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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: aash

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Oil Spill Control presentation of products from detection to remediation

SpillCon Solutions™ is a Leading Manufacturer and Provider of Environmental Control Products

Oil Spill Life-Cycle Detection Response Deployment Containment Cleanup Remediation

Product Portfolio Detection Response Deployment Containment Cleanup Remediation Spill Sensor Solidifiers Super Sacks OverPacks Sorbent Pads Sampling Monitoring Buoy ROC Barrier Skimmers Berms Spill Kits Corers Central Monitor Sorbent Pads Booms Storm/Drainage Dewatering Control Agents View Brochure

Detection Response Deployment Clean Up Containment Remediation Safety - Security

Sorbent Meltblown Technology • Raw Material – Super important for a quality products • Technology – Best equipment • Manufacturing Process – Consistency and Quality • How it Works

MELTBLOWN Raw Material Polypropylene Base Material Grade Crucial

The Technology

Manufacturing Process Space between fibers defines oil pick up efficiency

How It Works 100% Polypropylene unique characteristics – Will not absorb water- hydrophobic “Oil Only” – Chemical resistance – can be treated with a surfactant which allows it to safely absorb any chemical- hydrophilic “Universal” – Less dense than water – Floats – Absorb 12 to 25 times its weight depending on the liquid – Clay granules = 1.5x their weight – MBPP products have a tremendous amount of surface area to which liquids will naturally adhere (adsorb).

Spill Cleanup

Containment - each his own - What we manufacture

Sorbents Oil Only Polypropylene and Natural Fiber Sorbent Boom Oil Only Absorbent Melt Blown Pads and Rolls Oil Only SMS Three Layer Sorbent Pads, Rolls and Drum Toppers Oil Only Polypropylene and Natural Absorbent Pillows and Socks

Sorbents Universal Absorbent Melt Blown Pads and Rolls Supply Pro-Fine Fiber™ technology is a unique process that is used in our Technical and Medical Grade products. This process is used in our absorbent products creating a highly absorbent and strong fine fiber material. Universal SMS Three layer Sorbent Pads, Rolls and Drum Toppers SMS (Spunbond /Meltblown /Spunbond) absorbents assure great strength and absorption capabilities to address the most demanding of industrial applications, yet allows use around sensitive equipment and clean rooms due to its non limiting construction. Universal Polypropylene and Natural Absorbent Pillows and Socks Universal ProSorbents Pillows are tough enough to handle all forms aggressive liquids such as; sulfuric acid, citric acids, bleach, and many other toxic liquids. ProSorbents Universal Socks are filled with precise consistency lessening the likelihood of liquid leak through point in the sock.

Sorbents Oil Only Sorbent Sweeps and Pom Poms Critical Spill Clean Up and Response products are items that are used in the response and clean up of a spill that has been contained and the need of critical application items is needed to clean up the spill off the water. Oil Only Bilge Boom and Spill Sacks Bilge booms are used to keep the boat bilges clean and free from fuel oils. Also, these may be used in other applications such as in water separators, storm drains, collection ponds, wells and many more other special purposes.

Spill Kits Oil Only Spill Kits Spill Kits are the best and most versatile solution for absorbing oil spill emergencies on land or water. Our kits come in a variety of sizes with different configurations of pads, absorbent boom, socks, pillows, gloves, goggles, bags and ties. Customized kits are available. Hazmat Rolls, Pads, Pillows and Socks Hazmat absorbents are used when a spill occurs involving acids, bases, hazardous or unknown liquids. Hazmat absorbents generate quick, efficient response. All Hazmat absorbents are color-coded in safety yellow for quick identification. Hazmat absorbents are constructed of 100% polypropylene designed to absorb the most aggressive acidic or caustic fluids. Universal Spill Kits Spill Kits are the best and most versatile solution for absorbing oil spill emergencies on land or water. Our kits come in a variety of sizes with different configurations of pads, absorbent boom, socks, pillows, gloves, goggles, bags and ties. Customized kits are available.

