such a catastrophic injury. Free Case Consultation Source: https://www.layfieldbarrett.com/practice-areas/injuries/spinal-cord-injury/

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