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Published on August 1, 2009

Author: mm17

Source: slideshare.net

All About theGolden Orb Spider By Kimberly

All About the Golden Orb Spider The Golden Orb Spider gets its name from the golden colour of its web. It is not the largest spider but has the largest and strongest web of any spider. The silk is almost as strong as Kevlar, the strongest man-made material.

Description of the Golden Orb Spider Golden Orb spiders are widespread in the warmer regions of the world, with species in Australia, Asia, Africa and the Americas. In North America, they are sometimes referred to as writing spiders due to occasional zigzag patterns built into their webs.

The Web of theGolden Orb Spider If you look closely at their web you notice that their web is golden like the colour of themselves. Their web is so strong it can even catch little birds.

Food Preferences of Golden Orb Spider Golden Orb spiders eat flies, beetles, butterflies and other flying insects that become ensnared in their webs. Leftovers of meals, such as skins of the insects, are left hanging in the web

The Golden Orb’sLife Cycle The male is much smaller than the female. To lay her eggs the female digs a hole, lines it with silk, lays the eggs in it and then covers them with more silk and leaves. The spiderlings hatch and then quickly make their way up trees.

The Bite of theGolden Orb Spider The bite of Golden Orb Spiders is not toxic to humans. They are a non-aggressive group of spiders. Seldom bite. They have, however, been known to eat small birds caught in their web.

An Interesting Fact AboutGolden Orb Spider Tribal people have long used the webs of these spiders. Some have used as fishing lines, put between sticks to make nets and traps for birds. It has even been used as a bandage to stop the flow of blood.

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