Absorbent Range Oil •Absorbs oil based products including fuels •Hydrophobic – repels water enabling them to float on water Maintenance •Absorbs most industrial liquids including water, oil and non caustic chemicals •Incredibly versatile for a wide range of applications Chemicals •Absorbs aggressive fluids including acids, detergents, coolants and alkaline liquids •Can be used to absorb even caustic acids

Absorbent Rolls, Socks, Booms We offer multiple types of Rolls, Socks, Booms and Pillows

Spill Kits A full range of spill kits from 10 Litre to 5,000 Litres All three types of spill

Trailer Spill Kits •Mine sites •Maritime ports •Airports •Transport industry •Oil Patches / Drill Site

Spill Cabinet •The most efficient absorbent      dispensing solution •Modular system for flexibility •The strongest construction •Ensures that day‐to‐day spill requirements are met in a professional  manor  •Multiple sizes and options

Drip Pillows •No set up required •Use for small engine leaks •A 6-pound weighted base keeps the berm in place •Optional disposal absorbent pads •Easy clean up and repeated use •Meets U.S. regulations for spill containment

Boom Physics

Boom Quality & design Fabric: 22 oz PVC Coated Polyester Fabric Cable: Top Tension: 5/16 "steel galvanized coated Flotation: Closed cell foam polyethylene Ballast Chain: 5/16", 7-19 spec, 9800 pound breaking strength or stronger Connectors: Anodized Aluminum for the connection of boom - ASTM F2438-04

New Products Fast Deployment New Technology Product Conventional Product •Fastest Oil Spill Containment System •Compact and Lightweight •Deploys at speeds 1000 ft per minute •22 x 8 x 8 inches & weighs only 9 pounds •Picks up to 200 times its own weight in hydrocarbons •Can be carried on board any size watercraft •Can be recycled with the hydrocarbons


Safety & Security Products

Spill Detection FEATURES Real‐time around‐the‐clock detection and control of oil spills for •Petrochemical industry, pipelines •Harbors •Desalination, intake protection •Aquaculture •Fresh, brackish or saltwater environments Easy Operation Highly effective LED‐based excitation Cost effective, low maintenance Non‐contact measurement Flexible configuration of data output Multiple interfaces network connectivity Ruggedized design (IP66)

SpillWatch 24/7/365 Alert Monitoring & Alarm System •Data / Alarms via VHF or UHF Radio Modems •Data / Alarms via GSM or GPRS Modems •Data / Alarms via Satellite Modems

10 Min = 2,034 Barrels Spilled Worst Case Discharge [(Maximum Detection Time + Shutdown Time) x Flow Rate] + [Leak Rate x Isolation Time] + Drainage Volume Example Maximum Detection Time = .167 hrs (10 mins) Shutdown Time = .083 hrs (5mins) Flow Rate = 2500 brls/hr Leak Rate = 1040 brls/hr Isolation Time = 1.00 hr Drainage Volume* = 369 brls [(.167 hrs + .083 hrs) x 2500 brls/hr] + [1040 brls/hr x 1.00 hr] + 369 brls = 2,034 brls A 10 minute delay in detection causes 2,034 barrels

Installations UV Oil Spill Detection System • Dedicated real time system • Ultra low detection limits • Data to Base Station via VHF and GSM TEXT • Provides reassurance against spills

Where to use SpillWatch Power Generators & Distributors Fossil Fuel-Oil Hydro-Electric Nuclear Remote Substations Transportation Ports & Harbors Marinas & Fuel Docks / Shipyards Airports / Railways Military Oil / Petrochemical Oil Refineries & Blending Plants Oil Production Facilities Pipelines, Storage & Tank Farms Environmental Storm Water & Inland Waterways Aquiculture & Fish Farms Sensitive Wildlife Habitat Offshore Industry Platforms & Rigs Marine Terminals Loading & Transfer Buoys Industrial/ Manufacturing Steel& Aluminum Pulp & Paper Food Oils Water Quality Wastewater Treatment, Desalination, & Intake Protection

Spill Detection Oil in Water Monitoring Buoy The compact and rugged buoy system is designed for short term monitoring (up to  24 months) and emergency deployment in sheltered coastal and inshore areas . Detection of hydrocarbons in the water column is performed by a submersible  sensor. Sensors are available for both crude oil and refined fuels.  The system itself is powered by two 5W solar panels, and is equipped with battery  backup, navigation and warning lights, and any other markings as necessary. A  range of telemetry options are available (UHF/VHF, GSM, GPRS, Satellite), selected  to suit both the location and application requirements.

Soil Analysis Sediment Corers The Corers offer the ability to collect multiple high‐quality undisturbed sediment samples which include  the sediment /water interface and overlying supernatant water. This is achieved through the use of a  unique hydrostatic damping system. This system slows the penetration rate down to approximately  1cm/s, and removes the typical bow wave seen with other corers.

Industrial Containers & Environmental Packaging Steel Drums Plastic Drums Fiber Drums Poly Overpacks IBC’s / Totes Pails IBC’s / Totes

Industrial • • • • • Industrial waste disposal Industrial Cleaning & Services Environmental waste & site cleanup such as remediation or soil cleanup SPCC Plans and response Marine spill response


Industrial and Mfg. •Chemical Storage inside and outside •Dispensing chemicals in Production •Spill kits / response kits •Forklift or fleet maintenance area •Loading areas chemicals? •Facility Maintenance products / chemical use and storage

Oil Patch, Drilling, Mining and Transportation • • • • Spill control and response applications. Chemical delivery by railroad. Chemical storage. Battery charging stations / containment.

Utilities • • • • • Fleet maintenance facilities Leaking transformers containment / cleanup Vault maintenance pump out Secondary containment for chemicals Power Plant application

Oil & Gas, Refineries and Pipelines •Secondary Containment for chemicals •Stormwater runoff applications •Dewatering bags for flushing pipelines and tanks •Ultra X-Tex fence for protecting sites from oil runoff / Pipeline oil runoff •Spill response products

Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals • • • • Secondary Containment for chemicals Lab area containment for small containers Storm water applications for large campuses Spill response products

Transportation (air, truck, & rail) •Track pans for loading / off loading •Containment & response products for maintenance facilities •Spill response for accidents pop up pools and drain seals & spill berms •Storm water applications

Marine Market •Spill Containment applications •Vessel spill containment •Spill response and cleanup •Storm water management applications •Smoke stops … Buoy & Lighthouse

Refineries, Manufacturing Markets •Containment berms for vehicles and generators •Indoor and outdoor containment •Spill response products •Facilities maintenance products •Steel Drums

Bunding A range of both plastic and steel bunding for indoor  and outdoor.

Bunded Storage Drums We offer a range of bespoke bunded storage for a range of uses. IBC’s

Spill Response

Drain Seal Plus • Urethane bottom • Rugged, reinforced PVC top layer

Ultra-Spill Berm • • Standard 10 foot sections can be cut to various lengths to meet custom needs. “Weeps" into small cracks and crevices. • Non-absorbing.

Tanker Tourniquet • • Accidents, punctures and corrosion are facts of life. With a Tanker Tourniquet, however, you can minimize environmental damage, protect lives and save the load. These simple devices expand a chemical-resistant, flexible bladder to quickly stop potentially dangerous and costly spills.

Spill Containment Decks Decks have the lowest profiles and the highest weight capacities on the market. Tested and proven to be best in class.

Drum Tourniquet Two Models available •Magnetic for steel $ Non Ferrous metals •Universal for steel, poly and fiber drums

Secondary Containment • • • 95, 55, 30, & 20 Gallon Overpacks 95 & 65 Gallon Plus models (X-Rated) Uses: – Overpacking of damaged or leaking packages – Collection / transport of soiled sorbents – Clean up of contaminated sites – Emergency response – Use as spill kits

Overpack Models Secondary Containment

Fire Hazmat • • • • • Decon Decks Keep Personnel Above toxic material Replaces conventional containment pools - contaminated water is captured in Deck sump and attached 66-gallon bladder Quick and easy set-up. Use for chemical, biological, and/or radiological response. Replacement Bladders available – Tactical Model – Hospital Model – Non-Ambulatory Model

Pop Up Pools • • • • 400, 250, 150, 100, 66 and 20 gallon sizes. Sprung Steel and Economy Models Unique, Patented Design Compact folded size. • Excellent chemical resistance.

Pop Up Pool Plus • • • • • Spill Response Pool Folds Into Compact Package Until Needed. Quickly Opens and Bladder Unfurls to Capture Large Spills Ultra. Pop Up Pool Plus is available in 150, 66 and 20 gallon sizes. Simply unfold the Pool and open the Bladder Compartment. The Bladder will automatically expand/unfurl as the liquid level in the pool rises.

Foam Berm •Durable foam allows drive over them and retain shape •Foam logs are covered with a fuel resistant polyethylene •Easily drains through 3/4” drains •Heavy-duty 30 oz fabric •Meets US regulations for spill containment •Easy cleaning and storage allows for repeated use •Includes a patch kit and 20 extra zip ties •Custom sizes are available upon request

Berms •Fast and easy deployment •Entry and exit without leaving the vehicle •Heavy duty 30 oz fabric •In the event of a spill, walls automatically rise •Meets EPA regulations for spill containment •Compact design takes very little space to store •Easy cleaning and storage allows for repeated use •All Flexwall Berms have patch kit included

Flexible Spill Pan •No set up required •Durable 3” foam logs allow spill pan to be driven into •Heavy duty 30 oz •Simple to clean and store for repeated use •Meets EPA regulations for spill containment Width Length 3"/ Gallons 3"/Outside Dims 10' 10' 187  10'‐6" X 10'‐6“ 10' 20' 374  10'‐6" X 20'‐6“ 12' 36' 807  12'‐6" X 36'‐6“ 14' 54' 1413  14'‐6" X 54'‐6“

Throw’n Go •No assembly required, throw and go •Walls lay flat when not in use •Fastest deployment for portable spill containment systems •Can be driven on at any angle •2' wall availability permits smaller footprint •Walls automatically rise to create a catch basin •Built-in track mats help prevent damage to the berm •Berm contains no working parts which would malfunction •Meets EPA regulations for spill containment •Heavy-duty 30 ounce fabric •Easily emptied through 3/4" drains

Snap Up •Snap-up support, sturdy side wall, excellent spill containment •100% usable interior space •Heavy-duty 30 oz fabric •wide selection of collapsible containment solutions. •Patented designs and capacities from 5 to 17,000 gallons! •Meets EPA regulations for spill containment •Grommets every 6’ in skirt allows Berm to be secured in place •Simple cleaning and storage allows for repeated use •Patch Kit comes standard with every Snap-Up Berm

Pillow Tanks •Heavy duty military/industrial style fabric tanks •Collapsible and Portable •Custom sizes available •Designed to accommodate potable and non-potable water & fuel •Custom valve assemblies available •Fast and easy deployment

Onion Tanks Suitable for potable and non-potable water storage Stable on any slope up to 10% Ground cloth acts as a carrying bag Self-supporting 2” male and female cam-lock fittings Lid reduces contamination and evaporation

SpillCon Solutions A Division of ENCO Industries Inc. 4 Wilder Drive #7 Plaistow NH, 03865 + 603 382-8481 www.encoind.com www.spillconsolutions.com aash@spillconsolutions.com Follow @encospillcon on Twitter https://twitter.com/EncoSpillCon

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